Milka Tender Hazelnut

I’ve already reviewed the milk one and now I’ve tried a different version. On the outside it looks the same as the milk version, but as soon as I cut it open I saw the difference: Instead of a white milk cream filling, there is light brown hazelnut cream. Mhh, I love the smell of the hazelnut coming from the filling.

With the taste it is like the original one as well: You can taste the different ingredients, but they blend in really well.
It seems like the hazelnut version is not as ‘light’ as the milky one, which I think is logical because nuts are richer than milk. But it is still very soft and lighter than any cake. I’d prefer the milk one though.

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6 out of 10

Name: Milka Tender Hazelnut
Branch: Kraft
Price: 0.50 Euro
Calories: 158 per bar, 425 per 100g


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