Milka Champiolade

This milka treat was only available during the soccer world championship. It was for sale during the last huge soccer event as well (I am not sure whether it was the European or World championship right now!). The bar looks absolutely fabulous. It is as usual divided into container and each of them has a higher center shaped like a soccer ball. This ball is filled with a choco-rice ball. I think this bar is really unique, from its looks as well as from its composition.

The chocolate coating of this huge 300g bar is really thick, especially the bottom. The light brown chocolate is shiny and looks absolutely smooth. Flavor-wise it is just like common Milka chocolate: sweet, milky and not too rich of cocoa; a typical apline milk chocolate! The milk crème is really fresh and the texture is really cool: The smoothness of the crème makes a great contrast to the solid and rather thick chocolate coating, and crunchy pieces of rice prevent it from getting boring around the center. I believe it gets its smoothness from the butter rather than from the milk. The taste of caramel-butter which is added to the crème is really balanced to the milk crème, you can taste both flavors well.

The center is mid-crunchy and the crispiest part of the chocolate. The ball in there is said to be cocoa-rice and its look reminds me of the malteser’s malt filling, but more solid and cocoa-like. I tried it without the rest of the bar and it just tastes like a simple cereal-cocoa-ball. I would not recommend to eat it without the chocolate.

Even though I am not too fond of those big packages, I liked the chocolate and it was worth buying it!

6 out of 10

Name: Milka Champiolade
Branch: Milka
Price: 2.20 Euro
Size: 200g
Calories: 560kcal per 10g
Fat: 35g per 100g


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    Rosa said,

    Those look really cool/creative. Sad that the coolest part turned out to be meh!

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