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M&M’s peanut butter

First thing I noticed on this bag was a note at the top left: Real peanut butter. Why does the bag say that the treat is with ‘real peanut butter’ ? Is there some fake one out there? Does anyone know more than I do?

Their size is a little taller than usual m&m’s. They are even taller than the peanut filled ones, but flatter, shaped rather like the chocolate ones. They come with three different layers: At first we have the colored sugarcoating, thin and crispy. Then there is an about three millimeters thick milk chocolate coating followed by a peanut butter center.

The coating is basically sweet. They use different artificial colors for it and the colors all taste slightly different. I’m not sure why, but I always find the warmer colors (yellow, orange, red…) fruitier than the colder ones. Unfortunately, I do not have any green ones in my bag =(

The milk chocolate layer definitely is typical m&m style. It is rich of chocolate, creamy and milky and contains a balanced amount of sugar. Now let’s turn to the best part: The peanut butter used for the center is rather smooth texture wise; not as crumbly as usual peanut butter. I’m reminded of caramel somehow. The taste is really salty. Compared to Reese’s products I miss a little sweetness when I eat it separated from the rest of the m&m. Still, mixed up with the coating and the milk chocolate, the overall taste is really balanced: The sweetness and the salty taste are almost even and the dominating flavor changes all the time. I really enjoyed this bag of m&m’s, one of the best I’ve ever had (just because I am totally into peanut butter xD)

8 out of 10

Name: M&M’s peanut butter
Branch: Mars
Calories: 240 kcal per bag
Fat: 14g per bag


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Balisto yoghurt limited edition

Let’s stay on the “healthy” path for one more day. Uhm, well, not really. Balisto is always said to be “light” and “healthy”, but in fact their calories and fat can keep up with most candybars. Just because Mars uses cereals does not mean they leave out the sugar or fat. Anyway, in summer 2010, the Balisto yoghurt limited edition was back. A Balisto coated in white. My mother bought it while I was at the hospital to cheer me up a little. I’m not a huge fan of Balisto and my mum is neither, but we both really like white chocolate; and the wrapper shows a finger with a thick and delicious looking white coating. Even I thought this version could be better than the normal ones.

But what I saw after I opened the wrapper was disappointing. The thin coating isn’t chocolate, it is yoghurt and it isn’t thick enough to cover the forestberries in there. I cannot really assign the aroma, the corn dominates the smell, followed by a sour scent, probably coming from the yoghurt. But in general, this thing is rather indefinable.

The taste is a little better than the corn mix I have tried some time ago, but that was an easy achievement! The sour yoghurt coating is really good and fresh and I like it, even though I’d preferred white chocolate instead. The whole meal corn-cookie base tastes basically like whole meal instead of a cookie, but it is not too dry this time. The last component is a forestberry crème made with yoghurt. Again, it is fresh and the forestberries add an even sourer edge to that treat. You can distinguish between the berries in there only by their level of sourness; the lighter, pinker ones (raspberry) are sourer than the darker (blackberry, black currant) pieces of fruit in there.

The texture is a little juicier than the usual Balisto. The coating isn’t as melting as I wished it would be, and the crème isn’t really crème. It is chewy but not crunchy, still I don’t find it boring, but the most important thing here is, that you do not get a mouth full of dry sand!

6 out of 10

Name: Balisto yoghurt
Branch: Mars
Calories: 93kcal per finger
Fat: 4.8g per finger
Price: 0.55 Euro

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Snickers Dark

As I am a huge fan of Snickers, I was really keen on this bar. I really like trying it in combination with my favorite type of chocolate: Dark chocolate.

The taste of the bar is fabulous: The bitter chocolate goes perfectly with the sweet nougat-caramel-nut filling. I don’t miss the sickly milk chocolate coating from the original snickers, to be honest, I’d take this bar over the original. It has a mild, not too bitter taste and does a great job in preventing the bar from turning sickly!

