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Hussel Dark chocolate with black currant filling

Basically, this is a first. The first chocolate I try coming with a totally liquid fruit filling. Black currant is the first one I am about to try. This 40g bar costs 0.98 Euro and therefore should be a little above the average bar.

62% of cocoa is exactly what you smell; Rich of cocoa and really bitter. Plus, even on the outside the bar’s scent is really fruity. Black currant through and through. The large finger looks really smooth and the chocolate has a really nice dark brown color. The fruit filling is dark red and looks nice as well.

The texture is solid, while the filling is just as smooth to stay inside the bar when it is cut open. The filling is liquid and smooth, just like a yam; there are no pieces of actual fruit in there, which is totally alright! The chocolate itself is, as I already stated, firm, but the melt is for a dark chocolate really nice; though of course not creamy.

The flavor is just awesome! At first there is this high quality dark chocolate, definitely a little roasty but not too acerb. The fruit filling makes an awesome addition! It is sweet and fruity, the black currant flavor is dominating the entire chocolate treat and its sweetness really goes well with the dark chocolate.

10 out of 10

Name: Black currant in dark chocolate
Branch: Hussel
Price: 0.98 Euro
Size: 40g


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Hussel chocolate sheep lollypop white

I have this thing for sheep; I just really like everything sheep-shaped, for whatever reason. That’s why I could not get past this twice: For Easter the German chocolate manufacturer Hussel sold some lollypops. One of them is shaped like a sheep and consists basically of white chocolate, with a few milk and dark chocolate decorations on the feet, face and the bell it wears as a necklace. The smiling sheep looks really cute and as I like sheep I could not leave the last one they had there and purchased it.

It is wrapped in a colorless foil and unfortunately, the chocolate lollypop smells like the plastic foil after unwrapping it, which I do not find too delicious, but rather (more than a little) repelling.

The texture of the chocolate is, especially for a lollypop, not creamy enough. The chocolate does not melt really well in your mouth, it really takes some time. This is also the reason why the flavor cannot really develop inside your mouth. Also it lacks a great amount of milk, it is rather just sweet than milky. For being a rather expensive confectionery chocolate, I am really disappointed. There is a glimpse of vanilla in it, but you can hardly sense it and they could have left it out as you can hardly sense it at all.
The dark decoration is the one thing that tastey really good, it is rich bitter chocolate which adds a great contrast to the white thing. This is definitely high quality chocolate, and it’s a pity that there are only a few small patches of it. The milk chocolate contains a lot of cocoa as well and also tastes really good.
But as the main component is white chocolate, this is not my favorite chocolate treat. I wish I’d picked the dark one, which I will definitely choose next time they have seasonal lollypops.

It is nice to look at, but they should have focused more on the taste than the looks! No more white Hussel lollipops for me!

4 out of 10


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