December 1st ~ mousse au chocolat

Finally, I’m back! I’ve been waiting for December first for a long time now; specifically since the day I decided to start anew today, with new enthusiasm and a good system to blog even when I get very busy studying. Studying medicine is not as easy as I expected it to be, there are some downsides even though it is what I always wanted to do. The time I need to spend on studying and practicing is really a lot. But: I found a way!

So, as you may open the first door of your Advent Calendar today, I decided to start with the coverage of my awesome Niederegger calendar I got from my mother. Unfortunately, I cannot give you really high quality pictures now, as it is dark outside and my lights are not made for taking photos. Anyways…

Today I found a “mousse au chocolat” marzipan dessert pastry. It consists of a thin milk chocolate layer, filled with a layer of mousse au chocolate embedded in a lot of marzipan. The marzipan provides a nice scent of nut, mixing up with a faint note of chocolate. It is not too sweet, but it certainly differs from Niederegger’s classic marzipan.

The mousse au chocolate, well, it is rather sticky than mousse-like, but the taste is really pleasant and a lot like a typical mousse au chocolate.
The mixture of a smooth filling embedded in marzipan reminds me of the nougat-marzipan combination lots of people love and enjoy. I think this one is a worthy rival!

7 out of 10


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