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Candylicious Heidelberry popcorn


I really am a huge fan of simple sweet sugared popcorn, but when I saw this package in front of me, I wanted to throw them away immediately. Not because of the (probably) artificial colors used, but heidelberry and popcorn combined? How should that work out well? Germany isn’t the country too creative with popcorn, there are usually only salted and sweet versions, but fruity? Nah, I did not want to try it.
One day I held it in my hands and for unknown reasons a little voice in my head told me “Come on, give it a shot!” and so I went for it…

No, the blue colored popcorn doesn’t look very delicious, but the taste is better than expected. Almost all of the popcorn is crunchy. Only the non-colored ones in between are a little too dry, but at least I know they haven’t been drown in fat which unfortunately often happens to popcorn. The blue Heidelberry flavored taste like usual sweet popcorn, with a slight fruits aftertaste. It is not too strong but you can still sense it pretty good.

I like it, this is definitely a change from the usual sugared versions in Germany. I’d like to get them in an ordinairy shop with more variations of fruit. Hopefully there will be some branches who’ll try this! It is really well done, even though not outstanding!

6 out of 10

Name: Candylicious Heidelberry popcorn
Branch: Candylicious
Price: ??
Calories: ??

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