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Milka Almavel Duo Cocoa-Hazelnut

Amavel is an entire chocolate production line by Milka. It comes in a solit paperbox and is wrapped in a golden foil as well. Somehow they remind me of the ‘new’ Lindt chocolate bar design. Amavel duo is made of a milk chocolate shell, which remembers me of Kinder chocolate aroma-wise; filled with two different components. This version comes with a hazelnut crème topped with a viscous cocoa filling.

The chocolate shell is similar to the usual Milka alpine milk chocolate, but I just cannot get rid of this Kinder chocolate surprise egg connection. The hazelnut crème is not as nutty as it should be, and the expected richness of the cocoa crème does not enter the overall-flavor at all. Instead, I taste this sweet and milky alpine milk chocolate all the time, so dominant that the other components hardly have any chance to get through to you.

I was really disappointed by this bar, it sounded promising; Plus, the price and the looks gave me the impression to have something better than the usual Milka chocolate. I only hope the versions filled with some fruit are better. If not, I do not think I’d try the entire production range here! Too expensive in somparison to what you get!

4 out of 10

Name: Milka Amavel Duo Cocoa on hazelnut
Branch: Kraft Foods, Milka
Price: 1.69 Euro
Size: 130g
Calories: 520kcal per 100g
Fat: 30.5g per 100g


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Milka Champiolade

This milka treat was only available during the soccer world championship. It was for sale during the last huge soccer event as well (I am not sure whether it was the European or World championship right now!). The bar looks absolutely fabulous. It is as usual divided into container and each of them has a higher center shaped like a soccer ball. This ball is filled with a choco-rice ball. I think this bar is really unique, from its looks as well as from its composition.

The chocolate coating of this huge 300g bar is really thick, especially the bottom. The light brown chocolate is shiny and looks absolutely smooth. Flavor-wise it is just like common Milka chocolate: sweet, milky and not too rich of cocoa; a typical apline milk chocolate! The milk crème is really fresh and the texture is really cool: The smoothness of the crème makes a great contrast to the solid and rather thick chocolate coating, and crunchy pieces of rice prevent it from getting boring around the center. I believe it gets its smoothness from the butter rather than from the milk. The taste of caramel-butter which is added to the crème is really balanced to the milk crème, you can taste both flavors well.

The center is mid-crunchy and the crispiest part of the chocolate. The ball in there is said to be cocoa-rice and its look reminds me of the malteser’s malt filling, but more solid and cocoa-like. I tried it without the rest of the bar and it just tastes like a simple cereal-cocoa-ball. I would not recommend to eat it without the chocolate.

Even though I am not too fond of those big packages, I liked the chocolate and it was worth buying it!

6 out of 10

Name: Milka Champiolade
Branch: Milka
Price: 2.20 Euro
Size: 200g
Calories: 560kcal per 10g
Fat: 35g per 100g

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Milka Lila Pause/ Purple Break

My first post after a long break. Matching my long absence, I chose this chocolate treat to start anew: The German name for “purple break”. Lila Pause is what the bar is called, even abroad. Strawberry and rice coated with alpine milk chocolate – Sounds like a fresh summer bar, right? So this seems to be just the right choice after the first warm sunny and sunny day this month.

As soon as you open the purple milka wrapper, you smell the combination of milk chocolate and strawberry – fresh and delicious.

Usually I am not a huge fan of milka chocolate – but the strawberry takes away a lot of the sweet alpine-milk chocolate taste and makes it taste really fresh and fruity, even though there is a slight artificial bytaste. I miss some real pieces of strawberry in there – the filling itself is a little boring, and 0.7% of strawberry-powder is really not enough fruit to satisfy me.

What bugs me a little more is that there is more vegetable fat than cocoa butter inside the bar – I usually prefer real chocolate.

Maybe some people say the texture is nothing special, but for a milka bar I find it unique. A rather firm coating with crunchy rice crisps and a smooth strawberry filling – you can chew it, or leave it in your mouth to melt away – both versions are worth trying. Personally I prefer to chew my chocolate bars and enjoy the crispy rice: I let the chocolate and the filling melt and chew the rice a moment before the chocolate taste has left my mouth.

6 out of 10

Name Lila Pause
Branch: Milka, Kraft Foods
Price: 0.50 Euro
Calories: 550kcal per 100g, 187kcal per bar
Fat: 33.5per 100g, 11.5per bar

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Milka Tender Hazelnut

I’ve already reviewed the milk one and now I’ve tried a different version. On the outside it looks the same as the milk version, but as soon as I cut it open I saw the difference: Instead of a white milk cream filling, there is light brown hazelnut cream. Mhh, I love the smell of the hazelnut coming from the filling.

