December 2nd ~ dark marzipan

Today I got two tiny packages of Niederegger’s classic marzipan, but with two different covers: Marzipan in finest dark chocolate, one with 75% cocoa and the other with 87% cocoa.

Well, when I unwrapped it, I did not see any difference. You might say “what’s wrong with that guy, the one in the back is way darker”, but this is just the light. In fact, I exchanged the marzipan treats after the first picture, just to show you that they look exactly the same. This is a little weird in my opinion, but who am I to judge?

What is distinguishable is their smell. The dark one is way bitterer and the marzipan is hardly smellable, while on the other treat the marzipan smell is a little stronger and you can even smell a hint of sweetness in there.

I start with the darker version. It is a very thin chocolate coating that comes with an exceptional cracking sound while eating. Of course it is a smooth praline, but this cracking sound is remarkable! The marzipan is smooth but raw on your tongue, just as I expected it to be. It is rather bitter and even the marzipan will not change that, as it is not as sweet as some cheap marzipan creations are. This combination is one of the best I’ve ever tried, but definitely not the right thing for those who enjoy sickly sweet marzipan treats.

The lighter one is a little sweeter, which is not bad though. What I do not like about this treat is that the marzipan is not as juicy as the first filling was. A little sad but things happen. It should not, especially as Niederegger is not the cheapest marzipan producer on the market, and yet not all the almonds taste alike.

10 out of 10 for the 87%
7 out of 10 for the 75%


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