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Ritter Sport cookies and nuts

What follows is a review I wrote quite some time ago. I just wasn’t able to find the photo’s I’ve taken of this treat, but now I got them back.

This chocolate looks absolutely awesome. It is only available in a huge 250g bar, but as long as a chocolate tastes well, this is no problem to eat (obviously not in one session). It has a nice light brown color and you can see the nut and cookie pieces a little through the chocolate. On the back you can actually feel and see them coming through the layer. When you break them apart, you see huge pieces of nuts and a little larger cookie balls. Basically, the nut pieces are at the top and the cookies at the bottom of the chocolate.

I smell the mixture of hazelnuts and cookie combined with a sweet milk chocolate; really delicious and tempting. It’s really rare for cookies to have a strong aroma of their own, but they actually have a unique flavor. After I tried the chocolate, I figured that they promised a “unique” cookie taste and the treat really lives up to this promise.

The nuts are delicious; juicy and chewy. There are some smaller and some larger pieces in the treat, some come with a stronger hazelnut-flavor than others.
The cookies are totally crunchy and they are aired which makes them really light. Their taste is similar to the German Leibnitz- buttercookies, but lighter. I’m really impressed by the cookies, something I am usually not.

The cookies and the nuts are randomly mixed, even though the trend is that the cookies are on the bottom. There are even some places at which there is just plain chocolate, which provides a really chocolaty adventure every now and then. Those parts get a little sickly; but fortunately, that does not happen too often.

Yes, I can say I enjoyed this treat; it’s definitely one of the better Ritter Sport candidates! But please…I want a smaller size!

8 out of 10

Name: Cookie and nuts
Branch: Ritter Sport
Price: 1.99 Euro
Size: 250g
Calories: 535kcal per 100g
Fat: 33g per 100g


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Cadbury Boost

Boost and Starbar share the same roots: Two (coconut and caramel) chocolate bars introduced in 1985. Since then boost was relaunched as a biscuit and caramel version. You all know the caramel version as Starbar; and the buiscuit one became the standard Boost bar.

Have I ever said that I considered a chocolate bar sickly sweet? Well, forget about everything I said – that one gave the word sweet a new meaning.

But let’s start at the beginning. This bar contains a lot of calories and fat, but 60.5 g is a size which can really saturate…or get sickly. The wrapper looks totally different from other Cadbury products and so I did not realize that it was from Cadbury in the beginning.

The texture of this bar is pretty good. It is soft and smooth; and the biscuit filling adds the right amount of crunch to the bar. The three main flavors, chocolate, caramel and the biscuit make a sweet and creamy mixture when you chew them. After the first sugar-shock I thought the chocolate was very creamy and melting, but together with the caramel it is just too sweet. After half a bar it gets sickly and there is no way I could eat more than one bar at a time – which is better when you take a lot at the calories: 305 and 17.2g of fat with 12.8g saturates. Personally, I would invest them into a different bar!

6 out of 10

Name: Boost
Branch: Cadbury
Price: 1.00 Euro as an import
Calories: 305 per bar

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Milka Choc’n Choc

My first thought on that chocolate was: That bar is a monster! And it definitely is! 200g of chocolate is a lot, especially when there is something cookie-like in it which makes the bar look even bigger. The reason I took it anyway was that I’ve tried two other versions of that kind before and the one I liked seems to be not continued anymore, I guess Milka exchanged it with the Choc’n Choc one.

Anyway, unwrapped the bottom site looks like a normal chocolate filled with rice, cookies or small nuts from; and again I felt like I held a lot in my hands. It looked tasty, but the first thing I realized was that there were a lot of crumbles in the package. When I tried to break up one bar, I knew the reason: The bar is really hard to break and if you manage to rip a bar off, you have got crumbles everywhere! It says it is crunchy, but that already seems a bit too crunchy for me.
When I cut it into smaller portions (better: when I tried to cut it into smaller portions), the chocolate-crumbles were almost everywhere. You hear the crunching sound and I thought it was more like a biscuit.

Which turned out to be true. The chocolate tastes really sweet and is filled with too many pieces of cookies. The only thing you realize is that it is sweet and crispy. I know that milka-chocolate is sweet, as the milk comes from Alpine cows and the chocolate contains a lot of milk. I was not expecting that degree of crunchiness and felt disappointed by the chocolate. The one I ate some time ago (it was was called choco and crispy) was way smoother and you could easily let it melt in your mouth – and I prefer that way of eating my chocolate as you can taste the chocolate-flavor better.

The chocolate is very light – after some pieces you do not feel like you’ve eaten almost quarter a bar of it. I guess that comes with the chewing – you’ve eaten it a lot faster and are not satisfied with it. That’s probably the reason why they only produce them as way too expensive 200g bars.
A pro is that 100grams only have 485 calories and 23g fat. But you should not eat the entire 200grams at once…

I probably would not buy this again, but for fans of really sweet and crispy chocolate it is a must-try!

6 out of 10

Name: Choc’nChoc
Branch: Milka, Kraft
Price: 2.19 Euros
Calories: 485 Calories per 100g

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