The nougat filling is rather crumbly, but still chewy. I find it a little too sweet, but in combination with the rest it is tasty. It comes with some minced peanuts that add a slight crunch and a richer taste to the nougat. Well done. The caramel is rather solid than liquid and it contains the larger pieces of peanuts. Basically, I sense the typical sweet toffee flavor in it, plus the really rich taste of the nuts in there.

So, all in all you get a really well done bar flavor-wise as well as texture-wise. I really enjoyed eating this bar covered in semi-sweet chocolate. All those popular bars should have a dark version omnipresent on the market, and please in Germany as well (yeah, dream on, most people tend to prefer milk chocolate, I suppose….) . I think those dark chocolate bars have a very balanced amount of sweetness and bitterness, it is something everyone should give a try!

8 out of 10

Name: Snickers Dark
Branch: Mars
Price: 0.55 Euro
Calories: 240kcal per bar
Fat: 12g per bar

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Galaxy Cookie Crumble

This is one of the first cookie-filled chocolates I’ve ever tried. The treat smells milky and sweet and somehow familiar. After inhaling the aroma a few times I know where I have sensed this smell before: The British Maltesers had the same sweet milky aroma. It does not look like a usual straight bar, the pieces are wiggly-lined shaped and have the Galaxy “G” on their top. What made me smile were the eating instructions:  “For maximum pleasure enjoy Galaxy in complere peace and quiet”.

The chocolate is definitely different from the maltesers coating, and I like that fact. It is not as sweet, but still contains a lot of sugar. And the more you eat the sweeter it seems to get. Still, for the really low amount of cocoa the bar has a really rich taste of chocolate instead of milk.

But when it comes to the cookie crumbles, I’m very disappointed: There are not too many pieces of cookies in the bar, but there are enough to make it crunchy. There are also a few smooth parts without any crunch, so that you can enjoy the plain chocolate (if you like this sweet sugary chocolate flavor!)

All in all this is not really what I would consider very well done. There are several other cookie bars that are way better done and make use of the full potential of the dark cocoa cookies. I think of the Hershey’s cookie’s’n’crème bar here. There the mini cookies make a real difference to the chocolate in the bar; their taste does not disappear in the jungle of the very dominating chocolate. But I have to admit I like its looks!

4 out of 10

Name: Galaxy Cookie Crumble
Branch: Mars
Price: 0.99 Euro
Calories: 547kcal per 100g, 246kcal per bar

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Mars almond

I have to admit I’m not a huge fan of the original German version of the Mars bar. For me, it is simply too sickly, lacks a nice texture and is boring. The milk chocolate coating isn’t too good and the candy crème (why do they call it nougat in English?) is nothing outstanding either. To be honest, the chocolate is almost below average, but you can eat it; at least it is milky.

As I like almonds, I thought I’d give this version a try when I saw it at a local gas station single packaged. I did not want to buy an entire sixpack of a bar I usually don’t like that much.

My first thought when I smelled the bar was: Dog goodies. This bar really reminds me of the ‘chocolate’ drops I give my dog when practicing. He loves them, but I am not too fond of them.

A glance on the inside of this bar lightens my mood: Really huge almonds embedded in the candy crème – this will be quite a change to the original version, and I am really glad because of that! The inside smells a lot like a caramel-candy-crème mix-up. The almonds are less intensive aromawise, but that’s totally alright.

This bar totally differs from the original version: The chewy, crunchy nut-experience is amazingly combined with the smoothness of the caramel, the crème and the milk chocolate. There are big and small nuts, some little parts do not contain any nuts, I like the divertion!

The overall taste is really (!) nutty and you can taste the almonds very well. They are juice and have a quite decent quality. Further, the salty flavor coming from the nuts alternates with the sweet candy and chocolate taste, which is really tasty. The chocolate coating isn’t really better than in the original version, still the combination is _way_ better.

I have to admit, this bar really surprised me – in a positive way. They still can work on their chocolate and improve their ingredients-quality, but I am almost certain that this won’t happen. But if you’re a fan of almonds, you need to try it!

