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Cadbury Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut

The combination of fruit and nuts is really cool, as there are crispy as well as chewy ingredients in there, mixed up with melting chocolate. I had high expectations as the “Full Of Plenty” bar I tried a while ago was purely awesome!

I like the wrapper: It comes in the usual Cadbury purple with part of it in wine red. It is slightly shiny and has “Dairy Milk” written all across the bar. The Cadbury logo is on the left in a dim golden color. Its scent is really milky with a glimpse of nut in it. The milk chocolate crumbles easily, but I did not expect anything different from a Cadbury chocolate treat. You can see the huge embedded nuts on the back of the bar.

The chocolate is, as expected from a “dairy milk” really rich of milk. Milk is also the main ingredient in the chocolate, the sugar comes only after it. Still, it is really sweet, but the milk dominates the entire bar. If you are a fan of milky light chocolate, you will like this chocolate.

I have mixed feelings about the almonds in the bar: Some of them were really delicious with a great amount of crunch and a nutty, not too dry experience. But others tasted kind of dry, and anything but tempting. Of course one cannot predict how a nut tastes, but anyway… This kind of thing rarely happens to high quality chocolate treats…

The fruit inside the bar are plain dusted raisins; and actually, I don’t like raisins a lot. Though, they are alright and covered by the strong and sweet milk chocolate taste of the bar. They still add a nice amount of fruit to the bar. They are chewy but smooth at the same time and remind me of jelly. A real plus is that they don’t taste dry at all.

The amount of nuts and raisins is alright, though there are some places without any filling. This is nice if you like parts with plain chocolate to let it melt in your mouth and enjoy pieces of your chocolate which is really rich of milk. It gives you a rest from chewing and provides a more versatile texture. I like the fact that the bar is neither crowded, nor under-filled with almonds and raisins.

Personally, I do not think Cadbury produces the best products out there, but some are really worth trying; especially the dairy and their more recent inventions!

6 out of 10

Name: Cadbury Dairy Milk Fruit and Nut
Branch: Kraft foods
Price: 0.99 Euro
Calories: 245kcal per bar (49g)
Fat: 13.3g per bar (49g)


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Milka Tender Hazelnut

I’ve already reviewed the milk one and now I’ve tried a different version. On the outside it looks the same as the milk version, but as soon as I cut it open I saw the difference: Instead of a white milk cream filling, there is light brown hazelnut cream. Mhh, I love the smell of the hazelnut coming from the filling.

With the taste it is like the original one as well: You can taste the different ingredients, but they blend in really well.
It seems like the hazelnut version is not as ‘light’ as the milky one, which I think is logical because nuts are richer than milk. But it is still very soft and lighter than any cake. I’d prefer the milk one though.

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6 out of 10

Name: Milka Tender Hazelnut
Branch: Kraft
Price: 0.50 Euro
Calories: 158 per bar, 425 per 100g

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I know this bar since I was a little child. I don’t know why I’ve never tried it before. I guess it is because my mother tended to eat it right away, so I never got the chance to get hold of it. When I was old enough to buy candy on my own, I had other favorites, and I wasn’t too adventurous. And when I saw a snack version of this bar, I just purchased it in order to try it.  The most fascinating thing about the bar is that it comes as a triangle. The wrapper says Swiss milk chocolate with honey and almond nougat (also called torrone).

The first ingredient I taste is the honey. It makes only 3% of the bar, but its flavor is very intensive.
The honey makes the entire bar sweet, but not sickly. Though, I’d prefer more of the torrone and less sugar added to the bar. It contains only 28% cocoa and as far as I can tell from the glimpse of chocolate I taste somewhere among the honey, I have eaten way better Swiss chocolate.

The texture is strange. While the chocolate-honey mixture melts smoothly in your mouth, you have to chew the white nougat, as it is like tiny stones; and even though the nougat is really hard, I like it as it really spices up the texture of the bar. Unfortunately, the torrone likes to stick to your teeth. I guess the nougat can be a problem for any kind of fillings, so watch out!

I cannot say I could fall for this chocolate bar, and I probably would not buy it again. Though, it is and remains unique and really worth a try!

6 out of 10

Name: Toblerone
Branch: Kraft Foods
Price: 0.69 Euro
Calories: 184kcal per bar(35g), 525kcal per 100g

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