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Kitkat Chunky Peanut Butter

I am a huge fan of chocolate bars filled with peanut butter, and after I heard of the “new” Kitkat chunky peanut butter bar, I’ve been to the gas station some time away from my home just to get it. This bar was “new” in Germany, everywhere else it was discontinued earlier – and in Germany it did not have any chance as well: Soon after it came out, it wasn’t available anymore. For me it was a bummer as peanut butter flavored chocolate bars are totally rare around Germany.

When I opened the foil, I smelled the salty peanut butter, but it is different than for example hershey’s peanut butter. It is a lot saltier and I miss the sweet mixture I am used to in case of those kind of bars. But this seemed just to fit for the smell…

The milk chocolate coating is really greasy and I cannot say anything about its smell, as it is overshadowed by the scent of peanut. The coating is really thick and makes more than 60% of the bar. Despite of being greasy, the chocolate is really tasty. The ends of the bar contain really a lot of plain milk chocolate, which is creamy, sweet and milky.

The inner self of the bar looks like a usual chunky: three layers of wafers, divided by two small layers of a sweet peanut crème. The wafers are topped by a thick stripe of peanut butter.

Let’s get to the taste… Well, I was kind of surprised. I know you cannot compare this milk chocolate coating to any real confectionary chocolate, and it is a little unfair to have eaten some right before trying the bar. Still, the chocolate is awkward! This is one of the worst Kitkat coatings I’ve ever eaten! Total Nestle failure! After I’ve tried the chocolate, I got the reason why the demand was that low; every other KitKat chunky comes with better chocolate!
Still, the taste of the center is a really good mixture of nutty, salty peanut butter, cocoa, and the wafer layers. But compared to Hershey products, this one is a real failure, as it is plainly sweet most of the time; the absolute opposite of what I thought after I first smelled the peanut butter. The little amount of salt coming from the peanut butter filling cannot make up for the entire bar. 

The texture is a little too smooth for a kitkat. Since Nestlé replaced the old version of KitKat with the crunchier ones, this chunky seems to be the odd one out. Especially with the peanut butter it gets rather soft while chewing it and mixes up really well. 

So, all in all I expected more of it. Even the white Chunky I did not like too much was better! There’s a chance I’d still go for it if it was available in Germany, just to get the peanut buttery taste every now and then, but I’d rather order some better products from the US instead of buying this…under-average Nestlé product… Sorry guys… I really got why you threw it out of your production line and why no one wanted to buy this thingy…Way too sickly and simply a no-go.

3 out of 10

Name: KitKatChunky Peanut Butter
Branch: Nestle
Price: 1.09 Euro
Size: 50g
Calories: 269kcal per bar
Fat: 15.8g per bar


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