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Ritter Sport almond-nibs

Ritter Sport’s organic chocolate line has caught me indeed. I like the idea of a higher quality cocoa-wise, even though I think the organic part is a little unnecessary. But: There are people (like my granny) who highly believe in this kind of ingredients. Of course, artificial flavors or colors are strictly forbidden, which definitely is a good thing, but here in Germany, non-organic products do have a high production and test standard.

But you can tell the difference between the common and the organic product. Not only production-wise (the testing is way stricter!), but also taste-wise. The almond nib chocolate contains a nice amount of 35% of cocoa that provides an amazingly smelling aroma in connection with the almonds. The clicking noise is rather firm for a milk chocolate, but as you know, there are almond nibs of every size in it. They put in some bite, while the chocolate is soft and smooth and tends to melt very soon.

There is a nice sweetness coming with the melting process; and when you chew on the almond nibs at the same time, you have a good amount of cocoa, a nice milky-sweet flavor combined with those nutty and juicy almonds.

After I was a little disappointed with the other organic chocolate treats, this one is my favorite so far! It is really good and even better than the common almond nibs miniature I’ve already written about.

10 out of 10

Name: almond nibs (organic)
Branch: Ritter Sport
Price: 0.99 Euro
Size: 65g
Calories: 562kcal per 100g
Fat: 40g per 100g

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Balisto yoghurt limited edition

Let’s stay on the “healthy” path for one more day. Uhm, well, not really. Balisto is always said to be “light” and “healthy”, but in fact their calories and fat can keep up with most candybars. Just because Mars uses cereals does not mean they leave out the sugar or fat. Anyway, in summer 2010, the Balisto yoghurt limited edition was back. A Balisto coated in white. My mother bought it while I was at the hospital to cheer me up a little. I’m not a huge fan of Balisto and my mum is neither, but we both really like white chocolate; and the wrapper shows a finger with a thick and delicious looking white coating. Even I thought this version could be better than the normal ones.

But what I saw after I opened the wrapper was disappointing. The thin coating isn’t chocolate, it is yoghurt and it isn’t thick enough to cover the forestberries in there. I cannot really assign the aroma, the corn dominates the smell, followed by a sour scent, probably coming from the yoghurt. But in general, this thing is rather indefinable.

The taste is a little better than the corn mix I have tried some time ago, but that was an easy achievement! The sour yoghurt coating is really good and fresh and I like it, even though I’d preferred white chocolate instead. The whole meal corn-cookie base tastes basically like whole meal instead of a cookie, but it is not too dry this time. The last component is a forestberry crème made with yoghurt. Again, it is fresh and the forestberries add an even sourer edge to that treat. You can distinguish between the berries in there only by their level of sourness; the lighter, pinker ones (raspberry) are sourer than the darker (blackberry, black currant) pieces of fruit in there.

The texture is a little juicier than the usual Balisto. The coating isn’t as melting as I wished it would be, and the crème isn’t really crème. It is chewy but not crunchy, still I don’t find it boring, but the most important thing here is, that you do not get a mouth full of dry sand!

6 out of 10

Name: Balisto yoghurt
Branch: Mars
Calories: 93kcal per finger
Fat: 4.8g per finger
Price: 0.55 Euro

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university, moving, exhaustion…

Hey folks! I know you haven’t heart a lot of me recently. This is only because I’m desperately trying to find a new home at the place where I will study from October on; which is a mess. I’ve never seen anything like this before: about 50-70 applicants per flat; it is just like a lottery whether you get in or not.

Right now I feel like I am only at home for a little nap at night and breakfast. I can’t stand appartment ads anymore and I just hope I’ll have a flat soon…Then everything will be back to normal!

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Kinder joy

It is kind of difficult to categorize this candy… A milk snack/candy? However, this ‘egg’ consists of 45% milk crème, 22% hazelnut-cocoa-crème and two small crispy hazelnut balls coated with mid-bitter chocolate.

It is said to be the summer version of the Kinder surprise eggs, but to be honest, they don’t have a lot in common at all. It comes with a plastic spoon to eat it, and it is really difficult to try it without any tool, as the crèmes are simply too liquid.

