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Ritter Sport cookies and nuts

What follows is a review I wrote quite some time ago. I just wasn’t able to find the photo’s I’ve taken of this treat, but now I got them back.

This chocolate looks absolutely awesome. It is only available in a huge 250g bar, but as long as a chocolate tastes well, this is no problem to eat (obviously not in one session). It has a nice light brown color and you can see the nut and cookie pieces a little through the chocolate. On the back you can actually feel and see them coming through the layer. When you break them apart, you see huge pieces of nuts and a little larger cookie balls. Basically, the nut pieces are at the top and the cookies at the bottom of the chocolate.

I smell the mixture of hazelnuts and cookie combined with a sweet milk chocolate; really delicious and tempting. It’s really rare for cookies to have a strong aroma of their own, but they actually have a unique flavor. After I tried the chocolate, I figured that they promised a “unique” cookie taste and the treat really lives up to this promise.

The nuts are delicious; juicy and chewy. There are some smaller and some larger pieces in the treat, some come with a stronger hazelnut-flavor than others.
The cookies are totally crunchy and they are aired which makes them really light. Their taste is similar to the German Leibnitz- buttercookies, but lighter. I’m really impressed by the cookies, something I am usually not.

The cookies and the nuts are randomly mixed, even though the trend is that the cookies are on the bottom. There are even some places at which there is just plain chocolate, which provides a really chocolaty adventure every now and then. Those parts get a little sickly; but fortunately, that does not happen too often.

Yes, I can say I enjoyed this treat; it’s definitely one of the better Ritter Sport candidates! But please…I want a smaller size!

8 out of 10

Name: Cookie and nuts
Branch: Ritter Sport
Price: 1.99 Euro
Size: 250g
Calories: 535kcal per 100g
Fat: 33g per 100g


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Galaxy Cookie Crumble

This is one of the first cookie-filled chocolates I’ve ever tried. The treat smells milky and sweet and somehow familiar. After inhaling the aroma a few times I know where I have sensed this smell before: The British Maltesers had the same sweet milky aroma. It does not look like a usual straight bar, the pieces are wiggly-lined shaped and have the Galaxy “G” on their top. What made me smile were the eating instructions:  “For maximum pleasure enjoy Galaxy in complere peace and quiet”.

The chocolate is definitely different from the maltesers coating, and I like that fact. It is not as sweet, but still contains a lot of sugar. And the more you eat the sweeter it seems to get. Still, for the really low amount of cocoa the bar has a really rich taste of chocolate instead of milk.

But when it comes to the cookie crumbles, I’m very disappointed: There are not too many pieces of cookies in the bar, but there are enough to make it crunchy. There are also a few smooth parts without any crunch, so that you can enjoy the plain chocolate (if you like this sweet sugary chocolate flavor!)

All in all this is not really what I would consider very well done. There are several other cookie bars that are way better done and make use of the full potential of the dark cocoa cookies. I think of the Hershey’s cookie’s’n’crème bar here. There the mini cookies make a real difference to the chocolate in the bar; their taste does not disappear in the jungle of the very dominating chocolate. But I have to admit I like its looks!

4 out of 10

Name: Galaxy Cookie Crumble
Branch: Mars
Price: 0.99 Euro
Calories: 547kcal per 100g, 246kcal per bar

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Twix Peanut butter

I knew it was a bit risky to order chocolate from the UK at the beginning of June, and I also knew that we had the first really hot days of the year to come by the time I ordered a huge package of chocolate, but I just needed to get hold of those Wonka bars; and because there were several other American bars available, I took my chance and ordered a lot of peanut butter treats, one of them is the Twix PB bar.

It did not really survive the journey too well. The two fingers stuck together, the coating was greasy and sticky, I could see the white cocoa butter. Still, the aroma remained amazing: Even though the shiny red-golden wrapper was still locked up, I could smell an intensive peanut butter aroma coming from in there.

Except for the greasy coating it looks different from all the Twix bars I’ve seen. The top is way smoother; I miss the “waves” in the coating. The cookie inside the bar is dark and I find it really cool-looking in contrast to the mid-brown milk chocolate coating and the peanut butter layer which covers the cookie.

I am surprised by the taste. Actually, I don’t think it has too much in common with the original Twix. We have a nice sweet milk chocolate, not too rich but milky. It is too thin to get sickly; as soon as you taste it, you taste the salty peanut butter as well. It is saltier than the Reese’s peanut butter, but unfortunately very dry. The dark cookie seems similar to those Oreo cookies, again, drier than the cookie in the original Twix. It is just the smooth milk chocolate layer that keeps the treat from getting more and more inside your mouth. Plus, it totally lacks crunchiness. I miss the crunchy but juicy experience when the cookie usually mixes up with the caramel layer.

All in all, I was a little disappointed, yes. But not because it is a bad treat, just because I expected it to be better. I’ve always liked Twix as a child, it had been my favorite bar for years and this dry and slacky texture really bugs me.

