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Zentis Belmanda

This is my first review of Zentis, a well known German food producer. They sell a lot of bakery ingredients and breakfast thins, as well as marzipan and nougat bars. Two different types are typical found near a cash in the supermarket.
This dark chocolate coated marzipan bar consists of six slightly marked containers, but basically it is a one-piece bar.

The dark chocolate is rich and firm, it crunches a little when I divided it into two parts. Still, I can sense the marzipan lying beyond it and it certainly has a rather sweet than nutty aroma. Even though this is a bitter chocolate, there is some smoothness left. I have no idea how much cocoa is in there, the wrapper just says “chocolate”, but it’s delicious.

This marzipan is somehow strange. It is sweet but not sickly, goes well with the bitter chocolate coating. I definitely miss a stronger nut flavor. 37% of marzipan still is half of the mass that is filling the dark chocolate, but this certainly is not “the finest marzipan quality”.

I like the firm chocolate layer in contrast to the smooth but still chewy marzipan. You cannot peal off the coating, which is good since it does not get crumbly. The top coating is a little thicker than the rest of the bar which makes the thing a little crunchier.

All in all, the marzipan bar is good, but nothing really special. There are better marzipan bars out there, but the Zentis bar is definitely worth the price. If I was short on money, I’d take this over the Niederegger Marzipan treats, as it is less expensive. A nice treat for its price!

7 out of 10

Name: Zentis Belmanda
Branch: Zentis
Price: 0.60 Euro
Calories: 455kcal per 100g
Fat: 25.8g per 100g


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