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Nestlé Smarties

I guess I don’t need to tell you what Nestlé’s Smarties look like, right? Thumbnail sized flat and round shaped milk chocolate, covered with a colored sugarcoating. They come in eight different colors and each of the colors has its own slightly different flavored coating. The chocolate inside is the same all the time.

Yeah, the coatings taste different. Some people claim they don’t, but they actually to. Yellow is the least sweet version, the orange one has a glimpse of citrus as well, but it tastes rather like an orange. The green one does not contain any citrus like taste at all, and so do the other colors. For me, the brown one does really go well with the chocolate, even though I cannot make out a specific flavor. The red and pink ones taste really “fruity” compared to the others and I find them kind of fresh. The blue ones are my favorite. They have an acerb bytaste what comes in nice in connection with the sweet chocolate filling.
The coating is crispy and crunches when you chew it. At the same time, you can let it melt away in your mouth away, do it just as you prefer it! Sometimes I break the coating and eat the chocolate first, or I leave the treat in my mouth until the sugarcoating is melted away and I feel the melting of the smooth milk chocolate. 

The milk chocolate is, as I already stated, smooth and melts really easily. It is rather sweet and unfortunately not really rich of cocoa.

They are not artificially colored anymore and in comparison to past versions, their color is a little lighter. A bummer I do not have any old pictures of them, but I remember me being taken by surprise when I saw the ‘new’ versions after a while.

6.5 out of 10

Name: Smarties
Branch: Nestlé
Price: 1.59 Euro
Size: 200g
Calories: 460kcel per 100g
Fat: 18g per 100g


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Smarties Ratteling-Fun

This is another package I found after the Easter holidays half priced. Because I’ve always liked smarties as a child, I needed to go for them. These are three different animal chocolate figures filled with mini smarties. There is a bunny, a dug and a sheep in the package and each of them weights only 22,5g. They are cool for kids as they are shaped very child-friendly and they make some great noise (perfect to annoy your parents!).

I was rather looking forward to getting the smarties than the chocolate figure itself. When I tore it apart and emptied it, I realized that there are only seven mini smarties in it. Well, that’s a failure. Makes 21 smarties in the entire package, there are even more in a tiny snack pack of mini smarties. Okay, I decided to go for the chocolate first. Maybe it is worth eating anyway, even without the smarties. The sheep on it looks funny, so it might be funny to eat it as well.

Well, the chocolate…no, it is not my favorite one. It is creamy but sickly and you can taste that the main ingredient here is sugar. For the price it is way too far away from anything you could call quality. Almost every 0.50 Euro chocolate bar can beat this sheep here, I am absolutely certain! I am really disappointed by it and those seven little smarties cannot really light up my mood as they are gone before I realized I started to eat smarties. I guess the big bunny is better in production, at least for the filling, but I am not sure about that.
I definitely won’t buy them again and I am glad I only paid half the price for them after Easter was over. Nestlé, stick to producing other things than plain chocolate! German Nestlé super-failure!

3.5 out of 10

Name: Smarties Klapper-Spass
Branch: Nestlé
Price: 1.99 Euro
Calories: 121kcal per serving, 538kcal per 100g
Fat:  7.1g per serving, 31.4g per 100g

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