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Ritter Sport almond-nibs

Ritter Sport’s organic chocolate line has caught me indeed. I like the idea of a higher quality cocoa-wise, even though I think the organic part is a little unnecessary. But: There are people (like my granny) who highly believe in this kind of ingredients. Of course, artificial flavors or colors are strictly forbidden, which definitely is a good thing, but here in Germany, non-organic products do have a high production and test standard.

But you can tell the difference between the common and the organic product. Not only production-wise (the testing is way stricter!), but also taste-wise. The almond nib chocolate contains a nice amount of 35% of cocoa that provides an amazingly smelling aroma in connection with the almonds. The clicking noise is rather firm for a milk chocolate, but as you know, there are almond nibs of every size in it. They put in some bite, while the chocolate is soft and smooth and tends to melt very soon.

There is a nice sweetness coming with the melting process; and when you chew on the almond nibs at the same time, you have a good amount of cocoa, a nice milky-sweet flavor combined with those nutty and juicy almonds.

After I was a little disappointed with the other organic chocolate treats, this one is my favorite so far! It is really good and even better than the common almond nibs miniature I’ve already written about.

10 out of 10

Name: almond nibs (organic)
Branch: Ritter Sport
Price: 0.99 Euro
Size: 65g
Calories: 562kcal per 100g
Fat: 40g per 100g


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Milka Almavel Duo Cocoa-Hazelnut

Amavel is an entire chocolate production line by Milka. It comes in a solit paperbox and is wrapped in a golden foil as well. Somehow they remind me of the ‘new’ Lindt chocolate bar design. Amavel duo is made of a milk chocolate shell, which remembers me of Kinder chocolate aroma-wise; filled with two different components. This version comes with a hazelnut crème topped with a viscous cocoa filling.

The chocolate shell is similar to the usual Milka alpine milk chocolate, but I just cannot get rid of this Kinder chocolate surprise egg connection. The hazelnut crème is not as nutty as it should be, and the expected richness of the cocoa crème does not enter the overall-flavor at all. Instead, I taste this sweet and milky alpine milk chocolate all the time, so dominant that the other components hardly have any chance to get through to you.

I was really disappointed by this bar, it sounded promising; Plus, the price and the looks gave me the impression to have something better than the usual Milka chocolate. I only hope the versions filled with some fruit are better. If not, I do not think I’d try the entire production range here! Too expensive in somparison to what you get!

4 out of 10

Name: Milka Amavel Duo Cocoa on hazelnut
Branch: Kraft Foods, Milka
Price: 1.69 Euro
Size: 130g
Calories: 520kcal per 100g
Fat: 30.5g per 100g

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Ritter Sport cookies and nuts

What follows is a review I wrote quite some time ago. I just wasn’t able to find the photo’s I’ve taken of this treat, but now I got them back.

This chocolate looks absolutely awesome. It is only available in a huge 250g bar, but as long as a chocolate tastes well, this is no problem to eat (obviously not in one session). It has a nice light brown color and you can see the nut and cookie pieces a little through the chocolate. On the back you can actually feel and see them coming through the layer. When you break them apart, you see huge pieces of nuts and a little larger cookie balls. Basically, the nut pieces are at the top and the cookies at the bottom of the chocolate.

I smell the mixture of hazelnuts and cookie combined with a sweet milk chocolate; really delicious and tempting. It’s really rare for cookies to have a strong aroma of their own, but they actually have a unique flavor. After I tried the chocolate, I figured that they promised a “unique” cookie taste and the treat really lives up to this promise.

The nuts are delicious; juicy and chewy. There are some smaller and some larger pieces in the treat, some come with a stronger hazelnut-flavor than others.
The cookies are totally crunchy and they are aired which makes them really light. Their taste is similar to the German Leibnitz- buttercookies, but lighter. I’m really impressed by the cookies, something I am usually not.

The cookies and the nuts are randomly mixed, even though the trend is that the cookies are on the bottom. There are even some places at which there is just plain chocolate, which provides a really chocolaty adventure every now and then. Those parts get a little sickly; but fortunately, that does not happen too often.

Yes, I can say I enjoyed this treat; it’s definitely one of the better Ritter Sport candidates! But please…I want a smaller size!

8 out of 10

Name: Cookie and nuts
Branch: Ritter Sport
Price: 1.99 Euro
Size: 250g
Calories: 535kcal per 100g
Fat: 33g per 100g

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Lindt Cresta

It took me quite some time to buy this chocolate bar, simply because I wasn’t too sure of the composition: Alpine whole milk chocolate filled with almond brittle on a praline mousse. Praline mousses are often made of hazelnuts and I thought in combination with the crispy almond brittle this would not be the best combination. Then, after searching for a crunchy chocolate treat these days, I went for it.

On the outside the bar looks just like all the other flat Lindt chocolates: 12 milk chocolate container, each coming with an imprinted “Lindt” writing. I needed to get used to its smell which mainly consists of the sweet milk chocolate aroma; mixed up with a nougat-like scent probably coming from the mousse. The almonds are not too intensive here, but I can see some rests of pieces in the brittle. The crème has a slightly lighter shape than the chocolate and the brittle is bronish-golden; I really enjoy its inside looks.

As a whole, the texture is beyond amazing! Why, you ask? We have a crunchy brittle that provides a nice chew, while the chocolate has an amazing melt though not being too smooth before hitting the mouth; and the mousse? The mousse is the soft part of the treat. Mixed up, this is a perfect combination for a well done chocolate treat.

