Exquisite Pistachio

Well, this one is what I should have posted before I released the white Heidelberry review… But here it is, the other one I’ve tried. It is from a store brand from Rossmann, a German grocer. Being priced about one Euro per 100g, it is priced somewhere between Milka or Ritter Sport and Lindt chocolate. I am curious whether you can taste that! There are only four or five different bars, and I started with the pistachio version (even though it is made with whole milk!) because I simply love pistachio nuts.

The chocolate is light brown and you can only see the nut nibs on its back. They seem tiny, but okay compared to the thinness of the chocolate bar. The bar itself looks nice, it hasn’t taken any damage in its paper box. It’s smell is intensely nutty! Woah! As soon as I opened the carton, the nutty aroma starts floating through the air. The scent seems a little sickly, but I am really surprised by the high amount of nuts in there (even though there are only 6% pistachios, the aroma is awesome rich!). While the top of the bar smells a little more like milk and sugar, the bottom, on which you can see the nuts, contains this awesome nuttiness.

The texture is smooth and the only bite comes from the nuts in there. The chocolate has a smooth melt, but it is not creamy like milk chocolate treats that contain cream powder. And yet, it is very viscous. I’m afraid the nuts are not too crunchy, they add a small bite, but that’s all. Between all this chocolate you can hardly tell whether they are dry or not, they really drown inside the mass of chocolate.

Well, the flavor is…average. At first I thought I get a sugar rush because this treat is _really_ sweet. Then, I sense a really intensive pistachio flavor mixed up with a large amount of milk. The pistachio soon is the strongest flavor in the mixture, and I like that even though there are not too many nuts in there, the nuts dominate the flavor. It is not that the milk chocolate and the sugar are eliminated by it, the pistachio just wins with a narrow, and certainly pleasant margin. The chocolate itself is milky, just as it is supposed to be. Personally, it is way too sweet for me, especially in combination with nuts; and therefore it turns sickly after only a few pieces.

It is nothing I’d buy again, not really good but nothing too bad as well. One can eat it, but I believe you can do better with this combination of whole milk and pistachios!

4 out of 10

Name: pistachio whole milk
Branch: Das Exquisite, Rossmann
Price: 0.99 Euro
Calories: 559kcal per 100g
Fat: 36g per 100g
Size: 100g


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