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Exquisite Pistachio

Well, this one is what I should have posted before I released the white Heidelberry review… But here it is, the other one I’ve tried. It is from a store brand from Rossmann, a German grocer. Being priced about one Euro per 100g, it is priced somewhere between Milka or Ritter Sport and Lindt chocolate. I am curious whether you can taste that! There are only four or five different bars, and I started with the pistachio version (even though it is made with whole milk!) because I simply love pistachio nuts.

The chocolate is light brown and you can only see the nut nibs on its back. They seem tiny, but okay compared to the thinness of the chocolate bar. The bar itself looks nice, it hasn’t taken any damage in its paper box. It’s smell is intensely nutty! Woah! As soon as I opened the carton, the nutty aroma starts floating through the air. The scent seems a little sickly, but I am really surprised by the high amount of nuts in there (even though there are only 6% pistachios, the aroma is awesome rich!). While the top of the bar smells a little more like milk and sugar, the bottom, on which you can see the nuts, contains this awesome nuttiness.

The texture is smooth and the only bite comes from the nuts in there. The chocolate has a smooth melt, but it is not creamy like milk chocolate treats that contain cream powder. And yet, it is very viscous. I’m afraid the nuts are not too crunchy, they add a small bite, but that’s all. Between all this chocolate you can hardly tell whether they are dry or not, they really drown inside the mass of chocolate.

Well, the flavor is…average. At first I thought I get a sugar rush because this treat is _really_ sweet. Then, I sense a really intensive pistachio flavor mixed up with a large amount of milk. The pistachio soon is the strongest flavor in the mixture, and I like that even though there are not too many nuts in there, the nuts dominate the flavor. It is not that the milk chocolate and the sugar are eliminated by it, the pistachio just wins with a narrow, and certainly pleasant margin. The chocolate itself is milky, just as it is supposed to be. Personally, it is way too sweet for me, especially in combination with nuts; and therefore it turns sickly after only a few pieces.

It is nothing I’d buy again, not really good but nothing too bad as well. One can eat it, but I believe you can do better with this combination of whole milk and pistachios!

4 out of 10

Name: pistachio whole milk
Branch: Das Exquisite, Rossmann
Price: 0.99 Euro
Calories: 559kcal per 100g
Fat: 36g per 100g
Size: 100g


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White chocolate with blueberries

Nope, these are no poppy seeds, these are blueberries embedded in this thin white chocolate bar. The branch is the same one I tried the whole milk pistachio chocolate from which is not too long ago, and as I wasn’t too satisfied by my last try, I hope this version is better.

But my first impression isn’t too great. The chocolate isn’t white at all. Blue-black dots everywhere and only on the bottom I can find a little place of plain white chocolate, which seems to have a yellow-greenish color, even though there is no vanilla in there, guess it comes from the blueberry powder used for this chocolate. No cream in there as well, but step by step…

The scent is fruity, a little artificial but still fruity. The closer you get to the bar, the stronger the milky aroma, coming from the actual white chocolate, gets. The mix up is alright, but the slightly artificial smell remains disturbing.

When I break this chocolate, there is a small crack, but basically it is rather smooth. The texture is alright, but hardly average. The white chocolate lacks a good melt and creaminess, and the blueberries are similar to soft brittle pieces: they add a hint of crunch to the bar.

Basically, this chocolate treat is an under-average white chocolate filled with artificially manufactured fruit. The white chocolate is not as milky as I hoped and I find no sign of real chocolate. Then there are those first sweet, then sour-turning blueberry-pellets that add a little fruit, fortunately less artificial than its smell; but both, the milk and the fruit seem only bytastes, the main flavor in there is simply…nothing.

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Lindt Summer Mood vanilla-stracciatella

While I am writing there is a storm raging outside that is really heavy. I am used to rain over here, but this is way beyond what I am used to – as well as the temperatures we had last summer.

The vanilla aroma is really strong and you can sense the bitter chocolate beneath the vanilla, and even the cocoa nibs that are embedded in the vanilla part add some cocoa to the smell. It is really well done and the vanilla is kept from getting too overwhelming by the bitter chocolate.

Damn, this one is really delicious! At first I sense a bitterness from the bottom of the chocolate which mixes up with the white chocolate pretty soon; that’s where the sugar comes into the game. Also, the vanilla-flavor sets in and the mixture is really unbelievable. The vanilla flavor isn’t as intensive as the aroma is, but that is perfectly nice as the treat stays really balanced. The dark cocoa nibs add a roastiness to the treat that is totally stracciatella like and that breaks up the vanilla-flavor and occasionally take away some of the sweetness coming from the white chocolate, again.

