December 4th ~ walnut-marzipan tower

There isn’t too much I can say about this fabulous marzipan chocolate. A thin smooth milk chocolate coating, filled with something I’ve never tried before, just because I feared the alcohol in combination with the walnuts and the marzipan. But against my expectations, they go perfectly well with each other.

This tiny tower looks just like there is nothing special in it, don’t you think so?


Seldom I’ve seen such a plain thing with such a huge surprise inside. The marzipan is a little sweet, but the alcohol adds a decent edge to this treat, and the walnut which is on top of the chocolate (under the coating), adds a shade of bitterness to this treat; and of course some bite as well. The texture could be a little more solid, but the marzipan is very juicy and as a whole I really enjoyed it!

After that nougat-disappointment this is very good and makes up for everything! More like this! Doesn’t it look absolutely amazing?


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    These sound absolutely fantastic. Thanks for sharing the recipe. Have a great weekend!

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