The two crèmes are really smooth and melt away immediately. The milk version reminds me of the Kinder chocolate bar which is filled with a similar milk crème. This version’s flavor is alike the familiar filling, but the texture is smoother: While the milk crème’s texture in the bar is rather similar to a chocolate texture, this one is as soft and liquid as a real crème filling in a praline. The flavor is indeed sweet, but the milky taste dominates it, which is really nice to eat; or rather suck.
The hazelnut crème reminds me of Nutella, but that’s what I expected, knowing that Nutella is produced by Ferrero as well: Really rich of nut, but horrifying sweet at the same time. I remember sitting in the living room with my Nutella-breakfast and watching TV when I was about six or seven.

Only the balls top half is covered with chocolate, the bottom sticks in the crèmes and their plain wafer is on the outside if you. It’s not so crunchy wafer is filled with a more liquid and less rich of nut version of the hazelnut crème. The dark chocolate coating and crumbles on the outside are the main flavor in here, and I enjoy them most, as they are not as sweet as the crème which surrounds the balls.

All in all, I enjoyed trying this egg! The constellation is quite unique, especially the milk crème thing. Ferrero always seems to be creative with their products and they always seem to have nice ideas of how to invent something new. Of course this is no high quality product, but it is really delicious and worth trying, especially for it’s price. Would I buy it for myself? I’m unsure about that, but that’s only because I like to have a greater amount of chocolate; but I’d certainly recommend trying  it!

7 out of 10

Name: Kinder Joy
Branch: Ferrero
Price: 0.69 Euro

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I’m back!

Finally, I’m back. I’ve been home for a week, but I really wasn’t able to post anything. In fact, I wasn’t able to get any things done, despite I was feeling really well. I wrote some reviews, but I could not get myself up to work on my photos and blog. I hope I’ll be able to keep track now, I plan to add one or the other additional review, as I’ve lots of them done. Just need to resize and work on the pictures I’ve taken.

Above you see a halal Haribo hotdog. It was very smooth and the sausage was one of the best foam-jelly mix gums I’ve ever eaten. It wasn’t too fruity, but too artificial either, but what was really awesome was the texture. Just the right balance between soft and chewy, really cool! The foam wasn’t as tasteless as usual Haribo foam, wich was a plus as well. No real rating, but it’s a must try if you only eat halal products!

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Dear readers!

I’ll be at the hospital from today till (hopefully) Monday or Tuesday. I won’t be able to response to your comments, but I have scheduled some reviews for you. The three summer versions of Ritter Sport are coming up, so I hope you’ll enjoy them; as they are really good!

Cross your fingers for me that everything goes smooth and without any trouble, so that I can be back home soon. I wish you all some good days, enjoy the beginning of summer and the sun outside!

All the best,

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The name of the bar says it all: I was shocked when I opened the wrapper. I had not even seen it, but the smell was really repelling to me. Somehow I was reminded of gummy/ plastic. I guess it was the caffeine.
The bar looks just like a boring dark block on the outside, but the inside is a little more interesting: It is divided into quarters, two light-sand-colored and two light brown colored ones. The texture is soft and smooth, the entire thing melts perfectly in your mouth, as well as the thin dark chocolate coating. This is supposed to be a “healthy” snack delivering energy, and compared to others of that kind, its texture is not too bad.

The taste wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be. To be honest, for an energy bar it was really good. The first thing you really taste is that the bar is made from soy milk. Especially when you are familiar to the taste of soy milk. Additionally, the caffeine is pretty dominant in the bar and follows you everywhere, which can easily get disturbing. The overall taste of the bar reminds me of marzipan. If you try to part the quarters and eat them separately, you will find out that the lighter one contains a glimpse of coconut, while the darker one contains cocoa. Well, they are better mixed up together than alone.

I really would have given 7 for the taste (keeping in mind that this isn’t actually candy but an energy bar) but I need to take off one point for the smell and the caffeine.

6 out of 10

Name: Shock!
Branch: I don’t know that at all. Can someone help me out with that?
Calories: 414kcal per 100g
Fat: 18.5g per 100g

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