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Snickers maximus

I sense nut as soon as I open the wrapper. The scent of the bar contains a lot of nutty aroma, even on the outside. After tearing it into two halves, you can even divide the smell into nut and caramel aroma, but the peanuts are dominating. It comes without the peanut nougat crème and contains peanuts and caramel instead.

The texture is solid on the one hand, but the caramel adds some creaminess to the bar. The caramel is not too smooth and still chewy; it just goes well with all the peanuts, and as well do make a good contrast. While chewing, all the ingredients mix up perfectly. Sometimes the nuts like to stick to your teeth, but you can get rid of them easily. The bar is chewier than the original snickers version. I don’t miss the creamy peanut nougat mass at all.

The overall taste of the bar is sweet, even though there is a salty bytaste coming from the lots of nuts embedded in the smooth caramel. The milk chocolate coating is the sweetest component of the snickers bar, while the caramel is well balanced in taste and the nuts are the saltiest.

I definitely prefer this bar to the original snickers version. Chewier and nuttier, a little saltier and all in all more delicious!


Oh, and pretty good looking as well, don’t you think?

7.5 out of 10

Name: Snickers Maximus
Branch: Masterfoods
Price: 0.95 Euro
Size: 52.5g
Calories: 511kcel per 100g
Fat: 28.9g per 100g


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