Hachez Chez Cranberry melon

This is a semi-handmade chocolate from the confectioner Hachez, which is well-known for a mid-expensive high quality chocolate. Those “Chez” bars are high quality wholemilk chocolates with hand sprinkled toppings; in this case we have cranberries and melon pieces.

The chocolate gives off a pleasant milky-sweet but still rich of cocoa smell; This is added by some fruit depending on the topping that is more present on the piece of chocolate. The cranberries come with a stronger aroma, while the melon is rather neutral. Personally, I would prefer a fruitier smell, simply because I am a fan of a dried fruit-chocolate mix-up.

The texture is chewy but smooth, the chocolate has a good melt, even though it is not as creamy as for example Lindt. The cranberries add a nice chewiness to the treat; and the pieces of melon in there are almost a little crunchy. I like those variations, even though the fruit can mainly be found at the top of the chocolate (only a few got lost in the middle of it).

The chocolate flavor is really high-quality; and definitely worth the price! For a milk chocolate it comes with a high amount of actual cocoa and less sugar than common milk chocolate. The fruits are a nice addition; but other than with the smell, I find the pieces of melon more pleasant than the cranbierries. The cranberries are fruity and somehow similar to dry raisins, while the melon is fresh and slightly sour. This is something I’d like in summer and something I really enjoy in combination with sweet milk chocolate!

 8 out of 10

Name: Chez Cranberry-Melon
Branch: Hachez
Price: 3.00 Euro
Size: 67g
Calories: 540kcal per 100g
Fat: 38g per 100g

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