Now, let’s turn to the most important part, the taste: I am totally positively surprised by the chocolate. The milk chocolate itself is typical Lindt quality: Sweet but not too sickly, rich of milk but not too rich of cocoa. The praline filling seems similar to nutella to me, a nougat-like, rich of hazelnuts crème which is not too sweet to my surprise! And the brittle? Here we have an outstanding production of almonds, really! Almonds are by far not my favorite nuts, but this brittle made from almonds is really good, even though a little sweet, but that comes usually with brittle, as there is a lot of sugar in it.

9.0 out of 10

Name: Cresta
Branch: Lindt & Sprüngli
Price: 1.99 Euro
Calories: 537kcal per 100g
Fat: 31g per 100g
Size: 100g

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Exquisite Pistachio

Well, this one is what I should have posted before I released the white Heidelberry review… But here it is, the other one I’ve tried. It is from a store brand from Rossmann, a German grocer. Being priced about one Euro per 100g, it is priced somewhere between Milka or Ritter Sport and Lindt chocolate. I am curious whether you can taste that! There are only four or five different bars, and I started with the pistachio version (even though it is made with whole milk!) because I simply love pistachio nuts.

The chocolate is light brown and you can only see the nut nibs on its back. They seem tiny, but okay compared to the thinness of the chocolate bar. The bar itself looks nice, it hasn’t taken any damage in its paper box. It’s smell is intensely nutty! Woah! As soon as I opened the carton, the nutty aroma starts floating through the air. The scent seems a little sickly, but I am really surprised by the high amount of nuts in there (even though there are only 6% pistachios, the aroma is awesome rich!). While the top of the bar smells a little more like milk and sugar, the bottom, on which you can see the nuts, contains this awesome nuttiness.

The texture is smooth and the only bite comes from the nuts in there. The chocolate has a smooth melt, but it is not creamy like milk chocolate treats that contain cream powder. And yet, it is very viscous. I’m afraid the nuts are not too crunchy, they add a small bite, but that’s all. Between all this chocolate you can hardly tell whether they are dry or not, they really drown inside the mass of chocolate.

Well, the flavor is…average. At first I thought I get a sugar rush because this treat is _really_ sweet. Then, I sense a really intensive pistachio flavor mixed up with a large amount of milk. The pistachio soon is the strongest flavor in the mixture, and I like that even though there are not too many nuts in there, the nuts dominate the flavor. It is not that the milk chocolate and the sugar are eliminated by it, the pistachio just wins with a narrow, and certainly pleasant margin. The chocolate itself is milky, just as it is supposed to be. Personally, it is way too sweet for me, especially in combination with nuts; and therefore it turns sickly after only a few pieces.

It is nothing I’d buy again, not really good but nothing too bad as well. One can eat it, but I believe you can do better with this combination of whole milk and pistachios!

4 out of 10

Name: pistachio whole milk
Branch: Das Exquisite, Rossmann
Price: 0.99 Euro
Calories: 559kcal per 100g
Fat: 36g per 100g
Size: 100g

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December 1st ~ mousse au chocolat

Finally, I’m back! I’ve been waiting for December first for a long time now; specifically since the day I decided to start anew today, with new enthusiasm and a good system to blog even when I get very busy studying. Studying medicine is not as easy as I expected it to be, there are some downsides even though it is what I always wanted to do. The time I need to spend on studying and practicing is really a lot. But: I found a way!

So, as you may open the first door of your Advent Calendar today, I decided to start with the coverage of my awesome Niederegger calendar I got from my mother. Unfortunately, I cannot give you really high quality pictures now, as it is dark outside and my lights are not made for taking photos. Anyways…

Today I found a “mousse au chocolat” marzipan dessert pastry. It consists of a thin milk chocolate layer, filled with a layer of mousse au chocolate embedded in a lot of marzipan. The marzipan provides a nice scent of nut, mixing up with a faint note of chocolate. It is not too sweet, but it certainly differs from Niederegger’s classic marzipan.

The mousse au chocolate, well, it is rather sticky than mousse-like, but the taste is really pleasant and a lot like a typical mousse au chocolate.
The mixture of a smooth filling embedded in marzipan reminds me of the nougat-marzipan combination lots of people love and enjoy. I think this one is a worthy rival!

7 out of 10

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Snickers Dark

As I am a huge fan of Snickers, I was really keen on this bar. I really like trying it in combination with my favorite type of chocolate: Dark chocolate.

The taste of the bar is fabulous: The bitter chocolate goes perfectly with the sweet nougat-caramel-nut filling. I don’t miss the sickly milk chocolate coating from the original snickers, to be honest, I’d take this bar over the original. It has a mild, not too bitter taste and does a great job in preventing the bar from turning sickly!

The nougat filling is rather crumbly, but still chewy. I find it a little too sweet, but in combination with the rest it is tasty. It comes with some minced peanuts that add a slight crunch and a richer taste to the nougat. Well done. The caramel is rather solid than liquid and it contains the larger pieces of peanuts. Basically, I sense the typical sweet toffee flavor in it, plus the really rich taste of the nuts in there.

So, all in all you get a really well done bar flavor-wise as well as texture-wise. I really enjoyed eating this bar covered in semi-sweet chocolate. All those popular bars should have a dark version omnipresent on the market, and please in Germany as well (yeah, dream on, most people tend to prefer milk chocolate, I suppose….) . I think those dark chocolate bars have a very balanced amount of sweetness and bitterness, it is something everyone should give a try!

8 out of 10

Name: Snickers Dark
Branch: Mars
Price: 0.55 Euro
Calories: 240kcal per bar
Fat: 12g per bar

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