5.5 out of 10

Name: Twix PB
Branch: mars
Price: 0.95 Euro
Calories: 250kcal per package
Fat: 15g per package

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Nestlé Munchies

Munchies are little thumbnail sized chocolate treats filled with liquid caramel and a (so to call) crunchy cookie. They come wrapped two times: a red paper with the name and the ingredients on it, and a second layer consisting of a dim golden foil.

The mid-thick milk chocolate coating gets thicker at the bottom, and it is just the right amount of chocolate this way. It is not too sweet but still a typical UK chocolate.

The caramel filling is sweet and sticky, but it lacks the real caramel flavor. I am slightly disappointed because I expected it to be different.

The “crispy” ball inside the caramel comes in different sizes and shapes. Sometimes it is placed in the middle and sometimes on one side of the chocolate. The biscuit is rather smooth than crispy, which I think is a pity as I’d really like some more crisp in it. I like it crunchy when there is a biscuit, otherwise, you could leave it out. What is the sense in putting a smooth cookie in a chocolate? The flavor is usually much less intensive than the chocolate, so you hardly notice it. So, it is the crunch that makes a cookie inside a chocolate worth eating. Further, it would have made a great contrast to the liquid caramel..Would have!

Though, he mixture tastes alright, all the components go well with each other. At first there is a strong milk chocolate taste soon mixing up with the caramel. The choco-cookie like flavor is the last that reveals itself and completes the chocolate. The chocolate definitely dominates the overall flavor, accompanied by the sweet taste of sugar from the caramel.

This is eatable and I think some people actually like it, especially if you’re into chocolate filled with a liquid sugary crème.

6 out of 10

Name: Munchies
Branch: Nestlé
Price: 1.09 Euro
Calories: 486kcal per 100g, 266kcal per tube

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Mars Twix

This has always been one of my childhood-favorites. I am glad I do not keep multiple packages of them at home because that is exactly what I would not stop eating. I got the one for reviewing from my stepdad; I traded it with him for a peanut lion some time ago.

Well, originally it was named ‘raider’ but the name was changed because of the English meaning. Experts thought the name would not sell too well, that’s why they changed it into Twix. In Germany there are a lot of people who still (after nineteen years!) want the old name back. The treat is different from the also called “Twix” bar in the US, but both are contain a crunchy cookie if I am not mistaken, and I guess liquid caramel is embedded in both bars as well. So, basically, the main components seem to be similar.
In my review, I refer to the German/UK/Europe version.

It is wrapped in a golden foil and comes in four or five different sizes: there are miniatures, singles, xtras and minis. The single is just the right serving size for me.
Twix is a mixture of chocolate, caramel and a cookie. The cookie is on the bottom, covered with caramel and both are coated in creamy milk chocolate.
Compared to some older versions of this bar, it is really chewy now. There is a certain amount of crunch coming from the cookie which is neither too much nor too smooth, but well rounded. It makes you chew, but you can still enjoy the sweet milky chocolate melting in your mouth. The cookie mixes up with the caramel and the chocolate very well.
The sweetness and the caramel dominate the flavor, while the chocolate makes a really rounded addition. It’s a pity that it is sickly sweet. Either you get addicted to it or you have enough after a few bites.

One normal sized two-finger bar contains 286 Calories and 14grams of fat. I think that is quite a lot for a bar which is eaten in the wink of an eye. But honestly…I’d buy it again…even though I prefer the dark version!

7 out of 10

Name: Twix
Branch: Mars
Price: singles 0.50 Euro
Calories: 286kcal per two fingers, 488kcal per 100g 

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Ritter Sport crunchy cookie

This is a flavor I refused to eat when I was younger all the time. The cookie riminded me of Leibniz butter cookies during my early childhood, I got them way too often from my grandparents. Since then I am not too fond of cookies anymore. Though, for reviewing matters, I got over myself and tried it – and I was kind of surprised!

Ritter sport crunchy cookie consists of mainly three different components: A cookie topped with a milk-cocoa-crème, coated with milk chocolate. The form used to make this chocolate is different than the usual ones: The quads are not really separated, so that the cookie is one big piece filling the entire bar.

The flavor dominating the chocolate is the cocoa-crème. Especially the end-pieces contain a lot of this crème. Though, the cocoa flavor is weaker than the milk. The cookie itself is really crunchy, but on its own, a little too sweet. The smooth cocoa crème makes a great contrast to the cracking cookie and the slightly harder chocolate coating. I think I don’t need to say anything about the chocolate coating, except for that it blends well with the other ingredients. Sometimes I think Ritter should be varying a little in their chocolate flavor, but I know they started to do that now – more and more white versions come up, they did a new whole milk one – and I am looking forward to different chocolate coatings. Though, the old milky one does well, I simply cannot deny this!
The three components mix up perfectly and provide a smooth but also crunchy experience, which I really like. I guess this is one of the crunchiest Ritter Sport versions on the market (except for the whole nut, but they are rather chewy than crunchy!).

All in all, it is tasty and chewy, and versatile! The only thing I’d like is a little reduction of the amount of sugar 😉

7 out of 10

Name: Crunchy Cookie
Branch: Ritter Sport
Price: 0.85 Euro
Calories: 540kcal per 100g

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