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Dickmann’s Schoko Strolche

How many weeks have I thought about posting this review?

At first I didn’t want to review them, but despite of my doubts, I thought the name would be funny for the English-speaking world. I am not a huge fan of Dickmann’s, but hey, I need to give them a chance after about 5 years of not toughing one of them. Dickmann’s are foam-kisses, kind of hard to describe. They seem to be a German specialty. The foam is rather a fondant-crem, nothing you would describe as foam, they are just called like that over here. I guess I know as many people who love them as well as people who strongly dislike them. And there are people (like me) who just enjoy part of them…But let’s see!

The mini versions come with three different chocolate coatings: milk, dark and white chocolate, while the normal ones only come with dark chocolate. A crispy wafer forms the base of the Dickmann and for me it is the best part of the entire thing.
The white foam is sickly sweet, creamy and sticky. Some people compare it to fluid marshmallow, but this is not exactly what it is. Especially not ingredient-wise. It isn’t as light as one would expect it to be when seeing it, and as I said, way too sweet.

I like the white and the dark one most. The milk chocolate Dickmann is just sweet. The chocolate does not make a decent contrast to the foam filling. I don’t know what’s worst in here: The chocolate or the foam.
The white coating provides a pretty well tasted milky flavor, which goes really well with the foam, even though both components are sweet. As least there is a slight diversity.
 Finally, the bitter chocolate coated one is the “least sweet” and therefore best version. The dark chocolate takes away a lot of the sickly feeling and makes the entire thing a lot fresher. Now I understand why the original larger version only comes with a dark coating – otherwise they would hardly be eatable!

I just cannot become friends with them… Still, they are really famous in Germany and there are a lot of fake products or bad copies of them.

5 out of 10

Name: Dickmann’s Schoko Strolche
Branch: Storck
Price: 421kcal per 100g, 35kcal per piece
Fat: 16.8g per 100g, 1.4g per piece


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