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Cornetto Enigma vanilla

My mother and I stopped at a gas station near the Autobahn today and I went into the shop. If I had enough money with me, I would have bought the entire shop. They had several chocolate bars I wanted to try, but have never found up to now. Well, I just got myself a white Lion and some ice-cream. I took two different versions of Cornetto, as I’ve never heard of the new Enigma one (and it hasn’t been on their homepage yet), and I wanted my old favorite flavor as well.
This ice consists of vanilla ice cream, a liquid chocolate filling and almonds. All this is served in a typical ice-cream cone.

The almonds taste really nutty and great. Good start. They make a good mix with the vanilla ice-cream and the solid chocolate pieces on the top. The vanilla ice-cream seems to be very good quality as it tastes not artificial at all. The ingredient list says that there actually is vanilla in it. You know, that’s not mandatory.

The chocolate filling that comes after you have made it through the top is breathtaking! I worried about that part as I am not a fan of liquid chocolate but the filling is really rich of chocolate and creamy. It blends perfectly with the vanilla ice-cream and is not too liquid. Every now and then there is an almond adding a little crunch to the ice-cream.

The waffle is like any other Cornetto cone: hard and crunchy with a thin layer of chocolate on the inside, and some more chocolate at the bottom. This is definitely the best part of the ice.

8 out of 10


Name: Cornetto Enigma Vanille
Branch: Langnese
Price: 1.50 Euro at a gas station
Calories: 240kcal per serving, 320kcal per 100g

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