7 out of 10

Name: Mars Almond
Branch: Mars
Price: 0.59 Euro
Calories: 245kcal per bar, 501kcal per 100g
Fat: 12.9g per bar, 26.4per 100g

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Twix Peanut butter

I knew it was a bit risky to order chocolate from the UK at the beginning of June, and I also knew that we had the first really hot days of the year to come by the time I ordered a huge package of chocolate, but I just needed to get hold of those Wonka bars; and because there were several other American bars available, I took my chance and ordered a lot of peanut butter treats, one of them is the Twix PB bar.

It did not really survive the journey too well. The two fingers stuck together, the coating was greasy and sticky, I could see the white cocoa butter. Still, the aroma remained amazing: Even though the shiny red-golden wrapper was still locked up, I could smell an intensive peanut butter aroma coming from in there.

Except for the greasy coating it looks different from all the Twix bars I’ve seen. The top is way smoother; I miss the “waves” in the coating. The cookie inside the bar is dark and I find it really cool-looking in contrast to the mid-brown milk chocolate coating and the peanut butter layer which covers the cookie.

I am surprised by the taste. Actually, I don’t think it has too much in common with the original Twix. We have a nice sweet milk chocolate, not too rich but milky. It is too thin to get sickly; as soon as you taste it, you taste the salty peanut butter as well. It is saltier than the Reese’s peanut butter, but unfortunately very dry. The dark cookie seems similar to those Oreo cookies, again, drier than the cookie in the original Twix. It is just the smooth milk chocolate layer that keeps the treat from getting more and more inside your mouth. Plus, it totally lacks crunchiness. I miss the crunchy but juicy experience when the cookie usually mixes up with the caramel layer.

All in all, I was a little disappointed, yes. But not because it is a bad treat, just because I expected it to be better. I’ve always liked Twix as a child, it had been my favorite bar for years and this dry and slacky texture really bugs me.

5.5 out of 10

Name: Twix PB
Branch: mars
Price: 0.95 Euro
Calories: 250kcal per package
Fat: 15g per package

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M&M’s crispy

I’ve always been a fan of M&Ms when I was a child. Suddenly, I stopped eating them and never tried the blue crisp version when it first came out in Germany. Now, I am about to change that!
Those m&m’s come with the typical sugar layer, the 61% milk chocolate layer, filled with a crispy rice center. Their size is somewhere between the nut and the plain chocolate version. In Germany, they are the most recent version as we have only three ones.
They come in Yellow, green, orange, red, green, brown and blue and from what I see they are less colored than they were some years ago.

The milk chocolate is sweet and rich of chocolate, it provides the typical m&m’s flavor I am still used to even though I haven’t eaten them in a while. It is a little compensated by the filling, but is definitely is there. The coating could be a little thicker. If you try to let the chocolate melt, it just needs a few seconds to get to the center; I wish the chocolate taste would last longer!

The texture is really crispy for such a small filling. It is lighter than the malt-filling of maltesers and the texture is less crunchy as well. The taste is not comparable at all. Maltesers are way sweeter and contain a thicker chocolate filling. Plus, rice and malt do not have a lot in common as a filling. The malt has a stronger unique flavor. Personally I think the rice center does not taste really good after you’ve let all the chocolate melt around it. Without the cocoa-flavor, the rice center tastes like plain cereal, not really tempting. I guess it is made to eat it together with the chocolate, as the mixture goes really well.

First, I had only one orange colored drop. Further, there was a really tiny blue one which had just a small rice center, totally cute this little guy! Also, I had just three red colored balls in there, but I do not miss them at all, because I find them the least good-looking balls. I noticed that the size and shape of them really differ. Not a big point, but still worth mentioning, as m&m’s are always portrayed as if they all looked alike.

Unfortunately, I haven’t reviewed the other versions yet, but the blue rice center version is by far my least favorite of them. I still enjoyed the treat, but I probably would rather go for something different!

6 out of 10

Name: M&M’s Crispy
Branch: Mars
Price: 0.60 Euro per 36g bag
Calories: 492kcal per 100g, 177kcal per 36g bag
Fat: 24.4g per 100g, 8.8g per 36g bag

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