Milka Tender milk

Milka Tender is a jelly roll filled with milk, coated with alp-milk chocolate. The rolled sponge always looked quite repelling to me, that’s why I try them for the first time in my life today. There are four different flavors on the market right now: milk, hazelnut, tiramisu and black forest gateau. I decided to start with the least adventurous, the milky one.

The inside looks like sponge topped with milk and then rolled up and coated in milk chocolate. As I am not really a cake-lover, I did not expect too much of it. To be honest, I thought I would not like it at all. It smelled like fresh sponge combined with the smell of sweet chocolate. I bet they used some citrus aroma as well.

I was stunned when I took my first bite. The texture is very smooth. The sponge is light, and so are the milk and the chocolate.  Unfortunately, the chocolate breaks off the sides very easily, but that is nothing to worry too much about. The taste is ingenious; I’ve never eaten anything alike before. It is softer and lighter than any cake and the sponge, the milk-cream and the chocolate mix perfectly while chewing. Well, chewing is not the right word here, as it almost melts in your mouth. You can taste the different components, but they mix up pretty fast. Only if you really concentrate you will get the taste of the milk cream alone. But the combination makes the bar. It is an explosion!

The bar mainly consists of sugar, which is why it has only 19.5g of fat per 100g (7.3g per bar), but 56.5g of Carbohydrates.

Milka Tender is absolutely awesome! I never thought it would taste as delicious as it is. Though I am not too fond of cakes (to be exact, I love to bake, but I do not eat them at all…), this jelly roll is undeniable fantastic. I will definitely buy the other flavors to try them!

9 out of 10


Name: Milka Tender milk
Branch: Milka, Kraft Foods
Price: 0.49 Euro
Calories: 157kcal per bar (37g), 425kcal per 100g

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