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Ritter Sport almond-nibs

Ritter Sport’s organic chocolate line has caught me indeed. I like the idea of a higher quality cocoa-wise, even though I think the organic part is a little unnecessary. But: There are people (like my granny) who highly believe in this kind of ingredients. Of course, artificial flavors or colors are strictly forbidden, which definitely is a good thing, but here in Germany, non-organic products do have a high production and test standard.

But you can tell the difference between the common and the organic product. Not only production-wise (the testing is way stricter!), but also taste-wise. The almond nib chocolate contains a nice amount of 35% of cocoa that provides an amazingly smelling aroma in connection with the almonds. The clicking noise is rather firm for a milk chocolate, but as you know, there are almond nibs of every size in it. They put in some bite, while the chocolate is soft and smooth and tends to melt very soon.

There is a nice sweetness coming with the melting process; and when you chew on the almond nibs at the same time, you have a good amount of cocoa, a nice milky-sweet flavor combined with those nutty and juicy almonds.

After I was a little disappointed with the other organic chocolate treats, this one is my favorite so far! It is really good and even better than the common almond nibs miniature I’ve already written about.

10 out of 10

Name: almond nibs (organic)
Branch: Ritter Sport
Price: 0.99 Euro
Size: 65g
Calories: 562kcal per 100g
Fat: 40g per 100g

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Ritter Sport cookies and nuts

What follows is a review I wrote quite some time ago. I just wasn’t able to find the photo’s I’ve taken of this treat, but now I got them back.

This chocolate looks absolutely awesome. It is only available in a huge 250g bar, but as long as a chocolate tastes well, this is no problem to eat (obviously not in one session). It has a nice light brown color and you can see the nut and cookie pieces a little through the chocolate. On the back you can actually feel and see them coming through the layer. When you break them apart, you see huge pieces of nuts and a little larger cookie balls. Basically, the nut pieces are at the top and the cookies at the bottom of the chocolate.

I smell the mixture of hazelnuts and cookie combined with a sweet milk chocolate; really delicious and tempting. It’s really rare for cookies to have a strong aroma of their own, but they actually have a unique flavor. After I tried the chocolate, I figured that they promised a “unique” cookie taste and the treat really lives up to this promise.

The nuts are delicious; juicy and chewy. There are some smaller and some larger pieces in the treat, some come with a stronger hazelnut-flavor than others.
The cookies are totally crunchy and they are aired which makes them really light. Their taste is similar to the German Leibnitz- buttercookies, but lighter. I’m really impressed by the cookies, something I am usually not.

The cookies and the nuts are randomly mixed, even though the trend is that the cookies are on the bottom. There are even some places at which there is just plain chocolate, which provides a really chocolaty adventure every now and then. Those parts get a little sickly; but fortunately, that does not happen too often.

Yes, I can say I enjoyed this treat; it’s definitely one of the better Ritter Sport candidates! But please…I want a smaller size!

8 out of 10

Name: Cookie and nuts
Branch: Ritter Sport
Price: 1.99 Euro
Size: 250g
Calories: 535kcal per 100g
Fat: 33g per 100g

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Ritter Sport Halloween

Halloween was two days ago, and yet I have to give you this link here.
I was asked to add this Ritter Sport US feature to my blog, and since I’m a Ritter Sport ambassador, I’ll do this without qny question! I’m always glad to provide you with some give-aways 🙂

Klick to go to Ritter Sport US

You can enter until November 19th, so don’t miss your chance to win delicious Ritter Sport chocolate!

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Ritter Sport Grapes and nuts

This week’s Ritter Sport of the week is: Raisins and Nuts! At first I wasn’t really looking forward to trying this bar, basically because I was totally disappointed by its organic equivalent with cashews. This one comes with hazelnuts and is a non-organic product. Still, my first impression was way better than what I expected it to be: While the organic bar really lacked grapes/raisins, this bar contains a lot more of them. I can not only see them when I break the bar into pieces, but also glimmering through the wholemilk chocolate they are embedded in. Also a few nuts are visible, and only this fact raises my mood concerning trying this treat.

Its smell is sweet but nutty. There is a lot of milk in there, but it does not seem to be rich of cocoa, even for a milk chocolate. The grapes are not too intensive aroma-wise; but in fact I did not really except them to be. There is just a glimpse of fruit covered by the nice hazelnutty aroma.

Flavor-wise this bar is not too convincing, and yet this is one of the oldest Ritter Sport products. I know raisins and nuts make a filling which is really famous among chocolate flavors.

The chocolate itself seems to be my problem; I don’t really enjoy this sweet-milky light chocolate. The nuts are a little too dry, yet their taste is alright. This mixture does not have any lead-flavor. There is milk chocolate, there are nuts and raisins, but nothing does really dominate the bar, except for the sugar in there.

The texture really depends on the nut and raisins’s quality. As I said, some nuts are far too dry, and not crunchy at the same time. The raisins are soft and chewy, but rather similar to jelly than dried fruit. And the chocolate? Has an average melt but it is not too creamy. So, sometimes it is really nice while at others I find it a little rancid.

My final opinion? It is alright, but nothing outstanding. There have to be lots of people who love this chocolate, as otherwise it would not have been on the market for that long. Almost every branch has a gapes-nut chocolate in their range, so I really suggest you should have tried it once, even if you do not like raisins without or in chocolate (by the way, I’d never eat raisins without chocolate!)

