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Butlers milk chocolate with truffle center

I got this bar in a candy swap and I was so glad I got some real Irish chocolate! Usually I am not a huge fan of traditional British chocolate, but I’ve never eaten chocolate from Ireland, so this was going to be very exiting! What is a pity is that I cannot find any nutritional information anywhere, neither at the wrapper nor at their webpage.
The milk chocolate has a comparably dark color and herb scent I am not familiar with when it comes to British chocolate, but I got thrilled to try this really high quality smelling chocolate treat.

The chocolate is really rich of cocoa and I really like about it that it is not as sweet as usual milk chocolate. On the back it says it just contains 32% cocoa and 20% milk, and for these amounts this bar seems really chocolaty. At the same time, it is really creamy, but it does not melt as good as other milk chocolate with the same amount of cocoa.

The truffle center is rather solid, but it melts easily. It tends to stick to everything, but that’s cool for me. This makes the bar somehow chewy and slows down your eating speed. Its taste is really sweet compared to the coating and I can sense a scent of vanilla in it. If you eat it without the coating, it can get sickly really fast, but in connection to the coating, they blend in rather good.

The texture is really cool. The solid thick chocolate coating makes a huge difference to the toffee like ganache. A minor minus is that the coating likes to crumble really easily, which should not happen to high quality milk chocolate.

All in all, it cannot really keep up with a high quality German chocolate bar, but it is really good, especially the rich chocolate flavor of the coating. And if I think of where it is from, I am really impressed by the bar! I can imagine that their chocolate block bars are even better than this tiny bar, I hope I’ll be able to get hold of one or two of them in the future!

7 out of 10

Name: Milk chocolate truffle
Branch: Butlers
Price: ~ 1.50 Euro per bar
Calories: ?
Size: 75g


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