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Reese’s FastBreak

Personally, I don’t really like the looks of this bar on the wrapper. It seems rather as if there was a lot of nougat compared to the peanut butter inside, instead of being square. But reality is totally different: The almost pyramid-like bar has an about four mm high bottom layer of nougat, topped with a thumbnail thick stripe of peanut butter. There is a small layer of a darker nougat version, which almost looks like the milk chocolate color-wise.

The coating gets greasy as soon as the cold of the fridge wears off; even though it isn’t anywhere near hot today. But I like it melting inside my mouth, releasing a sweet but milky chocolate taste. The peanut butter is salty as always and provides a nice amount of peanuty-taste. As usual, it dominates the taste of the entire bar; and it is really delicioud! But other than the intensive peanut butter, the light nougat on the bottom does not have a strong own flavor, especially no nutty flavor. And also the darker version that is surrounding the peanut butter on the sides and the top is not really nutty, but rather milky. Still, that’s something I don’t really mind as the nutty taste coming from the peanut butter is strong enough.

Four different kinds of texture combined in one bar; simply amazing! What do we have? Smooth and easy melting milk chocolate as a coating. Then there is the soft peanut butter and too different types of nougat: The texture of the nougat is more solid than the peanut butter, really chewy; and the dark version makes the chewiest part of the bar. Really awesome, I love it!

My final note is simply: wow (and this is not what I usually say about chocolate bars!)! I’d recommend this bar to everyone who likes peanut butter as much as I do. I really enjoyed the bar and I think this is one of the better Reese’s products. I want one…now 😦

8.5 out of 10

Name: Fast Break
Branch: Hershey’s
Price: 1.05 Euro
Calories: 260kcal per bar
Fat: 12g per bar


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M&M’s peanut butter

First thing I noticed on this bag was a note at the top left: Real peanut butter. Why does the bag say that the treat is with ‘real peanut butter’ ? Is there some fake one out there? Does anyone know more than I do?

Their size is a little taller than usual m&m’s. They are even taller than the peanut filled ones, but flatter, shaped rather like the chocolate ones. They come with three different layers: At first we have the colored sugarcoating, thin and crispy. Then there is an about three millimeters thick milk chocolate coating followed by a peanut butter center.

The coating is basically sweet. They use different artificial colors for it and the colors all taste slightly different. I’m not sure why, but I always find the warmer colors (yellow, orange, red…) fruitier than the colder ones. Unfortunately, I do not have any green ones in my bag =(

The milk chocolate layer definitely is typical m&m style. It is rich of chocolate, creamy and milky and contains a balanced amount of sugar. Now let’s turn to the best part: The peanut butter used for the center is rather smooth texture wise; not as crumbly as usual peanut butter. I’m reminded of caramel somehow. The taste is really salty. Compared to Reese’s products I miss a little sweetness when I eat it separated from the rest of the m&m. Still, mixed up with the coating and the milk chocolate, the overall taste is really balanced: The sweetness and the salty taste are almost even and the dominating flavor changes all the time. I really enjoyed this bag of m&m’s, one of the best I’ve ever had (just because I am totally into peanut butter xD)

8 out of 10

Name: M&M’s peanut butter
Branch: Mars
Calories: 240 kcal per bag
Fat: 14g per bag

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Reese’s Dark Peanut butter cups

When I saw THIS recently, I immediately thought of the dark Reese’s Cup I’ve tried a while ago. It is not too easy getting Reese’s products in Germany, and I ordered it from the US in spring. I love the smell of salty peanut butter, especially the peanut butter made by Hershey’s. And in combination with my favorite type of chocolate, I cannot help but to look forward to trying this chocolate treat. I did not really like the white version, but I was very fond of the original peanut butter cup, so I was curious about this dark edition.

The aroma-mixture of the semi-sweet chocolate and the sweet’n’salty peanut butter is just awesome. It does not smell as sweet as the usual peanut butter cups, one can sense that the chocolate is actually rich of cocoa, and on the inside the peanut butter dominates the aroma. Nice and tempting.

At first there is this (for an Hershey product) really rich semisweet chocolate coating. I’ve never tasted such a well done dark chocolate in an American mass-produced bar before. It is not too bitter though and contains a little more sugar than we would do in Germany, but it is tasty, I really enjoy this chocolate!

