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Lily O’Briens Honeycomb Crisp

Usually I’d say, honey and chocolate is no combination for me. I’ve tried it a few times and I find it way too sweet most of the time. But as I’ve already tried a really well produced chocolate treat by Lily O’Briens, I am looking forward to trying this treat.

As expected, the smell of the chocolate is really sweet. The milk chocolate smells rather unfamiliar for a whole milk version, there is some vanilla added which you can slightly sense and of course there is the honey. The sweet smell of honey is not as dominant as I expected it to be, but it definitely is very intensive. I like it.

The bar got a little damaged on its way to Germany, but the pieces still look great. You can see they put a lot of effort into their chocolate, it looks really smooth and has a nice midbrown, a little darker than typical milk chocolate. While the top is really smooth and even, you can see the honeycombs and crisps coming through on the back.

Wow, this chocolate gets me as well, just like their toffee version. The milk chocolate is milky but not sickly, it melts less well than usual milk chocolate, but that’s just perfect, as it goes perfectly well with the fillings that you have to chew anyway. The rice crisp don’t have a remarkable own flavor, and the honey adds a nice amount of not just sweetness, but actual honey to the bar. Still, the chocolate remains the dominant taste in there, and this combination is really delicious. The crisps are really crunchy. The rice crisps and the combs are tiny and the amount of the pieces in the chocolate is really balanced.

So, all in all this one totally exceeded my expectations!

9 out of 10

Name: Honeycomb Crisp
Branch: Lily O’Briens
Price: ??
Size: 30g
Calories: 501.4kcal per 100g, 150.4kcal per bar
Fat: 27.9g per 100g, 8.4g per bar


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Lily O’Briens Sticky Toffee

The small bar smells really rich of chocolate, somehow similar to the other Irish bar I ate a while ago, the Butler’s chocolate treat. I sense a glimpse of vanilla in the chocolate, not strong, but it certainly is among the milk aroma. You can even slightly smell the toffee caramel inside the bar.

The chocolate coating is really rich of milk. Milk is and remains the dominant flavor, even when the caramel toffee gets to you. This is not a bad thing, as the chocolate is really awesome! The vanilla is not really intensive, but it’s alright to have this little bytaste of vanilla in there.
 No vegetable fat and no butter fat are used in the chocolate production and you can really taste that they only use cocoa butter, which is awesome! This is what I call a good chocolate, even if it’s a really milky one!

I find the caramel filling kind of unique. It does not taste like actual caramel I am familiar with. It is sweet but not sickly and it does not have this sugary bytaste. Maybe the coconut oil which is used in the caramel is responsible for that bytaste which I really enjoy.

The texture is awesome! I really enjoyed the firm chocolate combined with the mid-liquid toffee filling. It crunches a little when you bite off a piece of the bar, and then you can let the creamy milk chocolate melt inside your mouth. After a while it mixes up with the smooth caramel filling which is neither too liquid nor too solid as a filling. It simply has the perfect texture for a filling.

The way they embedded the toffee is really great as well: The coating is thicker on both sites, but on the top and at the bottom, there is only a small layer of chocolate, to let the caramel come through sooner.

On the outer wrapper Lily O´Briens claim that their chocolate is “created with passion”, and I’d definitely sign that.

9 out of 10!

Name: Sticky Toffee
Branch: Lily O’Briens
Price: ???
Calories:500kcal per 100g, 175kcal per bar (35g)
Fat: 25.0g per 100g, 8.8g per bar

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