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Kinder Bueno White

I know it’s turning winter now, but I stumples across this one today. This chocolate treat is the summer edition of the original Kinder bueno and comes with white chocolate instead of milk chocolate. There are two finger separately wrapped inside a plastic foil and as soon as I unwrap one of them I see why they are wrapperd twice: The bar is covered with cocoasplinters which tend to fall off easily.

On the outside, this thing does not have an intensive aroma. Except for the slight milky scent there is absolutely nothing. Not even the cocoasplinters have a strong aroma. The filling is a little more intensive: The white milky-chocolaty cream and the wafer remind me of Giotto, another Ferrero candy.

The taste is light and milky. This bar isn’t too rich of chocolate. In fact, the 1mm coating provides just a glimpse of chocolate in there. The dominating flavor comes from the center of the bar, this creamy milk filling is really rich of milk and sugar. Still it does not get sickly. I’m not sure how they did it, but in combination with the rather featureless wafer in there, the candy is really pleasant. The cocoasplinters on the outside are unfortunately not too rich of cocoa as well, but they add a note of actual chocolate to the bar.

For a summer treat I find this thing alright. One finger isn’t really satisfying, and two of those contain more fat and calories as a normal-sized snickers bar. So, if you like it and are not interested in the nutrition facts, have a go and enjoy this two-finger treat!

6 out of 10

Name: Kinder bueno white
Branch: Ferrero
Price: 0.69 Euro
Calories: 117kcal per bar, 234kcal per bag
Fat: 7.4g per bar, 14.8g per bag


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Reese’s FastBreak

Personally, I don’t really like the looks of this bar on the wrapper. It seems rather as if there was a lot of nougat compared to the peanut butter inside, instead of being square. But reality is totally different: The almost pyramid-like bar has an about four mm high bottom layer of nougat, topped with a thumbnail thick stripe of peanut butter. There is a small layer of a darker nougat version, which almost looks like the milk chocolate color-wise.

The coating gets greasy as soon as the cold of the fridge wears off; even though it isn’t anywhere near hot today. But I like it melting inside my mouth, releasing a sweet but milky chocolate taste. The peanut butter is salty as always and provides a nice amount of peanuty-taste. As usual, it dominates the taste of the entire bar; and it is really delicioud! But other than the intensive peanut butter, the light nougat on the bottom does not have a strong own flavor, especially no nutty flavor. And also the darker version that is surrounding the peanut butter on the sides and the top is not really nutty, but rather milky. Still, that’s something I don’t really mind as the nutty taste coming from the peanut butter is strong enough.

Four different kinds of texture combined in one bar; simply amazing! What do we have? Smooth and easy melting milk chocolate as a coating. Then there is the soft peanut butter and too different types of nougat: The texture of the nougat is more solid than the peanut butter, really chewy; and the dark version makes the chewiest part of the bar. Really awesome, I love it!

My final note is simply: wow (and this is not what I usually say about chocolate bars!)! I’d recommend this bar to everyone who likes peanut butter as much as I do. I really enjoyed the bar and I think this is one of the better Reese’s products. I want one…now 😦

8.5 out of 10

Name: Fast Break
Branch: Hershey’s
Price: 1.05 Euro
Calories: 260kcal per bar
Fat: 12g per bar

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Niederegger Classics

I wanted to do something special today, but I am still not up to date with all the things I have to figure out these days. So I thought I’d show you my review of Niederegger’s classical marzipan.
All four versions come with a thin dark chocolate coating. The smell of the marzipan comes through the shell and provides a not too sweet but almondy aroma. A really tempting start!


You can tell from the outside that there is fruit inside the treat. I would not realize it is pineapple, but definitely fruit. Even the marzipan itself does not smell like pineapple, but still fruity. I’ve tried citrus marzipan before and I really did not like it as the entire marzipan flavor was overshadowed by the citrus. But here we have (finally) pineapple, mixed up with marzipan. Both flavors are really in balance and change while eating. It is fruity, but it does not lack the original marzipan flavor. The marzipan goes well with the bitter coating, really nice treat!


The only thing I smell from the outside is dark chocolate and typical Marzipan. The actual marzipan smells a little tarter and so is the taste. I like the huge amount of nuts in it, and I like it even more that the pistachio is dominating the flavor. I’ve eaten marzipan before in which the almonds were more intensive than the pistachio and this was a bummer. Not with this version, I like it even more than the pineapple one!


