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R.I.P Digga

Before I start my review, I’d like to tell you why I could not update the last few days. At first I got my new internet connection – which is great as I’ve high speed internet now – finally after lots of trouble with my provider!
Then, my dog died and I was a total mess. I loved him more than I ever imagined, and it has been a month since I moved out, I had only seen him once since then. For being 13 years old, the dog was well off and nobody would have even thought of cancer when he was brought to the animal hospital. Anyway, it came suddenly and what buggs me most is that I could not be there, that I could not see him before or after his death and that I’ll never see him again. He was an awesome dog! Rest in peace!


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university, moving, exhaustion…

Hey folks! I know you haven’t heart a lot of me recently. This is only because I’m desperately trying to find a new home at the place where I will study from October on; which is a mess. I’ve never seen anything like this before: about 50-70 applicants per flat; it is just like a lottery whether you get in or not.

Right now I feel like I am only at home for a little nap at night and breakfast. I can’t stand appartment ads anymore and I just hope I’ll have a flat soon…Then everything will be back to normal!

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