It does not take too long until the chocolate mixes up with the salty Reese’s peanut butter I am so fond of.  I did not need too long for me to totally fall for this treat.

The texture of the cup is a little more solid than the other versions, especially the middle of the round cup. The chocolate is smooth but does not melt as easily, what I really prefer, because I remember the milk chocolate version melting away before it was in my mouth. It still is pretty soft for a dark chocolate. The peanut butter is soft and smooth, but is still leaves a slightly raw feeling on your tongue, which I found very nice.


8 out of 10

Name: Reese’s Dark Peanut butter cups
Branch: Hershey’s
Price: 1.05 Euro
Calories: 210kcal per serving
Fat: 14g per serving

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Twix Peanut butter

I knew it was a bit risky to order chocolate from the UK at the beginning of June, and I also knew that we had the first really hot days of the year to come by the time I ordered a huge package of chocolate, but I just needed to get hold of those Wonka bars; and because there were several other American bars available, I took my chance and ordered a lot of peanut butter treats, one of them is the Twix PB bar.

It did not really survive the journey too well. The two fingers stuck together, the coating was greasy and sticky, I could see the white cocoa butter. Still, the aroma remained amazing: Even though the shiny red-golden wrapper was still locked up, I could smell an intensive peanut butter aroma coming from in there.

Except for the greasy coating it looks different from all the Twix bars I’ve seen. The top is way smoother; I miss the “waves” in the coating. The cookie inside the bar is dark and I find it really cool-looking in contrast to the mid-brown milk chocolate coating and the peanut butter layer which covers the cookie.

I am surprised by the taste. Actually, I don’t think it has too much in common with the original Twix. We have a nice sweet milk chocolate, not too rich but milky. It is too thin to get sickly; as soon as you taste it, you taste the salty peanut butter as well. It is saltier than the Reese’s peanut butter, but unfortunately very dry. The dark cookie seems similar to those Oreo cookies, again, drier than the cookie in the original Twix. It is just the smooth milk chocolate layer that keeps the treat from getting more and more inside your mouth. Plus, it totally lacks crunchiness. I miss the crunchy but juicy experience when the cookie usually mixes up with the caramel layer.

All in all, I was a little disappointed, yes. But not because it is a bad treat, just because I expected it to be better. I’ve always liked Twix as a child, it had been my favorite bar for years and this dry and slacky texture really bugs me.

5.5 out of 10

Name: Twix PB
Branch: mars
Price: 0.95 Euro
Calories: 250kcal per package
Fat: 15g per package

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Kitkat Chunky Peanut Butter

I am a huge fan of chocolate bars filled with peanut butter, and after I heard of the “new” Kitkat chunky peanut butter bar, I’ve been to the gas station some time away from my home just to get it. This bar was “new” in Germany, everywhere else it was discontinued earlier – and in Germany it did not have any chance as well: Soon after it came out, it wasn’t available anymore. For me it was a bummer as peanut butter flavored chocolate bars are totally rare around Germany.

When I opened the foil, I smelled the salty peanut butter, but it is different than for example hershey’s peanut butter. It is a lot saltier and I miss the sweet mixture I am used to in case of those kind of bars. But this seemed just to fit for the smell…

The milk chocolate coating is really greasy and I cannot say anything about its smell, as it is overshadowed by the scent of peanut. The coating is really thick and makes more than 60% of the bar. Despite of being greasy, the chocolate is really tasty. The ends of the bar contain really a lot of plain milk chocolate, which is creamy, sweet and milky.

The inner self of the bar looks like a usual chunky: three layers of wafers, divided by two small layers of a sweet peanut crème. The wafers are topped by a thick stripe of peanut butter.

Let’s get to the taste… Well, I was kind of surprised. I know you cannot compare this milk chocolate coating to any real confectionary chocolate, and it is a little unfair to have eaten some right before trying the bar. Still, the chocolate is awkward! This is one of the worst Kitkat coatings I’ve ever eaten! Total Nestle failure! After I’ve tried the chocolate, I got the reason why the demand was that low; every other KitKat chunky comes with better chocolate!
Still, the taste of the center is a really good mixture of nutty, salty peanut butter, cocoa, and the wafer layers. But compared to Hershey products, this one is a real failure, as it is plainly sweet most of the time; the absolute opposite of what I thought after I first smelled the peanut butter. The little amount of salt coming from the peanut butter filling cannot make up for the entire bar. 

