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Lindt Cresta

It took me quite some time to buy this chocolate bar, simply because I wasn’t too sure of the composition: Alpine whole milk chocolate filled with almond brittle on a praline mousse. Praline mousses are often made of hazelnuts and I thought in combination with the crispy almond brittle this would not be the best combination. Then, after searching for a crunchy chocolate treat these days, I went for it.

On the outside the bar looks just like all the other flat Lindt chocolates: 12 milk chocolate container, each coming with an imprinted “Lindt” writing. I needed to get used to its smell which mainly consists of the sweet milk chocolate aroma; mixed up with a nougat-like scent probably coming from the mousse. The almonds are not too intensive here, but I can see some rests of pieces in the brittle. The crème has a slightly lighter shape than the chocolate and the brittle is bronish-golden; I really enjoy its inside looks.

As a whole, the texture is beyond amazing! Why, you ask? We have a crunchy brittle that provides a nice chew, while the chocolate has an amazing melt though not being too smooth before hitting the mouth; and the mousse? The mousse is the soft part of the treat. Mixed up, this is a perfect combination for a well done chocolate treat.

Now, let’s turn to the most important part, the taste: I am totally positively surprised by the chocolate. The milk chocolate itself is typical Lindt quality: Sweet but not too sickly, rich of milk but not too rich of cocoa. The praline filling seems similar to nutella to me, a nougat-like, rich of hazelnuts crème which is not too sweet to my surprise! And the brittle? Here we have an outstanding production of almonds, really! Almonds are by far not my favorite nuts, but this brittle made from almonds is really good, even though a little sweet, but that comes usually with brittle, as there is a lot of sugar in it.

9.0 out of 10

Name: Cresta
Branch: Lindt & Sprüngli
Price: 1.99 Euro
Calories: 537kcal per 100g
Fat: 31g per 100g
Size: 100g


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Snickers Dark

As I am a huge fan of Snickers, I was really keen on this bar. I really like trying it in combination with my favorite type of chocolate: Dark chocolate.

The taste of the bar is fabulous: The bitter chocolate goes perfectly with the sweet nougat-caramel-nut filling. I don’t miss the sickly milk chocolate coating from the original snickers, to be honest, I’d take this bar over the original. It has a mild, not too bitter taste and does a great job in preventing the bar from turning sickly!

The nougat filling is rather crumbly, but still chewy. I find it a little too sweet, but in combination with the rest it is tasty. It comes with some minced peanuts that add a slight crunch and a richer taste to the nougat. Well done. The caramel is rather solid than liquid and it contains the larger pieces of peanuts. Basically, I sense the typical sweet toffee flavor in it, plus the really rich taste of the nuts in there.

So, all in all you get a really well done bar flavor-wise as well as texture-wise. I really enjoyed eating this bar covered in semi-sweet chocolate. All those popular bars should have a dark version omnipresent on the market, and please in Germany as well (yeah, dream on, most people tend to prefer milk chocolate, I suppose….) . I think those dark chocolate bars have a very balanced amount of sweetness and bitterness, it is something everyone should give a try!

8 out of 10

Name: Snickers Dark
Branch: Mars
Price: 0.55 Euro
Calories: 240kcal per bar
Fat: 12g per bar

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J.D.Gross Ecuador 70% caramel

Yeah, I know this chocolate does not look as if it was really delicious or so. It does not look well-produced with all the bruises either. Still, looks can be deceiving, right? The smell gives a totally different impression. Dark and bitter chocolate, rich of cocoa and really tart is the dominating smell coming from the chocolate treat. If you get closer, you can sense the pieces of caramel in there as well; they make a nice sweet addition to the bar. They do not smell as high quality as the chocolate itself, but the mixture is nice!

The texture is crispy and crunchy. The chocolate is solid, but for a 70% cocoa chocolate its melt is still really good, though not creamy, which I totally enjoy. Of course it is rather chewy than soft and the caramel adds an extra crunch to the bar. The pieces are crispy and come in different sizes (yet they are all tiny) and do not fill all the available space.

The taste does not go along with its looks either. At first I am impressed by its mildness combined with the richness of cocoa. Before you get to the brittle-like caramel filling, the dominating flavor is acerb and bitter; but as soon as it mixes up with the crunchy caramel, there is a nice sweetness coming into the taste, taking away the bitterness while leaving the richness of cocoa within the flavor.

Yes, I definitely liked this treat. I bought it in a discounter and thought about it as “average”, but I liked the thought of caramel in combination with bitter chocolate. I know most of the discounter products are B-products coming from huge and expensive companies, and yet most of the cheaper products won’t be able to keep up with their twins. However, this chocolate is a nice example that cheap chocolate can be really delicious and enjoyable.

7 out of 10

Name: Ecuador Caramel
Branch: Chocoladen Manufactur GmbH; J.D.Gross
Price: 0.99 Euro
Calories: 517kcal per 100g
Fat: 37.1g per 100g
Size: 125g

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Mars almond

I have to admit I’m not a huge fan of the original German version of the Mars bar. For me, it is simply too sickly, lacks a nice texture and is boring. The milk chocolate coating isn’t too good and the candy crème (why do they call it nougat in English?) is nothing outstanding either. To be honest, the chocolate is almost below average, but you can eat it; at least it is milky.

As I like almonds, I thought I’d give this version a try when I saw it at a local gas station single packaged. I did not want to buy an entire sixpack of a bar I usually don’t like that much.

My first thought when I smelled the bar was: Dog goodies. This bar really reminds me of the ‘chocolate’ drops I give my dog when practicing. He loves them, but I am not too fond of them.

A glance on the inside of this bar lightens my mood: Really huge almonds embedded in the candy crème – this will be quite a change to the original version, and I am really glad because of that! The inside smells a lot like a caramel-candy-crème mix-up. The almonds are less intensive aromawise, but that’s totally alright.

