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Lindt Summer Mood vanilla-stracciatella

While I am writing there is a storm raging outside that is really heavy. I am used to rain over here, but this is way beyond what I am used to – as well as the temperatures we had last summer.

The vanilla aroma is really strong and you can sense the bitter chocolate beneath the vanilla, and even the cocoa nibs that are embedded in the vanilla part add some cocoa to the smell. It is really well done and the vanilla is kept from getting too overwhelming by the bitter chocolate.

Damn, this one is really delicious! At first I sense a bitterness from the bottom of the chocolate which mixes up with the white chocolate pretty soon; that’s where the sugar comes into the game. Also, the vanilla-flavor sets in and the mixture is really unbelievable. The vanilla flavor isn’t as intensive as the aroma is, but that is perfectly nice as the treat stays really balanced. The dark cocoa nibs add a roastiness to the treat that is totally stracciatella like and that breaks up the vanilla-flavor and occasionally take away some of the sweetness coming from the white chocolate, again.

Texture-wise the chocolate is a little boring as you cannot feel the cocoa nibs in there and the plain chocolate is chewy, while its melt is really nice and tempting. The white-yellowish vanilla part has a slightly better melt. This little difference saves the bar in my opinion; because when I think of stracciatella icecream, I think of soft milk ice filled with crunchy dark chocolate nibs; and this is the part which is missing for me.

I’d give the bar a ten, but I just cannot due to the texture which is not good enough for a 10. Also, the bar tends to turn sickly after a while, even though it is not too sugary. I think that’s the vanilla flavor in there.

9 out of 10

Name: Summer Mood vanilla-stracciatella
Branch: Lindt & Sprüngli
Price: 1.99 Euro
Calories: 552kcal per 100g
Fat: 36g per 100g


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Lindt Yoghurt-Raspberry-Vanilla chocolate

There is an enormous amount of Lindt summer chocolates this year. Either just as a finger bar, or as 100g bars. This is one of those which are just available as 40g sticks.

The white milk chocolate coating smells like a milk-vanilla mixture and reminds me of a vanilla ice-cream. The taste is rather sweet and very milky, just as a good white chocolate should taste, while the raspberry filling is really sour and fresh. The sourest parts are the pieces of raspberry inside the filling. Without the coating they are really sour; combined with the coating they take away some of the sweetness and blend in really well. They are colored dark pink while the rest is lighter. The raspberry taste is testable all the time throughout the bar, and so is the vanilla, though the vanilla is rather an omnipresent pleasant by-taste. Just the right amount for this bar to not take away the freshness.

Even without putting it into the fridge the coating is rather solid, but still melts easily and becomes really creamy inside your mouth. Further, the filling is very crumbly at room temperature, I don’t really want to know what happens to the texture if you put the treat into the fridge as advised.. I won’t try that because I don’t like cold chocolate as all the aromas and flavors get lost when it is cold, or at least they lose a lot of their intensity.
But maybe this bar becomes even fresher, even if it lacks in flavors when you eat it directly out of the fridge.

It is autumn now, but I still like eating all those fruity & fresh summer chocolate bars!

8 out of 10

Name: Yoghurt-Raspberry-Vanilla chocolate
Branch: Lindt & Spruengli
Price: 1.95 Euro per 100g bar, 0.95 Euro per 40g par
Calories: 547kcal per 100g
Fat: 34g per 100g

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Lindt Color of Seasons Forestberry vanilla

I am not sure which season this represents. Maybe winter? The package is blue,  and I don’t really get the symbol on the front.
On the outside the chocolate looks exactly the same as the other  versions. Nutrition wise this chocolate is with 40g of fat per 100g and 577kcal a monster. But usually I made the experience that Lindt chocolate is worth their calories!

But even though the bunks are completely covered with chocolate, a fruity, berry aroma fills the air as soon as you open the silver foil that wrappes the chocolate inside the paper-box. You can even scent a glimpse of vanilla. The fresh smell is great on the outside, but it is astonishing for a chocolate on the inside.

The filling consists of two layers: the bottom is a light-colored vanilla crème and the top is a pinkish yoghurt filling with dark- and light-pink embedded fruit. Sometimes the raspberry or strawberry pieces are mixed up with the vanilla crème as well.

The chocolate itself is as creamy and smooth as usual, and the filling is somehow different from what I expected. The fruity part is just like the aroma: fresh and fruity. The pieces of fruit add a small change to the texture, but they are softer than dried fruit most of the time. Still, the fruit remains chewy compared to the rest of the bar.
The vanilla is really soft and strong in flavor. And it tastes really good, compared to cheaper products containing vanilla. Even though I am not a huge fan of it, I cannot deny that I like it! Well, it takes away a little bit of the freshness the fruit provides, but overall, the flavors are really balanced.

I really enjoyed this treat of chocolate. It is fresher and more delicious than the nut bar I tried not too long ago!

