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Wonka exceptional chocolate waterfall bar

So, this is the last one of the three exceptional re-makes I’ve tried, even though I haven’t posted the other reviews yet. I’ll start out with that version just because I found those photos at first. It is called a “delectable combination of swirled milk & white chocolate” and this is exactly the way it looks: Like a milk chocolate bar mixed up with swirled lines of white chocolate. Even though the variation of colors, I still prefer the shape of the Scrumdiddlyumtious bar, especially with the huge “W” in the middle.  This bar has several W’s on it, but basically the chocolate is evenly divided into ten squares. 

The bar’s aroma is really milky, but it is the smell of the milk chocolate that dominates it.

The first thing I realize is its enormous sweetness, just like the Scummy chocolate treat. Instead of nuts, cookies and caramel, the sweetness is followed by a milky and occasionally a cocoa-like flavor. Compared to a German milka white-milk chocolate version, I like it that the flavors of both, the white and the milk chocolate mix up in here really well and that they are really combined. The German equivalent cannot keep up with that at all, as you can break apart the different flavors, plus they have a different melting level and therefore the flavors do not really mix up. That’s really well done.
Though I have to say that there is way too much sugar in there. The sweetness is overwhelming, but I guess that’s just typical for milky Nestlé chocolate!

Its texture is smooth but not too creamy, one can feel that it contains a lot of milk, but it is not too fatty. Still, the melting effect is rather good! But if you’re prefer chewing your chocolate, you will notice that it lacks some real bite.

All in all, a very balanced bar. I’m not sure if it’s worth the money for me; and even though I’d prefer it over some German similar bars, I don’t think I’d go for it again. So, if I had to choose one of the Wonka exceptional, I’d go for the one with the creepiest name: The Scrumdiddlyumtious one – but you’ll read about that one later 😉

7 out of 10

Name: Wonka exceptional chocolate waterfall bar
Branch: Nestlé
Price: 3.45 Euro
Calories: 210kcal per 40g
Fat: 13g per 40g


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