Espresso treats will never be my thing, so I’d rather not rate this version. Still, I need to say something about it. What I like about it is this marzipan, is that after the really dominant and intensive coffee aroma wears off, there still is the actual marzipan flavor. Therefore I find it suiting for all those of you who really like the taste of coffee, as well as for marzipan-lovers. Even I ate both of the espresso marzipan chocolates inside the package, so you see, it wasn’t even too appalling to me 🙂 And I have to admit that the combination of marzipan and espresso goes really well with the bitter chocolate coating!


Last one in the row is the classical orange marzipan version. Lots of chocolates contain orange marzipan, so basically, I knew what I had to expect. Somehow the texture is different from the other marzipan versions, however this happened. It is a little drier and firmer, the chocolate coating tends to crumble apart. I miss the juiciness the other marzipan chocolates have. The orange flavor is kind of balanced, but the aftertaste overshadows the actual marzipan flavor a little. Even though I usually really like orange-flavored marzipan, I’d chose the pineapple version over it.

So, all in all I liked this marzipan-chocolate “collection”, but the orange version was a little odd. Next time I’m going to try the new “flavor of the year” forrestberry marzipan version and I’m really looking forward to testing it! Further, I’ve already started to try their Christmas range…Geek, amazingly delicious!

7 out of 10

Name: Marzipan classics
Branch: Niederegger
Price: 2.95 Euro
Size: 100g
Calories + Fat?

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Ritter Sport Halloween

Halloween was two days ago, and yet I have to give you this link here.
I was asked to add this Ritter Sport US feature to my blog, and since I’m a Ritter Sport ambassador, I’ll do this without qny question! I’m always glad to provide you with some give-aways 🙂

Klick to go to Ritter Sport US

You can enter until November 19th, so don’t miss your chance to win delicious Ritter Sport chocolate!

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Wonka exceptional chocolate waterfall bar

So, this is the last one of the three exceptional re-makes I’ve tried, even though I haven’t posted the other reviews yet. I’ll start out with that version just because I found those photos at first. It is called a “delectable combination of swirled milk & white chocolate” and this is exactly the way it looks: Like a milk chocolate bar mixed up with swirled lines of white chocolate. Even though the variation of colors, I still prefer the shape of the Scrumdiddlyumtious bar, especially with the huge “W” in the middle.  This bar has several W’s on it, but basically the chocolate is evenly divided into ten squares. 

The bar’s aroma is really milky, but it is the smell of the milk chocolate that dominates it.

The first thing I realize is its enormous sweetness, just like the Scummy chocolate treat. Instead of nuts, cookies and caramel, the sweetness is followed by a milky and occasionally a cocoa-like flavor. Compared to a German milka white-milk chocolate version, I like it that the flavors of both, the white and the milk chocolate mix up in here really well and that they are really combined. The German equivalent cannot keep up with that at all, as you can break apart the different flavors, plus they have a different melting level and therefore the flavors do not really mix up. That’s really well done.
Though I have to say that there is way too much sugar in there. The sweetness is overwhelming, but I guess that’s just typical for milky Nestlé chocolate!

Its texture is smooth but not too creamy, one can feel that it contains a lot of milk, but it is not too fatty. Still, the melting effect is rather good! But if you’re prefer chewing your chocolate, you will notice that it lacks some real bite.

All in all, a very balanced bar. I’m not sure if it’s worth the money for me; and even though I’d prefer it over some German similar bars, I don’t think I’d go for it again. So, if I had to choose one of the Wonka exceptional, I’d go for the one with the creepiest name: The Scrumdiddlyumtious one – but you’ll read about that one later 😉

7 out of 10

Name: Wonka exceptional chocolate waterfall bar
Branch: Nestlé
Price: 3.45 Euro
Calories: 210kcal per 40g
Fat: 13g per 40g

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R.I.P Digga

Before I start my review, I’d like to tell you why I could not update the last few days. At first I got my new internet connection – which is great as I’ve high speed internet now – finally after lots of trouble with my provider!
Then, my dog died and I was a total mess. I loved him more than I ever imagined, and it has been a month since I moved out, I had only seen him once since then. For being 13 years old, the dog was well off and nobody would have even thought of cancer when he was brought to the animal hospital. Anyway, it came suddenly and what buggs me most is that I could not be there, that I could not see him before or after his death and that I’ll never see him again. He was an awesome dog! Rest in peace!

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