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Ritter Sport Mousse Au Chocolate

To celebrate the arrival of my Ritter Sport ambassador package, I simply need to write a Ritter Sport review. Tomorrow or on Thursday I will show you the package, it is really huge and I totally freaked out when I got it!

Ritter Sport produces immensely delicious chocolate bars, especially if you take into account the really cheap price of their bars. This is a perfect example of why German chocolate is so popular out in the world. Still, I was not too sure of this chocolate. I thought it would be totally bitter because this has the darkest available Ritter Sport packaging: It is colored deeply black. But bitter mousse au chocolate?

And the dark chocolate shell definitely does not lack any bitterness; a little roasty and it reminds me of coffee. The inside smells bitter as well, but not as acerb as the coating. It is only slightly lighter and for a mousse au chocolate the texture seems really solid. The bar looks like a real beauty: The dark coating is smooth and shiny, very nice to look at!

In fact, the dark chocolate shell comes with a nice amount of bitterness, it only has a roasty by-taste; all in all, the chocolate is not as intensive as I thought it would be. The shell is really rich of cocoa, and so is the mousse. Usually, I would consider mousse au chocolate rather as sweet than acerb, but there definitely is no surplus of sugar in there, just as the package color indicates. Still, there is some sweetness that makes the bar not too bitter. I like it, especially as mousse au chocolate chocolate treats really tend to be sickly!

While the coating is solid and crunchy, enjoyable to chew, the mousse is firm but smooth at the same time. It is not as creamy as a common mousse, but as soon as it melts, the creaminess is really nice. The combination of the coating, which is by the way not creamy at all, just like a dark chocolate should be, is nice.

All in all, this is a decent chocolate bar by Ritter Sport. It cannot compete with high-quality confectionary chocolate, but for a popular brand product I’d really recommend it to you. It can’t outrun the Lindt mousse au chocolate dark bar, which filling is a little sweeter, but the mousse filling is actually a mousse!

7 out of 10

Name: Mousse Au Chocolate
Branch: Ritter Sport
Price: 0.85 Euro
Calories: 544kcal per 100g
Fat: 36g per 100g
Size: 100g


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Lindt Orange-almond-brittle

Here we have another summer version: orange-almond-rittle. This bar looks almost exactly like the other bars: Ten milk chocolate container filled with a yoghurt filling. The milk chocolate looks a little gready but still alright, and the inner part has a white-yellowish color with tiny dots of orange-brown in it.

The scent is beyond amazing! Fresh orange collaborating with nutty almond brittle – and yes, you can smell both kinds of aroma in there. The orange is a little like Fanta, but not as artificial.

The filling is different from the other fruit versions. This time you have just one layer – the smoothest but at the same time crunchiest of all four treats. The brittle is awesome. Tiny sweet little crispy pieces are coming with a comparably really fresh and slightly sour orange taste. The orange reminds me of a delicious fresh yoghurt and it is totally cool that the orange flavor dominates the taste as soon as you are through the creamy milk chocolate layer. The brittle adds a good amount of sweetness which comes through every time you chew on a piece of brittle. The orange flavor lasts really long and does not leave an artificial after-taste. Well done, Lindt! This is definitely my personal favorite of the summer bars – even though I least expected it to be this bar.

9 out of 10

Name: orange-almondbrittle
Branch: Lindt & Spruengli
Price: 1.95 Euro
Calories: 534kcal per 100g
Fat: 34g per 100g

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Twix Peanut butter

I knew it was a bit risky to order chocolate from the UK at the beginning of June, and I also knew that we had the first really hot days of the year to come by the time I ordered a huge package of chocolate, but I just needed to get hold of those Wonka bars; and because there were several other American bars available, I took my chance and ordered a lot of peanut butter treats, one of them is the Twix PB bar.

It did not really survive the journey too well. The two fingers stuck together, the coating was greasy and sticky, I could see the white cocoa butter. Still, the aroma remained amazing: Even though the shiny red-golden wrapper was still locked up, I could smell an intensive peanut butter aroma coming from in there.

Except for the greasy coating it looks different from all the Twix bars I’ve seen. The top is way smoother; I miss the “waves” in the coating. The cookie inside the bar is dark and I find it really cool-looking in contrast to the mid-brown milk chocolate coating and the peanut butter layer which covers the cookie.

