Cadbury Wunderbar

This is one of the two only Cadbury bars available in Germany. The wrapper tells me that it’s made in Toronto, so this bar comes from Canada. The foil is yellow, with a thick blue “Wunderbar” on it and of course the small reminder that it’s from Cadbury. Nothing really spectacular. With 54g it is a comparably heavy chocolate bar, at least in Germany.  Anyway, does this bar have an English name as well? Oh, by the way, ‘wunderbar’ means as much as ‘amazing’. So, let’s see whether the bar lives up to its name!

Some say this bar is the twin of the starbar, but having eating the starbar as well, I can say that they look really alike, but they difinitely taste different. Maybe because of their different production places, as the ingredients are said to be alike.

The texture is varying a little, which is provided by the different ingredients: The bar consists of a milk chocolate layer filled with an inner caramel sub-layer. The center is made of a lot of peanut butter and pieces of nuts.Besides, there are some small rice flakes in there as well, but you hardly realize them among the nuts. So on the one hand, the bar is smooth, and on the other, it also contains a crunchy and chewy experience.

I start to eat it from the middle of the bar, and the first thing I taste is the salty peanut butter and the peanuts. It is awesome that you can taste the flavor of the peanut-pieces even though they are not too huge and all covered in peanut butter. The filling also prevents the bar from getting sickly, as the rest of it is really sweet: The milk chocolate is the typical Cadbury product, and the caramel, which makes 31% of the bar (I did not realize it was that much!), is too sweet to be true as well. Fortunately, you eat the bar as a whole and not the coating on its own, so you get a great mixture of saltiness and sweetness.
Even though the peanut butter is the dominant flavor in here, you can still distinguish the ingredients very well, which for me is really a pro. I like to taste the flavors changing and varying a little while I chew the bar.

All in all, this chocolate-peanut bar is really delicious, but the bar is nothing for me to get addicted. There are some bars on the market that make you want to eat another one, but I’d be alright with one bar every now and then; not because it gets sickly, but because it simply satisfies you.

What really bugs me is that there is less cocoa butter than rice flakes in there… The chocolate coating is alright, but the thought of it is not really what I appreciate about a chocolate bar.
But it is nice to have a least one good peanut butter bar available in Germany!

7 out of 10

Name: Wunderbar
Branch: Cadbury
Price: 0.69 Euro
Calories: 274kcal per bar, 507kcal per 100g
Fat: 16g per bar, 29.7g per 100g


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  1. 1

    Doublesided said,

    Hmmm don’t think there is anything similar in the UK.

  2. 2

    this is one of my favorite chocolate bars. we have them in Canada.

  3. 3

    figgles said,

    Actually, the bar is sold in the UK, but under the name “Starbar”

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