With the taste it is like the original one as well: You can taste the different ingredients, but they blend in really well.
It seems like the hazelnut version is not as ‘light’ as the milky one, which I think is logical because nuts are richer than milk. But it is still very soft and lighter than any cake. I’d prefer the milk one though.

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6 out of 10

Name: Milka Tender Hazelnut
Branch: Kraft
Price: 0.50 Euro
Calories: 158 per bar, 425 per 100g

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Milka Tender milk

Milka Tender is a jelly roll filled with milk, coated with alp-milk chocolate. The rolled sponge always looked quite repelling to me, that’s why I try them for the first time in my life today. There are four different flavors on the market right now: milk, hazelnut, tiramisu and black forest gateau. I decided to start with the least adventurous, the milky one.

The inside looks like sponge topped with milk and then rolled up and coated in milk chocolate. As I am not really a cake-lover, I did not expect too much of it. To be honest, I thought I would not like it at all. It smelled like fresh sponge combined with the smell of sweet chocolate. I bet they used some citrus aroma as well.

I was stunned when I took my first bite. The texture is very smooth. The sponge is light, and so are the milk and the chocolate.  Unfortunately, the chocolate breaks off the sides very easily, but that is nothing to worry too much about. The taste is ingenious; I’ve never eaten anything alike before. It is softer and lighter than any cake and the sponge, the milk-cream and the chocolate mix perfectly while chewing. Well, chewing is not the right word here, as it almost melts in your mouth. You can taste the different components, but they mix up pretty fast. Only if you really concentrate you will get the taste of the milk cream alone. But the combination makes the bar. It is an explosion!

The bar mainly consists of sugar, which is why it has only 19.5g of fat per 100g (7.3g per bar), but 56.5g of Carbohydrates.

Milka Tender is absolutely awesome! I never thought it would taste as delicious as it is. Though I am not too fond of cakes (to be exact, I love to bake, but I do not eat them at all…), this jelly roll is undeniable fantastic. I will definitely buy the other flavors to try them!

9 out of 10


Name: Milka Tender milk
Branch: Milka, Kraft Foods
Price: 0.49 Euro
Calories: 157kcal per bar (37g), 425kcal per 100g

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Milka Choc’n Choc

My first thought on that chocolate was: That bar is a monster! And it definitely is! 200g of chocolate is a lot, especially when there is something cookie-like in it which makes the bar look even bigger. The reason I took it anyway was that I’ve tried two other versions of that kind before and the one I liked seems to be not continued anymore, I guess Milka exchanged it with the Choc’n Choc one.

Anyway, unwrapped the bottom site looks like a normal chocolate filled with rice, cookies or small nuts from; and again I felt like I held a lot in my hands. It looked tasty, but the first thing I realized was that there were a lot of crumbles in the package. When I tried to break up one bar, I knew the reason: The bar is really hard to break and if you manage to rip a bar off, you have got crumbles everywhere! It says it is crunchy, but that already seems a bit too crunchy for me.
When I cut it into smaller portions (better: when I tried to cut it into smaller portions), the chocolate-crumbles were almost everywhere. You hear the crunching sound and I thought it was more like a biscuit.

Which turned out to be true. The chocolate tastes really sweet and is filled with too many pieces of cookies. The only thing you realize is that it is sweet and crispy. I know that milka-chocolate is sweet, as the milk comes from Alpine cows and the chocolate contains a lot of milk. I was not expecting that degree of crunchiness and felt disappointed by the chocolate. The one I ate some time ago (it was was called choco and crispy) was way smoother and you could easily let it melt in your mouth – and I prefer that way of eating my chocolate as you can taste the chocolate-flavor better.

The chocolate is very light – after some pieces you do not feel like you’ve eaten almost quarter a bar of it. I guess that comes with the chewing – you’ve eaten it a lot faster and are not satisfied with it. That’s probably the reason why they only produce them as way too expensive 200g bars.
A pro is that 100grams only have 485 calories and 23g fat. But you should not eat the entire 200grams at once…

I probably would not buy this again, but for fans of really sweet and crispy chocolate it is a must-try!

6 out of 10

Name: Choc’nChoc
Branch: Milka, Kraft
Price: 2.19 Euros
Calories: 485 Calories per 100g

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