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Hussel chocolate sheep lollypop white

I have this thing for sheep; I just really like everything sheep-shaped, for whatever reason. That’s why I could not get past this twice: For Easter the German chocolate manufacturer Hussel sold some lollypops. One of them is shaped like a sheep and consists basically of white chocolate, with a few milk and dark chocolate decorations on the feet, face and the bell it wears as a necklace. The smiling sheep looks really cute and as I like sheep I could not leave the last one they had there and purchased it.

It is wrapped in a colorless foil and unfortunately, the chocolate lollypop smells like the plastic foil after unwrapping it, which I do not find too delicious, but rather (more than a little) repelling.

The texture of the chocolate is, especially for a lollypop, not creamy enough. The chocolate does not melt really well in your mouth, it really takes some time. This is also the reason why the flavor cannot really develop inside your mouth. Also it lacks a great amount of milk, it is rather just sweet than milky. For being a rather expensive confectionery chocolate, I am really disappointed. There is a glimpse of vanilla in it, but you can hardly sense it and they could have left it out as you can hardly sense it at all.
The dark decoration is the one thing that tastey really good, it is rich bitter chocolate which adds a great contrast to the white thing. This is definitely high quality chocolate, and it’s a pity that there are only a few small patches of it. The milk chocolate contains a lot of cocoa as well and also tastes really good.
But as the main component is white chocolate, this is not my favorite chocolate treat. I wish I’d picked the dark one, which I will definitely choose next time they have seasonal lollypops.

It is nice to look at, but they should have focused more on the taste than the looks! No more white Hussel lollipops for me!

4 out of 10



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Smarties Ratteling-Fun

This is another package I found after the Easter holidays half priced. Because I’ve always liked smarties as a child, I needed to go for them. These are three different animal chocolate figures filled with mini smarties. There is a bunny, a dug and a sheep in the package and each of them weights only 22,5g. They are cool for kids as they are shaped very child-friendly and they make some great noise (perfect to annoy your parents!).

I was rather looking forward to getting the smarties than the chocolate figure itself. When I tore it apart and emptied it, I realized that there are only seven mini smarties in it. Well, that’s a failure. Makes 21 smarties in the entire package, there are even more in a tiny snack pack of mini smarties. Okay, I decided to go for the chocolate first. Maybe it is worth eating anyway, even without the smarties. The sheep on it looks funny, so it might be funny to eat it as well.

Well, the chocolate…no, it is not my favorite one. It is creamy but sickly and you can taste that the main ingredient here is sugar. For the price it is way too far away from anything you could call quality. Almost every 0.50 Euro chocolate bar can beat this sheep here, I am absolutely certain! I am really disappointed by it and those seven little smarties cannot really light up my mood as they are gone before I realized I started to eat smarties. I guess the big bunny is better in production, at least for the filling, but I am not sure about that.
I definitely won’t buy them again and I am glad I only paid half the price for them after Easter was over. Nestlé, stick to producing other things than plain chocolate! German Nestlé super-failure!

3.5 out of 10

Name: Smarties Klapper-Spass
Branch: Nestlé
Price: 1.99 Euro
Calories: 121kcal per serving, 538kcal per 100g
Fat:  7.1g per serving, 31.4g per 100g

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Derby Brittle egg

I wrote this review weeks ago. It was one of the first things I tried at around Easter, but I just could not get this up until now. I wish I had done a more detailed review, but when I started out I didn’t really knew how to deal with reviewing. The picture isn’t that good as well; but still I want you to have this!

This one is one of the favorites of my mother. I really had to fight to get one of her eggs for reviewing. Not the high quality version I have here, I will get that next Season.

The mid-thick chocolate coating smells like sweet milk chocolate suiting to a usually sickly sweet crocant filling. It is creamy and melts really good, but I’d love to have a more intensive taste of chocolate.

Brittle is mainly made of hazelnuts  and sugar and it is very crunchy. The texture is alike a 5th Avenue bar from Hershey’s. You see, it was almost impossible to cut it into pieces with a knife, this candy is just made for taking bite after bite (It is just too much to put the entire 10g egg into your mouth! Not really recommendable!). As expected it is really sweet! Personally, I’d prefer bitter chocolate to the milk version to have a better contrast to the brittle filling.

Even though its sweetness, there is something special about that egg. I don’t really know why, but I kind of enjoy eating it. It differs from all the crème filled eggs around Easter. But I cannot deny the fact that the chocolate is rather low quality, and so is the brittle.

5 out of 10

Name: Blaetter-Krokant
Branch: Derby
Price: 0.79 Euro
Calories: 498kcal per 100g, 85kcal per egg
Fat: 23g per 100g, 3.9g per egg

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Aldi Marzipan with dark chocolate

At first I did not want to blog about this thing, but my friend Fabi convinced me to write about it, and here it is, the worst chocolate I’ve ever tried up to now!

Does this thing look delicious? Yeah? Well, then…This is an Easter egg leftover bought by my mother. She loves plain marzipan with a plain chocolate coating and when she found this at our ‘local’ Aldi store she needed to go for it. When I saw a row of tiny marzipan eggs on the table in our living room, I couldn’t resist asking whether I could have one – and of course I could; but my mother warned me. She told me that this chocolate was really sweet. Alright, dark chocolate that sweet? I thought she was just kidding.

Even though I highly doubed her, I tried it carefully. And, geek, this thing is just inedible! Never in my life I’ve tried such a bad chocolate, filled with an even worse marzipan. Well, this wasn’t actually marzipan, this was plain sugar.

Really, the dark chocolate tasted like nothing, there was a bitter flavor, but nothing similar to chocolate at all. It really deserves the prize for the worst low budget dark chocolate coming from Aldi. Eeew…For the marzipan, I cannot find any other words than: horrible. I love marzipan but this was just horrible.

I could not even eat the entire thing, spit out half of it and got laughed at by my mother who knew that this would happen – even she could not eat it, and this does not happen too often…

I’d give 0 out of 10 points… Can I get – points?

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