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Trolli Bizzl Mix

Those gummies are some of the few suiting for vegetarians. Unfortunately, most Veggies in Germany do not seem to know about that. They are even suitable for vegans as the lactic acid is a man-made product. For me this is a pro

In most cases I do not like the colors of Trolli gums as they somehow look as if they were synthetic and contain too much food coloring. But the look of this mix coated in extreme sour powder is just fine. They have several different shapes and sizes, like fishes, bottles, fruit or snakes.
The package says 225g…Well, not too long ago (half a year) they came with 250g at the same price. Uhm…yes… we know how the food industry, or economy in general, works.

Those gums are really hard and sticky. They are hard to chew and it is even more difficult to get them off your tooth. The only thing you taste at first is the sourness of the powder, and I tell you, it is extreme sour! But as you go on chewing, each of the colors unfold its own flavor.

The white ones taste like a citrus-pineapple-mix, with a somehow strange bytaste at the beginning, which soon disappears. 
The yellow ones are citrus and the orange are…guess what? Yeah, they taste like oranges. Those two are by far the sourest gummies in the bag.
The green ones are tasty woodruff, they are really good.
The red ones taste like cherry and the purple ones like red currants and as I like berry-flavored gums, those two are my favorites. Additionally, they seem to taste not as sour as the rest of them which is pretty good, though I like it really sour.
Sometimes they combine two flavors in one, mainly red currant and cherry, and cherry and orange. I think those are the best ones, as I like those flavors mixing up in my mouth.

There was a time when I was kind of addicted to those gummies, but I have to admit that they are a little too hard and an absolute no-go for people who do not like super-sour gummies. I’d definitely buy them again.

8 out of 10

Name: Trolli Bizzl Mix
Branch: Trolli
Price: 0.99 Euros per package (225g)
Calories: 356 Calories per 100g

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