December 3rd ~ Nougat Nut

Friday is my personal favorite day of the week… Finding a nougat-praline in my calendar on a Friday seems more like a Friday 13th… Actually, I do not believe in things like this, but I had a really awkward chain of events on a Friday 13th, so, who knows?

As I told you, today I’m dealing with a nougat praline… And what’s the chocolate filling I dislike most except for liquorice? Yeah, you’re right, nougat. I hate this sickening nutty-sweetness in a sweet whole milk chocolate…. Then again, let’s try it before judging…

The rather thick chocolate shell is very light and smells milky, and of course you can smell the nougat on the outer parts as well. On the inside there is this familiar nutty smell, but the smooth mass does not have too much nut in it.

It is not only the smell, but also the taste that differs from the common nougat treat. It is just as sweet as usual, but it definitely lacks nut. This thing here is just sweet! Sugar and lots of sugar combined in a crème that makes your teeth hurt.

Well, I actually do not miss this intensive nut aroma I’ve expected to be there, but it just misses in this treat. Nougat is called like that because of its nutty aroma, not due to it’s amount of sugar (which is there anyway…).

All in all, I just cannot rate this thing really high. This has nothing to do with me disliking nougat, this chocolate simply is a sugar-treat… Bummer!

5 out of 10


ps.: From tomorrow on there will be regular reviews as well again 🙂


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