The texture is a little too smooth for a kitkat. Since Nestlé replaced the old version of KitKat with the crunchier ones, this chunky seems to be the odd one out. Especially with the peanut butter it gets rather soft while chewing it and mixes up really well. 

So, all in all I expected more of it. Even the white Chunky I did not like too much was better! There’s a chance I’d still go for it if it was available in Germany, just to get the peanut buttery taste every now and then, but I’d rather order some better products from the US instead of buying this…under-average Nestlé product… Sorry guys… I really got why you threw it out of your production line and why no one wanted to buy this thingy…Way too sickly and simply a no-go.

3 out of 10

Name: KitKatChunky Peanut Butter
Branch: Nestle
Price: 1.09 Euro
Size: 50g
Calories: 269kcal per bar
Fat: 15.8g per bar

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Hershey’s Take 5

It is crunchy, chewy, but still does not lack a smooth and creamy component. The components are chocolate, pretzels and peanut butter. Nice combination in my eyes, and quite unique in Germany.

The chocolate coating is different from the usual chocolate taste of Hershey’s. It is richer of chocolate and less sweet than usual. But it is still sweet enough to balance the salty pretzel and peanut butter mix. The peanuts embedded in the top of the coating and the peanut butter provide a really nutty taste. The pretzels are pretty solid and different from usual German pretzels. They are less salty, even the peanut butter is saltier.

The mixture is absolutely fabulous. At first you sense the slightly salted pretzels, then the peanut butter mixing up with the sweetness of the caramel layer and the milk chocolate. It leaves a salty aftertaste in your mouth which is much better than a sickly chocolate bar.

Thumbs up!

8 out of 10

Name: Take 5
Branch: Hershey’s
Price: 0.95 Euro
serving size: 42g
Calories: 200kcel per serving
Fat: 11g per serving

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Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

While I don’t post many products made by Hershey’s, I eat a lot of them these day. Those things are called peanut butter cups and those chocolates really live up to their name. Peanut butter is the motto and this is the aroma filling the air as soon as you open the orange Reese’s wrapper just a tiny little bit.

What is a peanut butter cup? For all those who have never seen them: It looks like a round milk-chocolate pie filled with a lot of peanut butter. Sounds simple? Well, it is, but good-tasting chocolate does not need to be a complex invention, right?

The chocolate coating alone is not best quality. It is rather sweet than chocolate-like. I am unsure whether this comes due to the genetically manipulated sugar which is used in the cups or simply the low amount of cocoa compared to the amount of sugar and milk. Well, I cannot sense the milk as good as in other milk chocolates, but it still melts easily just like milk chocolate.

But, as only 55% of the treat consists of chocolate, it is something different that makes the chocolate; and guess what, it is the peanut butter. 45% of peanut butter is quite a lot! Especially for people not used to the nutty and salty peanut butter flavor.
Here we have a smooth and creamy light brown mass of peanut butter. It has a nice amount of salt added to it, which compensates the sweet milk chocolate. The peanut taste is really strong and of course the nutty filling dominates the taste. Soon after you took the first bite, you hardly take notice of the chocolate anymore, except that you need to chew it a little because the peanut butter melts away way faster than the chocolate coating.

A tiny minus is that two of those little cups would not totally satisfy me, I guess because I personally would miss the real chocolate flavor. The three servings version is enough, though. It makes 51grams and weights similar to a usual chocolate bar. For me, this would be the best size to go with, but fortunately they have got mini, singles, two- and three-packs in store for you!

I really enjoyed them and I always will. This is a treat I’d buy in case I was hungry for a chocolate-nutty treat. Nothing to satisfy a pure chocolate hunger, but it is really worth trying for everyone who likes peanuts and peanut butter as much as I do!

8 out of 10

Name: Peanut butter cups
Branch: Hershey’s, Reese’s
Price: 1.59 Euro
Calories: 275kcal per 100g, 88kcal per cup
Fat: 31g per 100g, 5g per cup

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