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maestrani raspberry

I got this really amazing package by maestrani recently, and this was the bar I was interested in most: A pink raspberry chocolate! This organic fair trade raspberry treat is original swiss chocolate. The raspberry version comes with white chocolate which is colored pink due to the raspberries. The color is really intensive, and if I did not know it was organic, I wouldn’t have believed that there are no artificial colors in it.

The aroma is sweet and fruity at the same time. The sweetness is interrupted by a glimpse of sourness and a scent of vanilla completes the nice smell.

My first impression was: sour and fruity. As soon as the chocolate enters your mouth and starts to melt, you taste a sour raspberry taste, which is not only sour, but contains an immense amount of fruit as well. For only 5% of raspberry, they are really dominating the chocolate treat. The best is, you can taste that there is actual fruit inside the bar, not just cheap pressed powder. There is a small amount of citrus powder added to the chocolate that is definitely really intensive. The “white” chocolate itself isn’t what I expected it to be like. No real sweetness, though it comes through sometimes (really rarely), and no dominating milk flavor. Still, I don’t miss this; it is quite unique and new to me, and I really like this idea of white chocolate!

The texture is solid, the chocolate is not too creamy, but rather chewy. This is the only deficit I can name here: I miss the creaminess, I would have loved to let it melt away in my mouth, but you are supposed to chew this treat, otherwise it would reside forever in your mouth.

This chocolate is a really delicious adventure and a must-try if you can get hold of it. Further I think this organic bar is a real beauty!

9 out of 10

Name: Maestrani Raspberry
Branch: Masestrani
Price: 1.99 Euro
Size: 80g
Calories: ???
Fat: ???


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