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Meybona Cocco

Meybona is an organic chocolate branch which sells some unique chocolate bars. A whole-milk treat containing coconut flakes is one of them. The treat has a darker color than typical milk chocolate and despite from the top layer, white coconut flakes can be seen through the entire chocolate.

The scent is milky but the coconut aroma fights very well against the milky smell and tends to be more intensive most of the time. I fear a somewhat powerful coconut flavor that is too intensive and ruins the chocolate (I am still a little reserved when it comes to coconut, even though I got to like it!)

The flavor is really cool; and even though I am not much of a coconut fan, I do enjoy this chocolate treat! Basically, the treat is really milky, but not as sweet as usual milk chocolate. It is comparably rich of cocoa and therefore one of the better whole milk chocolate treats. Meybona is a really good branch; and organic as well, and you can really taste it is worth the money. The milk is dominant in there as well and this mixture of milk and cocoa go really well with the coconut flavor coming only from the flakes. They add an enjoyable amount of coconut, neither too much nor too less coconut. There is less coconut than in chocolate treats like e.g. Bounty, but more would be rather disturbing than a good addition.

This was my first Meybona chocolate bar and I will start to look for some more variations soon! I’d always recommend this treat, even if you’re not too much of a coconut freak. The plain chocolate is worth trying!

8 out of 10

Name: Cocco
BRanch: Meybona
Price: 1.99 Euro
Calories: ???
Fat: ???
Size: 100g

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Ritter Sport Cocoa nibs and nut

The organic treats from Ritter Sport are only sized 65g and a little more expansive; and usually you can taste the difference here! Otherwise they look exactly the same as their cheaper siblings, just the containers are smaller. This is the first organic bar I review (I’ve tried three or four), just because I like the combination most. This was also the first organic version I’ve tried, and me eating a whole bar without getting to review it – this seems to be really good stuff!

Look at this bar, doesn’t it look tempting? This mid-brownish, smooth color is really awesome. This chocolate treat smells absolutely delicious. A rich milk chocolate meets hazelnuts and dark cocoa nibs.

And what a chocolate! The chocolate itself is really rich of cocoa, considering it is a milk chocolate! It is not as sweet as usual milk chocolate (35%) and it kind of explodes in your mouth. There are tiny to huge bits of hazelnut in it that make the chocolate crunchy and really nutty. It is just the right amount of nuts to let it melt and chew at the same time. Then there are those awesome cocoa nibs in it. Compared to the nuts they are really small, but the taste is really rich of cocoa and they add a nice ‘real’ chocolaty flavor to the bar. I can hardly let this bar melt because of the filling, but I chew it very slowly and try to enjoy every bit of this delicious thing.

More chocolate like that, please!

9 out of 10

Name: cocoa-nibs and nuts
Branch: Ritter Sport
Price: 0.99 Euro
Size: 65g
Calories: 498kcal per 100g
Fat:33g per 100g

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PowerBar Natural Cocoa Crunch

This is the first ‘natural’ energy bar I’ve ever seen. At least in Germany it is new on the market and they replaced a not too well tasting chocolate bar for it. PowerBar is one of my favorite branches when it comes to energy and protein bars, they usually do a quite decent job. I do not like all of their products, but what I tried was alright up to really good.

Though, as it mainly consists of cereals, my expectations weren’t too high. It contains a lot of carbohydrates (65,5g per 100g, with only 20g from sugars) which is quite useful for an energy bar. So I opened the wrapper which is different from all their other foils as it feels more paper-like on the outside. I guess they did that to underline the “natural”-aspect. When I had one side open it would not let me get the bar out. It just sticks to the foil and you have to open the entire package to get it out. This could not be too good when you’re on the road, as you can hardly eat it with your bare fingers unless you want to be all gluey after eating the bar.

The smell wasn’t too pleasant, just cereals, mixed with cocoa and some honey. Well, the cocoa dominated the smell…And the taste as well. I found the cocoa a little repelling at the beginning, but during time I got more and more into the bar. It is not too sweet and you can hardly taste the other ingredients.
It is not crunchy as it is said on the wrapper. The cereals have some basic crunch in them, but I miss the explosion experience. Most of the crunch gets lost because of the gluey honey-sugar mix which keeps the bar together.
But all in all, one can eat it, though there are other options I would prefer. What I like about the bar is that you are saturated after it, which is not always the case with those small energy bars, at least I could easily eat two of them.

The ingredient list sounds really nice, they only used natural ingredients, as it says on the package: Whole grain rolled oats (32%), glucose syrup, oat crisps (oat bran, wheat flour, sugar, maize flour, malted wheat flour, salt, treacle), invert sugar syrup, cocoa mass (5,5%), barley malt extract, humectants: glycerol, soya crisp (isolated soya protein, rice flour, malt extract, salt), vegetable oil, honey, emulsifier: soya lecithin, salt, antioxidant: tocopherol-rich extract.
Except for the honey, it would even be vegan.

6 out of 10

Name: Natural Energy Cocoa Crunch
Branch: PowerBar
Price: 1.35 Euro
Calories: 156kcal per bar, 391kcal per 100g

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Gut & Gerne Organic Gummies

These are gummies from a German organic food manufacturer and I got them half priced. The name seems a little boring, but that’s usual with orcanic food manufactures. They always try to make their products sound as natural as their food is, or so. I have tried a lot of really bad orcanic gummies, but there are some good ones as well. Most of the time I do not like teir texture. Let’s see…

At first I thought the package contains four different flavors. But, there are five, the orange ones just look a lot alike. I only tasted that there has to be a difference, and after that I tried to distinguish between them, which was really difficult, as you hardly see the difference in color. One of them is slightly darker.

The light orange, more yellow one is a mixture of citrus and pineapple, while the slightly darker orange colored one seems to be, guess what, orange. The citrus one tastes a little fresher, with a slight sour edge.

The unmistakable green one tastes like I expected it to taste: Like a apple. Here I am missing a bit of sourness. It is just to simple.

The dark red one is black currant, and together with the wine-red one which taste mainly like raspberry with a glimpse of black currant in it as well, are my favorites.

Not one of them tastes artificial, they are really natural. The ingredient list says that the colorings come from natural sources: fruit- and vegetable extracts from oranges, passion fruits, mango, Chinese gold berries, elderberries, spinach, stinging nettles and turmeric are used. That’s what I call organic. Nice!

7 out of 10

Name: Weingummi
Branch: Gut & Gerne
Price: 1.25 Euro per 100g bag
Calories: 355kcal per 100g

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