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Haribo Super Sour Monsters

This is a British version of Haribo jellies. Again, they are sugarcoated and again, there is way too much sugar on them. The jellies should be monster-shaped, but all you can see is a piece of gummy covered with sugar. The faces underneath it are totally unrecognizable. Anyway, they look better than the tangfastics mix I tried some time ago, even though all I see is some missproduced jelly. Though the smell is artificial, it is better as the last British jelly I tried as well. Good start.

The jellies come in three different colors and flavors: a yellow lemon one, apple green and cherry red. There is an additional warning on the back saying that “nasty” Haribo had put extra sour into the mix. Well, they use a double positive here, does that mean anything?

I start with the yellow one. It has the lightest and weakest color. The coating is pretty sour, but not too sour that it makes you shiver. The inner life taste slightly like lemon, but the dominant taste is just sourness.

The green one isn’t as sour as the yellow one in the beginning, but the sourness develops while chewing it. Its apple flavor is most intensive during the first bites, but wears off soon. Nice.

Finally cherry. This is the least sour jelly and the sour taste beats the cherry aroma which you can only get a glimpse of. I don’t know if that’s good or bad, but the tiny glimpse of cherry I get is too artificial, just like the water ice flavorings. Nah, even though I usually like berry flavored jellies, this one doesn’t get to me at all!

The texture of them is really chewy. They don’t stick to your tooth too easily, better than several other Haribo jellies.

All in all those jelly is alright, but not outstanding.

6 out of 10

Name: Super Sour Monsters
Branch: Haribo
Price: 1.20 Euro
Calories: 340kcal per 100g
Fat: 0.2g per 100g


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Haribo Tangfastics

I recently got them from the UK and I was totally keen on them. But when I held them in my hands I was kind of disappointed. They contain way too much sugar (the entire bag is full of it!) and they are intensified colored (though the wrapper says that there are no artificial colors in this candy). Of course, they are made for kids, so they need to look colorful. Their smell is really chemical and really repelling to me!

All of them are coated with sugar and really sickly sweet. It takes some time for the real flavor to get to you.

The cola bottles are really chewy and provide a great taste of cola as soon as the sweetness of the sugar layer wears off. I should not compare them to the German version, because the German cola bottles taste like lemon and are less sweet.

The crocodiles which do not really look like crocodiles are more like soft jellies and have foam on the back.  At first I wasn’t very pleased with their texture, but I soon got into them. They come in five different colors. The yellow one taste likes lemon and with the sweetness of the sugar comes a sourness which is really enjoyable. I think the orange one should be orange, but the flavor does not really get to me. It is just an exchange of sweet and sourness. Not bad, though. The green ones are kind of strange, as they taste like strawberries. I like the flavor a lot, but it just was a surprise. The red ones taste like raspberry with some sour edge. They’re nice as well. The last ones are dark-red colored and are definitely blackcurrant. Together with the green ones they are the tastiest, but if you like it more sour, then you’d go for the lemon one.

The dummy is colorless and green. The colorless part is like the same-colored haribo gummy bear: pineapple, and the green part, again, is strawberry. The texture is rather like the bottles a little chewier. Unfortunately, I only got one dummy. I was wondering whether there are other colours as well?!

The last ones in the bag are cherries. They are the most solid jellies in the bag and the second sweetest after the cola bottles. The sweetness soon is taken away by the sour cherry taste the jelly has. It is alright, though a little too artificial, which often happens with cherry-flavored gummies.

Do I really need to rate them? I find it difficult this time, as they are really alright and nice, but compared to German Haribo stuff they cannot really keep up… And they need to work on the smell! Pah!

5 out of 10 (I take away one for the bad smell and the sugar)

Name: Tangfastics
Branch: Haribo
Price: 1.25 Euro
Calories: 340kcal per 100g

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Haribo Pasta-Frutta

I always like to try vegetarian gummies, as there are not too many really good-tasting options for veggies here in Germany. Pasta Frutta by Haribo is one of them I’d recommend to vegetarians if they like slightly sour gummies. As most Haribo products, no artificial colors are used in this product. Though, the colors of the gummies are really rich and nice. They are coated in sugar and I am glad to not find a pool of sugar inside the bag.

The package contains four different flavors. The yellow ones are of course citrus. Not only their sugar coating is sour, but they are as well. Unfortunately, they taste a bit artificial to me, I don’t really like them. The after-taste is rather like something indefinable. I know from several people that they feel the same about the yellow one, though most of the content is yellow. Perhaps they are the cheapest one to produce.

The green, apple ones are way better. They taste like a really sour green apple (granny smith) and they do not have an after-taste at all, except for a mild sourness.

Last but not least, the red strawberry ones. I guess you’ve already figured that I like red-colored fruit much more than the other flavors and so I save them for the last. The strawberry taste is alright but nothing too astonishing. Further, they are the mildest ones. The sourness is hardly testable.

The texture is something between soft and solid. They are harder than usual gummies (probably because they ‘lack’ gelatin), but softer than comparable gelatin-free products. I really like that about those gummies!

All in all they are okay. A pretty decent product for vegetarians with not too many options.

6 out of 10

Name: Haribo Pasta-Frutta
Branch: Haribo
Price: 0.89 Euro
Calories: 326kcal per 100g

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Haribo Rotella

Those snails have been taken out of the Haribo product list now, at least in Germany. I know they are still available in the Netherlands.. They were vegetarian gummies, and they exchanged them with a new version containing sherbet. The new version contains gelatin as well and therefore they are not suitable for vegetarians anymore. I preferred the version without the sherbet…

There are different ways to eat the Rotella snails. You can just bite in, or you roll off the

The snails come in four different flavors: Yellow is citrus, green apple, orange is (surprisingly as it is) orange and the red one is strawberry-flavored.

The yellow one tastes slightly like citrus and has added a bit of sourness. It is alright, but it could have a more intensive aroma.

Orange is the worst version. The taste of orange is stronger than in the citrus version, but I find it too artificial. Plus it is just boring. Some sourness would really jazz this version up. The package I bought only contained two orange-flavored snails, while I had about six or seven of the others.

The green ones taste like green apples, Granny Smith or alike. They are slightly sour and more natural than the others. They are definitely the best flavor of this package.

Usually the red ones are my favorites when it comes to gummies, and I especially like strawberry-flavored candy. They taste good, contain a lot of strawberry aroma, but unfortunately, you get an artificial aftertaste from them. Aditionally, they become a little boring in time.

The texture is more solid than the usual gummy, because of the wax used as a coating. Some people like it, some don’t, just as with the really soft jelly gummies. For vegetarians they were one of the best options from Haribo, even though they have an artificial aftertaste and are not as smooth as usual.

6 out of 10

Name: Rotella
Branch: Haribo
Price: 0.89 Euro
Calories: 332kcal per 100g

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