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Zotter Sheepmilk

Zotter Sheepmilk 42 is a sheepmilk chocolate with 42% of cocoa. As you see in the picture, this chocolate is far from a darker milk chocolate, actually it is rather lighter than the average 30-32% cocoa wholemilk chocolate. All the ingredients (raw cane sugar, cocoa butter, sheep milk powder (18%), cocoa mass, vanilla) except for the salt and the soya lecithin come from an organic production, and more than 80% of the bar is fair trade. If the taste is good as well, this chocolate is definitely worth the price. This bar looks so plain, you would not expect a lot of it! But it certainly is different: No chunks, no dividings, just a plain bar with the Zotter logo on it.

The flavor of sheepmilk is considered to be bitterer than usual milk, and the aroma of the light brown bar indicates exactly this fact. It smells like a combination of a darker semisweet chocolate with more sugar and a milkier scent than usual. I like this bitter-sweet mix-up, really nice!

The texture is very smooth for being a 42% chocolate! It is not as creamy as a typical Lindor chocolate by Lindt, but it comes with a good, but not too creamy melt. The fluid chocolate turns rather milky than creamy, mainly due to the comparable high amount of cocoa in there. Its bite is not crunchy but still chewy; again really nice!

The taste is similar to the smell; basically a bitter-sweet mix-up. The sheepmilk is the most dominant flavor in there, being more acerb than wholemilk but still very nice and mild. It does not lack sugar, but together with the sheepmilk and the 42% of actual cocoa in there, this bar stays away from turning sickly all the time. If it wasn’t for the money, you could eat this tiny 35g bar in one serving without feeling the need to stop. And even though the cocoa is a little covered by the intensive sheepmilk aroma, you still notice its richness in there.

All in all I really like it and would definitely recommend this bar. It is different from all the whole milk chocolates; not to acerb for people with a sweet tooth, but still very rich of cocoa. So, if you like high quality chocolate, you should try this one!

9.5 out of 10

Name: Sheepmilk 42
Branch: Zotter
Price: 1.80
Size: 35g


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