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Champ Energy Power Crunch

This is a hazelnut flavored energy bar from champ. The first time I bought it I had a free lesson at school in the afternoon and was longing for something with chocolate. It should not be too fat and I thought this little bar of 36g fit. The image on the wrapper looks like there is something crunchy in it; that’s why I took my first bite expecting crispy cereals combined with hazelnut cream…What I found was hazelnut cream with puffed rice – this bar isn’t crunchy at all.

So, after the first disappointment I went on eating and thought it wasn’t too bad. The hazelnut cream is rich of nuts, though a little dry, and the milk chocolate coating is really creamy. Even though it is a small bar compared to several others, it gets sickly towards the end, it is simply too sweet.  A look on the ingredients reveals that it contains sweetened rice-wheat-extrudate, lots of milk proteins and of course sugar, so it has to be that sweet combined with the milk chocolate.

It’s alright but I do not really need this too often. This bar is also available in yogurt-flavor. I will try to get one of them.
There are other bars I would prefer which I will review later someday soon 🙂

6 out of 10

Name: Energy Power Crunch
Branch: Champ
Price: 0.79 Euro
Calories: 152 Calories per bar


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