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Gut & Gerne Organic Gummies

These are gummies from a German organic food manufacturer and I got them half priced. The name seems a little boring, but that’s usual with orcanic food manufactures. They always try to make their products sound as natural as their food is, or so. I have tried a lot of really bad orcanic gummies, but there are some good ones as well. Most of the time I do not like teir texture. Let’s see…

At first I thought the package contains four different flavors. But, there are five, the orange ones just look a lot alike. I only tasted that there has to be a difference, and after that I tried to distinguish between them, which was really difficult, as you hardly see the difference in color. One of them is slightly darker.

The light orange, more yellow one is a mixture of citrus and pineapple, while the slightly darker orange colored one seems to be, guess what, orange. The citrus one tastes a little fresher, with a slight sour edge.

The unmistakable green one tastes like I expected it to taste: Like a apple. Here I am missing a bit of sourness. It is just to simple.

The dark red one is black currant, and together with the wine-red one which taste mainly like raspberry with a glimpse of black currant in it as well, are my favorites.

Not one of them tastes artificial, they are really natural. The ingredient list says that the colorings come from natural sources: fruit- and vegetable extracts from oranges, passion fruits, mango, Chinese gold berries, elderberries, spinach, stinging nettles and turmeric are used. That’s what I call organic. Nice!

7 out of 10

Name: Weingummi
Branch: Gut & Gerne
Price: 1.25 Euro per 100g bag
Calories: 355kcal per 100g


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Ferrero Rondnoir

The Ferrero Rondnoir is a little smaller than the Rocher version and suitable for dark-chocolate lovers. Compared to Rocher, this ball is really crumbly. Instead of nuts it has chocolate-rasps as a coating that tend to fall off as soon as you move the ball anyhow.

But the rasps are really tasty. Not too bitter, they contain a little sweetness I would not have expected them to have. The Rondnoir smells like plain dark chocolate, good, really rich chocolate, again with some sweetness in it.

Compared to Rocher, it is more difficult to eat, at first because of the crumbliness, and second because the wafer under the (thinner) coating is a lot harder and crunchier. The filling consist of dark nougat crème which is again a mixture of sweet and bitter. Really well done. Instead of a nut it contains a bitter dark chocolate core, that mixes up very well with the dark nougat crème and the rest of the ball, so that the thing as a whole does not get too bitter. Though, I’d recommend it to those who like dark chocolate or are allergic to nuts, the sweeter ones should keep with the Rocher version.

All in all, I personally prefer this version of the Ferrero balls to the original Rocher one. It has something noble and is not too sweet. Plus, I would be satisfied with two or three of these, what I cannot say about the Rocher one. I guess this has something to do with the grade of sweetness.

9 out of 10


Name: Rondnoir
Branch: Ferrero
Price: 1.20 Euro for 4 balls, 2.69 Euro for 12 ones
Calories: 55kcal per serving

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Ferrero Rocher

This is a round chocolate ball. From the outside you can see small pieces of nuts held by the chocolate coating. It is not crumbly and smells more like nuts than like chocolate. The coating is light-brown and so it will consist of milk chocolate.

As soon as I took my first bite, I was really surprised by the diversity of that little ball. Beyond a really thick milk chocolate coating there is a round, thin, mid-crispy wafer. All this is filled with a really rich nougat cream and a single mid-sized hazelnut as a center. This tiny thing has a diameter of only around 3,2centimetres, and yet it contains so many different tastes. The combination is really great, everything blends in well.

It is a pity that it’s only so small, but fortunately they are only sold as packages of five or six (or as a box with 30 servings. Unfortunately, they are not too cheap).

But those little balls contain as much calories as they contain diversity. One contains 73kcal and 5,2 grams of fat. So, you should think twice before eating an entire package, but I can promise you, once started eating, it will get hard to keep your hands off them.

8 out of 10


Name: Rocher
Branch: Ferrero
Price: 4.29 Euro for 30 servings
Calories: 73kcal per serving

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Nestlé Lion White

I’ve been a fan of Nestle’s Lion bars basically all of my life. I ate them very often when I was younger, especially the snack version of the original flavor. In the past they used to be smoother and not that crunchy they are today, but I am still fine with the ‘new’ version. When I saw the lion white at the gas station, I just had to pick it up. I was so excited to try it that I ate it the same day… And I was disappointed as hell.

Let’s start at the beginning. The bar looks really nice from the outside. The white chocolate looks and smells like vanilla. On the inside, it just looks adventurous. The brown and rather dark inner filling of the usual lion bar coated in white chocolate make a great contrast. It made me want this thingy even more. But after dividing it into two pieces, the mixture of the vanilla smell and the cereal-caramel filling of the bar go not very well with each other. It is rather strange. But strange does not have to mean bad.

