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Aldi Marzipan with dark chocolate

At first I did not want to blog about this thing, but my friend Fabi convinced me to write about it, and here it is, the worst chocolate I’ve ever tried up to now!

Does this thing look delicious? Yeah? Well, then…This is an Easter egg leftover bought by my mother. She loves plain marzipan with a plain chocolate coating and when she found this at our ‘local’ Aldi store she needed to go for it. When I saw a row of tiny marzipan eggs on the table in our living room, I couldn’t resist asking whether I could have one – and of course I could; but my mother warned me. She told me that this chocolate was really sweet. Alright, dark chocolate that sweet? I thought she was just kidding.

Even though I highly doubed her, I tried it carefully. And, geek, this thing is just inedible! Never in my life I’ve tried such a bad chocolate, filled with an even worse marzipan. Well, this wasn’t actually marzipan, this was plain sugar.

Really, the dark chocolate tasted like nothing, there was a bitter flavor, but nothing similar to chocolate at all. It really deserves the prize for the worst low budget dark chocolate coming from Aldi. Eeew…For the marzipan, I cannot find any other words than: horrible. I love marzipan but this was just horrible.

I could not even eat the entire thing, spit out half of it and got laughed at by my mother who knew that this would happen – even she could not eat it, and this does not happen too often…

I’d give 0 out of 10 points… Can I get – points?


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