I am surprised by the taste. Actually, I don’t think it has too much in common with the original Twix. We have a nice sweet milk chocolate, not too rich but milky. It is too thin to get sickly; as soon as you taste it, you taste the salty peanut butter as well. It is saltier than the Reese’s peanut butter, but unfortunately very dry. The dark cookie seems similar to those Oreo cookies, again, drier than the cookie in the original Twix. It is just the smooth milk chocolate layer that keeps the treat from getting more and more inside your mouth. Plus, it totally lacks crunchiness. I miss the crunchy but juicy experience when the cookie usually mixes up with the caramel layer.

All in all, I was a little disappointed, yes. But not because it is a bad treat, just because I expected it to be better. I’ve always liked Twix as a child, it had been my favorite bar for years and this dry and slacky texture really bugs me.

5.5 out of 10

Name: Twix PB
Branch: mars
Price: 0.95 Euro
Calories: 250kcal per package
Fat: 15g per package

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Kinder joy

It is kind of difficult to categorize this candy… A milk snack/candy? However, this ‘egg’ consists of 45% milk crème, 22% hazelnut-cocoa-crème and two small crispy hazelnut balls coated with mid-bitter chocolate.

It is said to be the summer version of the Kinder surprise eggs, but to be honest, they don’t have a lot in common at all. It comes with a plastic spoon to eat it, and it is really difficult to try it without any tool, as the crèmes are simply too liquid.

The two crèmes are really smooth and melt away immediately. The milk version reminds me of the Kinder chocolate bar which is filled with a similar milk crème. This version’s flavor is alike the familiar filling, but the texture is smoother: While the milk crème’s texture in the bar is rather similar to a chocolate texture, this one is as soft and liquid as a real crème filling in a praline. The flavor is indeed sweet, but the milky taste dominates it, which is really nice to eat; or rather suck.
The hazelnut crème reminds me of Nutella, but that’s what I expected, knowing that Nutella is produced by Ferrero as well: Really rich of nut, but horrifying sweet at the same time. I remember sitting in the living room with my Nutella-breakfast and watching TV when I was about six or seven.

Only the balls top half is covered with chocolate, the bottom sticks in the crèmes and their plain wafer is on the outside if you. It’s not so crunchy wafer is filled with a more liquid and less rich of nut version of the hazelnut crème. The dark chocolate coating and crumbles on the outside are the main flavor in here, and I enjoy them most, as they are not as sweet as the crème which surrounds the balls.

All in all, I enjoyed trying this egg! The constellation is quite unique, especially the milk crème thing. Ferrero always seems to be creative with their products and they always seem to have nice ideas of how to invent something new. Of course this is no high quality product, but it is really delicious and worth trying, especially for it’s price. Would I buy it for myself? I’m unsure about that, but that’s only because I like to have a greater amount of chocolate; but I’d certainly recommend trying  it!

7 out of 10

Name: Kinder Joy
Branch: Ferrero
Price: 0.69 Euro

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Milka Champiolade

This milka treat was only available during the soccer world championship. It was for sale during the last huge soccer event as well (I am not sure whether it was the European or World championship right now!). The bar looks absolutely fabulous. It is as usual divided into container and each of them has a higher center shaped like a soccer ball. This ball is filled with a choco-rice ball. I think this bar is really unique, from its looks as well as from its composition.

The chocolate coating of this huge 300g bar is really thick, especially the bottom. The light brown chocolate is shiny and looks absolutely smooth. Flavor-wise it is just like common Milka chocolate: sweet, milky and not too rich of cocoa; a typical apline milk chocolate! The milk crème is really fresh and the texture is really cool: The smoothness of the crème makes a great contrast to the solid and rather thick chocolate coating, and crunchy pieces of rice prevent it from getting boring around the center. I believe it gets its smoothness from the butter rather than from the milk. The taste of caramel-butter which is added to the crème is really balanced to the milk crème, you can taste both flavors well.

The center is mid-crunchy and the crispiest part of the chocolate. The ball in there is said to be cocoa-rice and its look reminds me of the malteser’s malt filling, but more solid and cocoa-like. I tried it without the rest of the bar and it just tastes like a simple cereal-cocoa-ball. I would not recommend to eat it without the chocolate.

Even though I am not too fond of those big packages, I liked the chocolate and it was worth buying it!

6 out of 10

Name: Milka Champiolade
Branch: Milka
Price: 2.20 Euro
Size: 200g
Calories: 560kcal per 10g
Fat: 35g per 100g

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Ritter Sport chocolate crème

This week,the new Ritter Sport version chocolate creme is Ritter’s chocolate of the week. As Ritter Sport was so kind to send me some samples of their latest 250g bar, I will write my review right now! A German review can already be found on Candyholics . What is a pity is that this bar now replaces the crunchy caramel bar, which was a little too sweet, but still a nice crunchy chocolate. Anyway, maybe the bar is better?!

