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J.D.Gross Ecuador 70% caramel

Yeah, I know this chocolate does not look as if it was really delicious or so. It does not look well-produced with all the bruises either. Still, looks can be deceiving, right? The smell gives a totally different impression. Dark and bitter chocolate, rich of cocoa and really tart is the dominating smell coming from the chocolate treat. If you get closer, you can sense the pieces of caramel in there as well; they make a nice sweet addition to the bar. They do not smell as high quality as the chocolate itself, but the mixture is nice!

The texture is crispy and crunchy. The chocolate is solid, but for a 70% cocoa chocolate its melt is still really good, though not creamy, which I totally enjoy. Of course it is rather chewy than soft and the caramel adds an extra crunch to the bar. The pieces are crispy and come in different sizes (yet they are all tiny) and do not fill all the available space.

The taste does not go along with its looks either. At first I am impressed by its mildness combined with the richness of cocoa. Before you get to the brittle-like caramel filling, the dominating flavor is acerb and bitter; but as soon as it mixes up with the crunchy caramel, there is a nice sweetness coming into the taste, taking away the bitterness while leaving the richness of cocoa within the flavor.

Yes, I definitely liked this treat. I bought it in a discounter and thought about it as “average”, but I liked the thought of caramel in combination with bitter chocolate. I know most of the discounter products are B-products coming from huge and expensive companies, and yet most of the cheaper products won’t be able to keep up with their twins. However, this chocolate is a nice example that cheap chocolate can be really delicious and enjoyable.

7 out of 10

Name: Ecuador Caramel
Branch: Chocoladen Manufactur GmbH; J.D.Gross
Price: 0.99 Euro
Calories: 517kcal per 100g
Fat: 37.1g per 100g
Size: 125g


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