8 out of 10

Name: forstberry vanilla
Branch: Lindt & Spruengli
Price: 1.95 Euro
Calories: 577kcal per 100g
Fat: 40g per 100g

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Rittersport Bourbon Vanilla

I bought those three spring edition Ritter Sport versions, but I haven’t been too keen on trying them yet because my favorite of them consist of apline milk chocolate which I consider to be sickly most of the time. But especially one with a plain milk chocolate coating was the one I was least kean on, the bourbon vanilla. Why? Often cheap chocolate does not contain a good vanilla flavor. And even though I know Ritter Sport usually does a really decent job, I still cannot believe the “original bourbon vanilla” they use will be too good. Of course, you can use real ingredients, but the amount you use is another thing. But I thought I should start with my least favorite.

You can smell the scent of vanilla when you open the wrapper. For being only a crème filling inside of the coating, the scent is really intensive, but also mixed up with the sweet smell of chocolate. The inside looks rather beige than vanilla like. I find it a little too dark to be really good vanilla. And there are too less black spots in it. It looks nice as you can see in the picture, but just not vanilla-like. Even the smell is rather too sweet to be true.

From what I read about this chocolate so far, I didn’t expect it to be the best Ritter Sport version, and I guessed right: The chocolate coating is as good as always from Ritter, but the filling is questionable: In the beginning you taste the vanilla crème as intensive as you can smell it, but it soon wears off. What stays is a sickly sweet taste of… well, some mix of this milk-crème and the milk chocolate, but it is nothing I would put into the vanilla corner. The texture is rather smooth, easily melting chocolate with a firm cream-like filling, which is somewhere in the middle of a truffle and a ganache filling. Not really exiting, but still alright!

I’m glad I already read some reviews saying that this is an under average version of Ritter Sport, so I wasn’t too disappointed. Still, I would have liked a better vanilla version. Maybe Ritter Sport gets that this is not their best version of chocolate on the market and they work on it… At least I hope they will produce a better vanilla version someday!
(Don’t forget to check out Candyblog and Jimmy’s chocolate mission !)

5 out of 10

Name: Bourbon vanilla
Branch: Ritter Sport
Price: 0.85 Euro per 100g bar
Calories: 578kcal per 100g, 145kcal per four container

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Nestlé Walnut Whip

I did not have any clue what that was. I knew it was some kind of chocolate mountain topped with a walnut, and with a vanilla flavored fondant cream centre, but hey, what does that tell me as long as I’ve never seen/eaten anything alike?

Even though you do not see any vanilla, you smell a scent of it after opening the shiny blue foil.

The Whip is not filled to the top with vanilla, but as it is really sickly sweet, this is rather good than bad. So, yeah, the cream is sickly, though it contains a sour edge. That’s probably the tartaric acid mentioned on the ingredient list. I put some cream on the walnut and this combination is just awesome! The bitterness of the almond is taken away and it leaves some kind of ‘wow’-effect behind. I am not sure how to eat this thing: Should I eat the vanilla cream and the chocolate simultaneously, or is it meant to be eaten each on its own? I go for a mix of both ways.

The chocolate “layer” is 3mm thick and the ground even thicker, but it is not really rich of chocolate. One can sense the milk better than the chocolate and the ingredients show that sugar is the main component of the layer. Combined with the sickly vanilla fondant, it’s really too much! I am glad I don’t get a toothache.

All in all I think it’s a nice and unique idea, but I would rather go for something different. What about a dark chocolate version?

5 out of 10

Name: Walnut Whip Vanilla
Branch: Nestlé
Price: 0.69 Euro
Calories: 174kcal per whip, 495kcal per 100g

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Cornetto Enigma vanilla

My mother and I stopped at a gas station near the Autobahn today and I went into the shop. If I had enough money with me, I would have bought the entire shop. They had several chocolate bars I wanted to try, but have never found up to now. Well, I just got myself a white Lion and some ice-cream. I took two different versions of Cornetto, as I’ve never heard of the new Enigma one (and it hasn’t been on their homepage yet), and I wanted my old favorite flavor as well.
This ice consists of vanilla ice cream, a liquid chocolate filling and almonds. All this is served in a typical ice-cream cone.

The almonds taste really nutty and great. Good start. They make a good mix with the vanilla ice-cream and the solid chocolate pieces on the top. The vanilla ice-cream seems to be very good quality as it tastes not artificial at all. The ingredient list says that there actually is vanilla in it. You know, that’s not mandatory.

The chocolate filling that comes after you have made it through the top is breathtaking! I worried about that part as I am not a fan of liquid chocolate but the filling is really rich of chocolate and creamy. It blends perfectly with the vanilla ice-cream and is not too liquid. Every now and then there is an almond adding a little crunch to the ice-cream.

The waffle is like any other Cornetto cone: hard and crunchy with a thin layer of chocolate on the inside, and some more chocolate at the bottom. This is definitely the best part of the ice.

8 out of 10


Name: Cornetto Enigma Vanille
Branch: Langnese
Price: 1.50 Euro at a gas station
Calories: 240kcal per serving, 320kcal per 100g

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