Texture-wise the chocolate is a little boring as you cannot feel the cocoa nibs in there and the plain chocolate is chewy, while its melt is really nice and tempting. The white-yellowish vanilla part has a slightly better melt. This little difference saves the bar in my opinion; because when I think of stracciatella icecream, I think of soft milk ice filled with crunchy dark chocolate nibs; and this is the part which is missing for me.

I’d give the bar a ten, but I just cannot due to the texture which is not good enough for a 10. Also, the bar tends to turn sickly after a while, even though it is not too sugary. I think that’s the vanilla flavor in there.

9 out of 10

Name: Summer Mood vanilla-stracciatella
Branch: Lindt & Sprüngli
Price: 1.99 Euro
Calories: 552kcal per 100g
Fat: 36g per 100g

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December 6th ~ marzipan bear

Even though this hasn’t been the best treat so far (to be honest, it wasn’t too good at all…to dry and somehow lacking a nice edge!), it definitely is the cutest one so far! Isn’t this a cuddly marzipan teddy bear?

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December 5th ~ pineapple marzipan

Even though pineapple is my favorite fruit, I would not count pineapple marzipan as my favorite version of marzipan; and yet it is tempting! I have to admit I’ve tried it before, so basically I know what I got in here.

Most of the time, Niederegger has this thin semi-bitter chocolate shell filled with an enormously juicy type of marzipan. And this one is juicy as usual, with a nice raw texture floating over your tongue.

The pineapple is distinguishable from the rest and there is some nice fruity edge, while on the other hand it is rather decent, so it would not interfere with the actual taste of marzipan. This is something that can go fatally wrong when trying to combine fruit and marzipan. Especially if you’re attempting to make the fruit the main aroma of the marzipan: The fruit will overshadow the nutty marzipan aroma and make the treat fruity but lacking the actual taste of marzipan. Every time I get a treat like this I feel kind of spoiled: I bought marzipan without any marzipan flavor…
But I won’t complain this time, the balance is very well chosen, I really enjoy this treat, even though I’d rather go for plain marzipan!

8 out of 10

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Hachez Chez Cranberry melon

This is a semi-handmade chocolate from the confectioner Hachez, which is well-known for a mid-expensive high quality chocolate. Those “Chez” bars are high quality wholemilk chocolates with hand sprinkled toppings; in this case we have cranberries and melon pieces.

The chocolate gives off a pleasant milky-sweet but still rich of cocoa smell; This is added by some fruit depending on the topping that is more present on the piece of chocolate. The cranberries come with a stronger aroma, while the melon is rather neutral. Personally, I would prefer a fruitier smell, simply because I am a fan of a dried fruit-chocolate mix-up.

The texture is chewy but smooth, the chocolate has a good melt, even though it is not as creamy as for example Lindt. The cranberries add a nice chewiness to the treat; and the pieces of melon in there are almost a little crunchy. I like those variations, even though the fruit can mainly be found at the top of the chocolate (only a few got lost in the middle of it).

The chocolate flavor is really high-quality; and definitely worth the price! For a milk chocolate it comes with a high amount of actual cocoa and less sugar than common milk chocolate. The fruits are a nice addition; but other than with the smell, I find the pieces of melon more pleasant than the cranbierries. The cranberries are fruity and somehow similar to dry raisins, while the melon is fresh and slightly sour. This is something I’d like in summer and something I really enjoy in combination with sweet milk chocolate!

 8 out of 10

Name: Chez Cranberry-Melon
Branch: Hachez
Price: 3.00 Euro
Size: 67g
Calories: 540kcal per 100g
Fat: 38g per 100g

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December 4th ~ walnut-marzipan tower

There isn’t too much I can say about this fabulous marzipan chocolate. A thin smooth milk chocolate coating, filled with something I’ve never tried before, just because I feared the alcohol in combination with the walnuts and the marzipan. But against my expectations, they go perfectly well with each other.

This tiny tower looks just like there is nothing special in it, don’t you think so?


Seldom I’ve seen such a plain thing with such a huge surprise inside. The marzipan is a little sweet, but the alcohol adds a decent edge to this treat, and the walnut which is on top of the chocolate (under the coating), adds a shade of bitterness to this treat; and of course some bite as well. The texture could be a little more solid, but the marzipan is very juicy and as a whole I really enjoyed it!

After that nougat-disappointment this is very good and makes up for everything! More like this! Doesn’t it look absolutely amazing?

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