Unfortunately, it is bad. The chocolate coating falls into pieces and isn’t creamy at all. It does not melt very well and the taste is unlike the sweet vanilla smell, in fact it is the worst white chocolate I’ve ever eaten in my life. And it is hard to ruin white chocolate…
The filling is just like every other lion – but as nice as the contrast looks, it does not blend in very well. It just does not match…at all.

I’m sorry, I just cannot rate it higher…One of the few Nestlé failures I won’t buy again…

3 out of 10


Name: Lion White
Branch: Nestlé
Price: 0.99Euro
Calories: 215kcal per bar 479kcal per 100g

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MilkyWay Crispy Rolls

I ordered one of these on my last internet order, as they were one of my childhood favorites. I only ordered one bar, though I ate two or three at once in the past. Basically, this is a waffle filled with milk crème and coated with milk chocolate. It is only 25grams, so not a very filling snack (that’s why I have never been satisfied after just one package; and they are usually sold in packaged of six). The bar comes with two tiny round fingers. It mainly consists of sugar, the first ingredient on the list. Nothing really alarming on the list.

You can smell the sweetness of the chocolate on the outside, the inside smells milky. The taste is absolutely not comparable to the common MilkyWay bar. The wafer is crunchy and the inner milk, the crunchy wafer and the chocolate go really well with one another. The milk crème is similar to white chocolate, but smoother. The wafer is just a common ice-cream wafer. The fingers are really sweet, but they cannot get sickly after such a small serving.

7 out of 10

Name: MilkyWay Crispy Rolls
Branch: Mars
Price: 0.39 Euro
Calories: 128kcal per package, 511kcal per 100grams

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I know this bar since I was a little child. I don’t know why I’ve never tried it before. I guess it is because my mother tended to eat it right away, so I never got the chance to get hold of it. When I was old enough to buy candy on my own, I had other favorites, and I wasn’t too adventurous. And when I saw a snack version of this bar, I just purchased it in order to try it.  The most fascinating thing about the bar is that it comes as a triangle. The wrapper says Swiss milk chocolate with honey and almond nougat (also called torrone).

The first ingredient I taste is the honey. It makes only 3% of the bar, but its flavor is very intensive.
The honey makes the entire bar sweet, but not sickly. Though, I’d prefer more of the torrone and less sugar added to the bar. It contains only 28% cocoa and as far as I can tell from the glimpse of chocolate I taste somewhere among the honey, I have eaten way better Swiss chocolate.

The texture is strange. While the chocolate-honey mixture melts smoothly in your mouth, you have to chew the white nougat, as it is like tiny stones; and even though the nougat is really hard, I like it as it really spices up the texture of the bar. Unfortunately, the torrone likes to stick to your teeth. I guess the nougat can be a problem for any kind of fillings, so watch out!

I cannot say I could fall for this chocolate bar, and I probably would not buy it again. Though, it is and remains unique and really worth a try!

6 out of 10

Name: Toblerone
Branch: Kraft Foods
Price: 0.69 Euro
Calories: 184kcal per bar(35g), 525kcal per 100g

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Balisto Corn-Mix

I’ve heard a lot about all those different Balisto bars from Mars, but I never wanted to try one of them. The image suggests that Balisto is a healthy chocolate bar because of the corn, the fruit or similar things that are used as a filling. Well, the nutrition list tells you that it contains as much Calories as an average chocolate bar. Okay, there is 23% whole meal in it, but on top of the ingredients list is milk chocolate and sugar, so I would not consider it to be really healthy.

The package contains two one finger bars and is rather small with 37g. The fingers look like a shorter but broader version of a Twix bar, but the smell is totally different. As soon as you open the wrapper, you sense the corn and cookie mix, combined with the smell of sweet milk chocolate. For me this is not a very pleasant combination.

I thought this would only contain corn, but I already noticed that the filling is a mixture of corn and cookie – I guess I would have kept away from that bar if I had known that before.
The bar is better than expected. The chocolate layer and the filling mix very well and the coating is thick enough to not let the bar taste too dry. But it basically is a whole meal cookie coated with chocolate, so it is hard to swallow without anything to drink next to you.

One can definitely eat that, but I would not buy it again…(I might try the other flavors though…)

5 Out of 10

Name: Balisto Corn Mix
Branch: Mars
Price: 0.65 Euro
Calories: 184kcal per package, 499kcal per 100g

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