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Cadbury BrunchBar chocolate chip

I don’t think the look of this bar is very tempting. Compared to a German corn bar this thing surely looks lousy. Small and semi-finished.  Everything but the top is covered with a thin milk chocolate layer, on the top you can see the cereals kept together with honey, plus some chocolate chips. The chocolate chips aren’t very balanced, one site is well covered with chocolate chips and the other is almost empty. I think the definition on the wrapper that says ‘half covered with milk chocolate’ is a little misleading if you don’t take a closer look at the picture on the wrapper. You’d probably have expected more chocolate (as I did!).

It smells like sweet Cadbury milk chocolate mixed up with honey and the aroma of cereals; the milk chocolate dominates the thing.

Like I expected, the taste of the bar is dominated by the cereals. The chocolate coating and the honey keep the BrunchBar from getting too dry and give it a comfortable sweet taste. Sometimes the honey, and at other times the chocolate is a little stronger, depending on how many chocolate chips are on the top. I see and taste that there are different cereals in there, but I am not really able to distinguish them, as they are all mixed up. What confuses me a little is that oats and bran flakes are just the same ingredient in Germany. The texture is smooth and sticky; the bar is easy to break into pieces. Still, the bar remains very chewy and also a little crispy. Nice!

For a cereal bar I find it really tasty. It is not as chocolaty as some German versions, and it is a little drier, but still not too dry. Still, cereal bars are not really candy, I believe! What do you think?

Oh, and to add one final note: Somehow the pictures I’ve taken look way better than the product did!

6 out of 10

Name: BrunchBar
Branch: Cadbury
Price: 0.95 Euro
Calories: 155kcal per bar, 440kcal per 100g
Fat: 6.5g per bar, 18.6g per 100g


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The name of the bar says it all: I was shocked when I opened the wrapper. I had not even seen it, but the smell was really repelling to me. Somehow I was reminded of gummy/ plastic. I guess it was the caffeine.
The bar looks just like a boring dark block on the outside, but the inside is a little more interesting: It is divided into quarters, two light-sand-colored and two light brown colored ones. The texture is soft and smooth, the entire thing melts perfectly in your mouth, as well as the thin dark chocolate coating. This is supposed to be a “healthy” snack delivering energy, and compared to others of that kind, its texture is not too bad.

The taste wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be. To be honest, for an energy bar it was really good. The first thing you really taste is that the bar is made from soy milk. Especially when you are familiar to the taste of soy milk. Additionally, the caffeine is pretty dominant in the bar and follows you everywhere, which can easily get disturbing. The overall taste of the bar reminds me of marzipan. If you try to part the quarters and eat them separately, you will find out that the lighter one contains a glimpse of coconut, while the darker one contains cocoa. Well, they are better mixed up together than alone.

I really would have given 7 for the taste (keeping in mind that this isn’t actually candy but an energy bar) but I need to take off one point for the smell and the caffeine.

6 out of 10

Name: Shock!
Branch: I don’t know that at all. Can someone help me out with that?
Calories: 414kcal per 100g
Fat: 18.5g per 100g

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PowerBar Natural Cocoa Crunch

This is the first ‘natural’ energy bar I’ve ever seen. At least in Germany it is new on the market and they replaced a not too well tasting chocolate bar for it. PowerBar is one of my favorite branches when it comes to energy and protein bars, they usually do a quite decent job. I do not like all of their products, but what I tried was alright up to really good.

Though, as it mainly consists of cereals, my expectations weren’t too high. It contains a lot of carbohydrates (65,5g per 100g, with only 20g from sugars) which is quite useful for an energy bar. So I opened the wrapper which is different from all their other foils as it feels more paper-like on the outside. I guess they did that to underline the “natural”-aspect. When I had one side open it would not let me get the bar out. It just sticks to the foil and you have to open the entire package to get it out. This could not be too good when you’re on the road, as you can hardly eat it with your bare fingers unless you want to be all gluey after eating the bar.

The smell wasn’t too pleasant, just cereals, mixed with cocoa and some honey. Well, the cocoa dominated the smell…And the taste as well. I found the cocoa a little repelling at the beginning, but during time I got more and more into the bar. It is not too sweet and you can hardly taste the other ingredients.
It is not crunchy as it is said on the wrapper. The cereals have some basic crunch in them, but I miss the explosion experience. Most of the crunch gets lost because of the gluey honey-sugar mix which keeps the bar together.
But all in all, one can eat it, though there are other options I would prefer. What I like about the bar is that you are saturated after it, which is not always the case with those small energy bars, at least I could easily eat two of them.

The ingredient list sounds really nice, they only used natural ingredients, as it says on the package: Whole grain rolled oats (32%), glucose syrup, oat crisps (oat bran, wheat flour, sugar, maize flour, malted wheat flour, salt, treacle), invert sugar syrup, cocoa mass (5,5%), barley malt extract, humectants: glycerol, soya crisp (isolated soya protein, rice flour, malt extract, salt), vegetable oil, honey, emulsifier: soya lecithin, salt, antioxidant: tocopherol-rich extract.
Except for the honey, it would even be vegan.

6 out of 10

Name: Natural Energy Cocoa Crunch
Branch: PowerBar
Price: 1.35 Euro
Calories: 156kcal per bar, 391kcal per 100g

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Champ Energy Power Crunch

This is a hazelnut flavored energy bar from champ. The first time I bought it I had a free lesson at school in the afternoon and was longing for something with chocolate. It should not be too fat and I thought this little bar of 36g fit. The image on the wrapper looks like there is something crunchy in it; that’s why I took my first bite expecting crispy cereals combined with hazelnut cream…What I found was hazelnut cream with puffed rice – this bar isn’t crunchy at all.

So, after the first disappointment I went on eating and thought it wasn’t too bad. The hazelnut cream is rich of nuts, though a little dry, and the milk chocolate coating is really creamy. Even though it is a small bar compared to several others, it gets sickly towards the end, it is simply too sweet.  A look on the ingredients reveals that it contains sweetened rice-wheat-extrudate, lots of milk proteins and of course sugar, so it has to be that sweet combined with the milk chocolate.

It’s alright but I do not really need this too often. This bar is also available in yogurt-flavor. I will try to get one of them.
There are other bars I would prefer which I will review later someday soon 🙂

6 out of 10

Name: Energy Power Crunch
Branch: Champ
Price: 0.79 Euro
Calories: 152 Calories per bar

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