This bar totally differs from the original version: The chewy, crunchy nut-experience is amazingly combined with the smoothness of the caramel, the crème and the milk chocolate. There are big and small nuts, some little parts do not contain any nuts, I like the divertion!

The overall taste is really (!) nutty and you can taste the almonds very well. They are juice and have a quite decent quality. Further, the salty flavor coming from the nuts alternates with the sweet candy and chocolate taste, which is really tasty. The chocolate coating isn’t really better than in the original version, still the combination is _way_ better.

I have to admit, this bar really surprised me – in a positive way. They still can work on their chocolate and improve their ingredients-quality, but I am almost certain that this won’t happen. But if you’re a fan of almonds, you need to try it!

7 out of 10

Name: Mars Almond
Branch: Mars
Price: 0.59 Euro
Calories: 245kcal per bar, 501kcal per 100g
Fat: 12.9g per bar, 26.4per 100g

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Snickers maximus

I sense nut as soon as I open the wrapper. The scent of the bar contains a lot of nutty aroma, even on the outside. After tearing it into two halves, you can even divide the smell into nut and caramel aroma, but the peanuts are dominating. It comes without the peanut nougat crème and contains peanuts and caramel instead.

The texture is solid on the one hand, but the caramel adds some creaminess to the bar. The caramel is not too smooth and still chewy; it just goes well with all the peanuts, and as well do make a good contrast. While chewing, all the ingredients mix up perfectly. Sometimes the nuts like to stick to your teeth, but you can get rid of them easily. The bar is chewier than the original snickers version. I don’t miss the creamy peanut nougat mass at all.

The overall taste of the bar is sweet, even though there is a salty bytaste coming from the lots of nuts embedded in the smooth caramel. The milk chocolate coating is the sweetest component of the snickers bar, while the caramel is well balanced in taste and the nuts are the saltiest.

I definitely prefer this bar to the original snickers version. Chewier and nuttier, a little saltier and all in all more delicious!


Oh, and pretty good looking as well, don’t you think?

7.5 out of 10

Name: Snickers Maximus
Branch: Masterfoods
Price: 0.95 Euro
Size: 52.5g
Calories: 511kcel per 100g
Fat: 28.9g per 100g

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Lily O’Briens Sticky Toffee

The small bar smells really rich of chocolate, somehow similar to the other Irish bar I ate a while ago, the Butler’s chocolate treat. I sense a glimpse of vanilla in the chocolate, not strong, but it certainly is among the milk aroma. You can even slightly smell the toffee caramel inside the bar.

The chocolate coating is really rich of milk. Milk is and remains the dominant flavor, even when the caramel toffee gets to you. This is not a bad thing, as the chocolate is really awesome! The vanilla is not really intensive, but it’s alright to have this little bytaste of vanilla in there.
 No vegetable fat and no butter fat are used in the chocolate production and you can really taste that they only use cocoa butter, which is awesome! This is what I call a good chocolate, even if it’s a really milky one!

I find the caramel filling kind of unique. It does not taste like actual caramel I am familiar with. It is sweet but not sickly and it does not have this sugary bytaste. Maybe the coconut oil which is used in the caramel is responsible for that bytaste which I really enjoy.

The texture is awesome! I really enjoyed the firm chocolate combined with the mid-liquid toffee filling. It crunches a little when you bite off a piece of the bar, and then you can let the creamy milk chocolate melt inside your mouth. After a while it mixes up with the smooth caramel filling which is neither too liquid nor too solid as a filling. It simply has the perfect texture for a filling.

The way they embedded the toffee is really great as well: The coating is thicker on both sites, but on the top and at the bottom, there is only a small layer of chocolate, to let the caramel come through sooner.

On the outer wrapper Lily O´Briens claim that their chocolate is “created with passion”, and I’d definitely sign that.

9 out of 10!

Name: Sticky Toffee
Branch: Lily O’Briens
Price: ???
Calories:500kcal per 100g, 175kcal per bar (35g)
Fat: 25.0g per 100g, 8.8g per bar

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Nestlé Munchies

Munchies are little thumbnail sized chocolate treats filled with liquid caramel and a (so to call) crunchy cookie. They come wrapped two times: a red paper with the name and the ingredients on it, and a second layer consisting of a dim golden foil.

The mid-thick milk chocolate coating gets thicker at the bottom, and it is just the right amount of chocolate this way. It is not too sweet but still a typical UK chocolate.

The caramel filling is sweet and sticky, but it lacks the real caramel flavor. I am slightly disappointed because I expected it to be different.

The “crispy” ball inside the caramel comes in different sizes and shapes. Sometimes it is placed in the middle and sometimes on one side of the chocolate. The biscuit is rather smooth than crispy, which I think is a pity as I’d really like some more crisp in it. I like it crunchy when there is a biscuit, otherwise, you could leave it out. What is the sense in putting a smooth cookie in a chocolate? The flavor is usually much less intensive than the chocolate, so you hardly notice it. So, it is the crunch that makes a cookie inside a chocolate worth eating. Further, it would have made a great contrast to the liquid caramel..Would have!

Though, he mixture tastes alright, all the components go well with each other. At first there is a strong milk chocolate taste soon mixing up with the caramel. The choco-cookie like flavor is the last that reveals itself and completes the chocolate. The chocolate definitely dominates the overall flavor, accompanied by the sweet taste of sugar from the caramel.

This is eatable and I think some people actually like it, especially if you’re into chocolate filled with a liquid sugary crème.

6 out of 10

Name: Munchies
Branch: Nestlé
Price: 1.09 Euro
Calories: 486kcal per 100g, 266kcal per tube

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