6 out of 10

Name: Grapes and nuts
Branch: Ritter Sport
Price: 0.85 Euro
Calories: 501kcal per 100g
Fat: 29g per 100g
Size: 100g

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Ritter Sport Winter-creation: Orange marzipan

I proudly present the last winter chocolate bar by Ritter Sport. Oh and today I saw them at a huge supermarket for sale! Hope you’ll get yours soon! The bars are also available as miniatures, which probably are best if you just want to try them! If you can, you really need to try those non-alcoholic winter editions!

First question: Can you see the difference to the normal marzipan chocolate by Ritter Sport? Right, this one is coated with a whole milk chocolate instead of a semi-sweet version. This is a personal minus for me; marzipan and milk chocolate in combination are usually way too sweet. And the third winter creation also with a common whole milk? Where is the diversion?
This basically means that sugar has to be the first ingredient, followed my almonds. 16% of almonds is not that much considered the marzipan filling makes 44% of the treat. Logically, this implies the marzipan consists of 36% pure almonds while the rest is sugar. Well, I can live with that but more almonds would have been better! 3.3% of orange-concentrate provides this intensive orange aroma which is definitely dominating the treat. Yet, it is nice and not too overwhelming, adding a good amount of fruity freshness to the treat.

Pretty decent milk chocolate meets a really good orange marzipan in here, I am positively surprised after my first whole-milk chocolate impression. This one is sweet but not sickly, the fruit rather adds a sour edge to the treat, which also sticks to you after the chunk in your mouth has gone. Not a bad after-taste at all, I’ve tried worse! The orange does not bury the marzipan, so that you won’t taste anything but orange, the almonds in the marzipan are pretty good noticeable!

The texture is a little too smooth to meet my personal favorite, just because we have to deal with a smooth milk chocolate, which still has a little crack left, but above all has this typical milky melt. The marzipan is raw, but not too craggy, and smooth, I enjoy the feeling it leaves on my tongue.

So, at first I thought this would be my favorite, even though I am not in favor of marzipan covered with milk chocolate. After trying all of them, I think they are all almost even. All three Winter-bars have their advantages and disadvantages, but all in all they are really nice and outmatch some of Ritter Sport’s all-year product range!

8 out of 10

Name: orange marzipan
Branch: Ritter Sport
Price: 0.85 Euro
Size: 100g
Calories: ???kcal per 100g
Fat: ???g per 100g

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Ritter Sport Winter-creation: Vanillekipferl

The second Winter version is Vanillekipferl. Vanillekipferl are small crescent shaped vanilla cookies eaten in Austria and Germany during Christmas time. Ritter Sport tried to imitate this flavor by using a vanilla crème with vanilla-biscuit-pieces embedded in a wholemilk chocolate. They use actual bourbon vanilla for their treat!

The vanilla-biscuit flavor is very intensive and coming slightly through the chocolate shell. It does contain a faint hint of nut as well, and I somehow like this combination of smell, even though I am not a Kipferl fan at all!

The filling seems similar to other crème fillings, except that its color is a little more yellowish than white or brown; and the cookie pieces are similar to small minced hazelnuts, except for the texture, which has a sandy crunch but less chewiness than actual nuts.

The taste is a mixture of milk chocolate, a nice amount of vanilla that neither overpowers the chocolat, nor is too weak, some nutty aroma and a creamy milk crème. But I can just repeat what others said before: The basically natural vanilla appears to be rather artificial in here, which is really a pity, because otherwise this chocolate is really nice. It does not ruin the bar or so, I only think this would not have been necessary.

Before I tried this bar I wasn’t sure I’d like it, just because I am not too much into cookies, especially no Vanillekipferl. But combined with the chocolate shell and the crème I really enjoyed this bar and find it suiting for the Winter season!



8 out of 10

Name: Vanillekipferl
Branch: Ritter Sport
Price: 0.85 Euro
Size: 100g
Calories: ???kcal per 100g
Fat: ???g per 100g

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Ritter Sport Winter-creation: nut in nougat-crème

Tomorrow this will be available for sale: The Ritter Sport winter collection! Basically, the winter creations are really nice. I’ve tried all of them as a miniature version, and of course I have my favorite, but I won’t tell you beforehands! Maybe you can guess! The three different flavors are: orange-marzipan, vanillekipferl and nut in nougat-crème.

The reason I start out with this one is that the bar is a little damaged from the transportation from Waldenbuch to my hometown, and I do not want it to get more and more smashed.

The bar looks like every other milk chocolate Ritter Sport bar: light brown with a deep shiny glimmer. It’s scent remembers me of nutella, the nougat-crème-aroma is extremely powerful and strong, while I cannot really sense the actual milk chocolate.

The filling is a lot lighter than the brown coating, dotted with an occasional piece of hazelnut. Despite the very intensive nougat smell, the flavor turns out to be not as sickly and rich of nuts as I thought. Of course, there is a lot of nut, especially hazelnut, but the nougat flavor is not that overwhelming and it does not fill your entire mouth with nut or eliminates the actual taste of chocolate. There still is this milky-cocoa thing coming from the shell, and the real nuts that add a nice overall aroma.

Texture-wise it is alright but nothing too spectacular. Soft meets smooth and the occasional bite from a small piece of nut – a nice mixture if you like the creamy type of chocolate.

8 out of 10

Name: nut in nougat-crème
Branch: Ritter Sport
Price: 0.85 Euro
Size: 100g
Calories: ???kcal per 100g
Fat: ???g per 100g

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