This is milk chocolate filled with a chocolate crème with embedded crispy rice nibs and cornflakes. I find this composition really tempting and I’ve been thrilled to try this version since I’ve read about it somewhere on the internet. And I’m usually not the milk-chocolate guy. But what I need to say about this bar is: 250g are way too large for a chocolate bar! Nope, I never liked that and I never will!

Even though the bar is “just” a production sample, the chocolate looks absolutely gorgeous. The milk chocolate is comparably dark, smooth and without any scratches. The chocolate-cocoa crème in there coming with the rice crisps is a little lighter, dotted with many tiny crunchy puffed rice balls.

The bar crunches when you break it, it is a nice smooth crunch that promises a level of crunchiness that is still nice for a chocolate, and I suppose that the crunch dominates over the crème in there, which I personally would really like. The smell is, for a low cocoa chocolate, very rich of cocoa, not a sweet Nesquik like cocoa, but richer, milkier and above all, a little less sweet.

Let’s first turn to the texture: The chocolate bar provides a very balanced mixture of a nice mid-solid chocolate shell, a smooth but not too soft crème and some crunch. It could be a little crunchier and less creamy, but it still is nice. It is like, you can let the shell and the crème melt, while chewing a little on the rice balls to gain some chewiness. Sometimes there is more bite than others, this varies with the amount of rice balls at one place.

The taste…Well, I was overwhelmed by the first impression the chocolate shell gave to me: For a milk chocolate really rich of cocoa, this is one of the better milk hocolates by Ritter! Of course it is sweet and milky, but there is this strong cocoa flavor in between that makes this chocolate really tasty. The crème with its rice crisps is a little sweeter and less chocolate like than the shell. There is a huge amount of milk and yet it keeps its cocoa-like base flavor. I am not too fond of this creme, though. Unfortunately, this creamy sweetness turns the chocolate sickly easily, which is a pity; but for those of you who have a sweet tooth, this can be an absolutely delicious milk chocolate treat!

7.5 out of 10

Name: chocolate Creme
Branch: Ritter Sport
Price: 1.99
Calories: 578kcal per 100g
Fat: 40.0g per 100g
Size: 250g

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Lindt Strawberry milk-crème

It’s been a while since I wrote about the colors of season edition produced by Lindt, and I haven’t reviewed all of them yet. This one is the red-colored strawberry milk-creme bar.

This bar is as beautifully wrapped as the milk crème-nut and caramel version. I don’t really get what season the heart stands for, but maybe someone of you can help me out?
I checked the ingredients list, and except of some citrus aroma there is nothing in the chocolate, I did not expect to be there. 17% of milk powder seems pretty balanced and gives me hope that the alpine milk chocolate will be rather tasty, even for me.

The intensive aroma of the fruit inside the chocolate gets to you as soon as you open the foil. This time it is a really fresh and fruity scent of strawberry that fills your nose. It is stronger than the smell of chocolate, but you can still sense the milky and sweet scent of typical Lindt alpine chocolate.

Like the forest berry bar, it contains a small milk crème layer topped with a light pink yoghurty strawberry crème with embedded pieces of strawberries. It really smells like a yummy fresh yohurt.

However, the taste is not as fresh and fruity as I expected it to be, but still alright. It is really sweet and the milk dominates the overall taste of the treat. Especially the creamy alpine-chocolate coating adds a huge amount of milk to the bar. The strawberry pieces are chewy and delicious, I like the fact that there is a lot of fruit in the filling. Further, as soon as there are some more large pieces at one place, it gets slightly sour for a moment and the sweetness is compensated most of the time. As you can see, the bar is really versatile in taste, depending on how much fruit is in there.

One end of a container is always filled just with  the milk crème, while the other has only the strawberry filling. I guess that’s just because of the production process. There is a really strong milk flavor on the milky side and I miss the freshness in there. For a short moment I am reminded of the Ferrero Kinder chocolate, just that the chocolate itself is way creamier. The other side is really cool and fruity, probably the best part of the entire bar.

I guess it will also taste nice when you put it in the fridge. Unlike this one, some of the other special summer versions this year are made to be eaten cold, but I can imagine that this bar would be a great cooled chocolate as well!

7.5 out of 10

Name: Strawberry-milkcreme
Branch: Lindt & Spruengli
Price: 1.95 Euro
Size: 100g
Calories: 575kcal per 100g
Fat: 39g per 100g

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