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Reese’s Sticks

When I opened the wrapper the smell of delicious peanut butter filled the air. You can smell that there is a lot of nut in it. It mixed up with the sweet scent of Reese’s “milk chocolate”. Well, at least what they call chocolate.

The two sticks feel kind of greasy, so the coating melts really easily. I don’t really like to hold it in my hands. The texture is mid-crunchy when cutting through it, but as soon as you chew on it, you can feel the melting of the fake-chocolate layer, mixing up with creamy peanut butter, as a great contrast to the wafers. They mix up very well and the wafers will practically melt with the coating and the peanut butter.
The two stripes of peanut butter are each thicker than the coating and make the bar really salty. The amount of salt is enormous, it even reduces a lot of sweetness coming from the so-called “chocolate” they used as a coating. The taste of nuts dominates the flavor of the bar; and the wafers are basically flavorless on their own, as it is often the case with wafers..

I like this combination, at least for a wafer bar. I’ve never seen peanut butter in a wafer before, but I like it. It is better than any milk crème or hazelnut crème, mainly because of the salty bytaste. Though, I need to say that there is a little too much salt in it, at least for some of us. Personally, I really enjoyed the amount of salt.
’d even consider buying it again, even though I know I’d rather go for a different peanut butter bar (and remember, that ‘s a wafer bar!).

But can someone tell me what TBQH stands for? I really could not find anything about that on the internet.

Anyway: I read both reviews from, and both wrappers look different from the version I had. Did they change their ingredients again? Would be cool to know!

7 out of 10

Name: Reese’s Sticks
Branch: Hershey’s
Price: 0.99 Euro
Calories: 210 per bar
Fat: 13g per bar


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Candylicious Heidelberry popcorn


I really am a huge fan of simple sweet sugared popcorn, but when I saw this package in front of me, I wanted to throw them away immediately. Not because of the (probably) artificial colors used, but heidelberry and popcorn combined? How should that work out well? Germany isn’t the country too creative with popcorn, there are usually only salted and sweet versions, but fruity? Nah, I did not want to try it.
One day I held it in my hands and for unknown reasons a little voice in my head told me “Come on, give it a shot!” and so I went for it…

No, the blue colored popcorn doesn’t look very delicious, but the taste is better than expected. Almost all of the popcorn is crunchy. Only the non-colored ones in between are a little too dry, but at least I know they haven’t been drown in fat which unfortunately often happens to popcorn. The blue Heidelberry flavored taste like usual sweet popcorn, with a slight fruits aftertaste. It is not too strong but you can still sense it pretty good.

I like it, this is definitely a change from the usual sugared versions in Germany. I’d like to get them in an ordinairy shop with more variations of fruit. Hopefully there will be some branches who’ll try this! It is really well done, even though not outstanding!

6 out of 10

Name: Candylicious Heidelberry popcorn
Branch: Candylicious
Price: ??
Calories: ??

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Right now I am not sure whether this is a typical German treat or not; I just know their production is in Germany.
Nippon is puffed rice with cereals in cocoa cream covered in milk chocolate. They come in little quadrangles. There is an original version, which  I am reviewing right now, but there is also a chocolate version; and they had chocolate bunnies for Easter which contained more chocolate than rice. I’ve known them for almost all my life, but never tried them. My mum made me purchase the snack pack when I told her that I’ve never eaten them before, telling me I _had_ to try them.

I can see that the “coating” is not really thick, especially at some spots on the quadrangles, and the chocolate doesn’t contain a lot of cocoa and is not high quality, but sweetness is enough you need combined with the rice to make it somehow tasty. Puffed rice covered in chocolate basically is totally boring. You chew and chew and the soft texture of the rice makes you feel like it is never ending. Further they are usually dry as hell, even though they are coated with chocolate.

Nippon is different. The texture is alright, with tiny pieces of cereals put between the puffed rice, adding some crunch to it. The chocolate coating is way too thin, but from what I taste it is creamy and melts smoothly, but as I said, nothing too high quality. Some bites are a little boring and dry, but others are full of the cocoa cream and crunchy as well.

I wouldn’t really go for it, there are some nice milka variations with puffed rice covered in much more chocolate. For me, as a chocolate freak, they are preferable to Nippon, which is more for the puffed rice fraction. But all in all it is decent work.

6 out of 10

Name: Nippon
Branch: Hosta
Price: 0.49 Euro
Calories: 538kcal per 100g, 269kcal per package
Fat: 31.40g per 100g, 15.7g per package

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Rittersport Bourbon Vanilla

I bought those three spring edition Ritter Sport versions, but I haven’t been too keen on trying them yet because my favorite of them consist of apline milk chocolate which I consider to be sickly most of the time. But especially one with a plain milk chocolate coating was the one I was least kean on, the bourbon vanilla. Why? Often cheap chocolate does not contain a good vanilla flavor. And even though I know Ritter Sport usually does a really decent job, I still cannot believe the “original bourbon vanilla” they use will be too good. Of course, you can use real ingredients, but the amount you use is another thing. But I thought I should start with my least favorite.

You can smell the scent of vanilla when you open the wrapper. For being only a crème filling inside of the coating, the scent is really intensive, but also mixed up with the sweet smell of chocolate. The inside looks rather beige than vanilla like. I find it a little too dark to be really good vanilla. And there are too less black spots in it. It looks nice as you can see in the picture, but just not vanilla-like. Even the smell is rather too sweet to be true.

From what I read about this chocolate so far, I didn’t expect it to be the best Ritter Sport version, and I guessed right: The chocolate coating is as good as always from Ritter, but the filling is questionable: In the beginning you taste the vanilla crème as intensive as you can smell it, but it soon wears off. What stays is a sickly sweet taste of… well, some mix of this milk-crème and the milk chocolate, but it is nothing I would put into the vanilla corner. The texture is rather smooth, easily melting chocolate with a firm cream-like filling, which is somewhere in the middle of a truffle and a ganache filling. Not really exiting, but still alright!

I’m glad I already read some reviews saying that this is an under average version of Ritter Sport, so I wasn’t too disappointed. Still, I would have liked a better vanilla version. Maybe Ritter Sport gets that this is not their best version of chocolate on the market and they work on it… At least I hope they will produce a better vanilla version someday!
(Don’t forget to check out Candyblog and Jimmy’s chocolate mission !)

5 out of 10

Name: Bourbon vanilla
Branch: Ritter Sport
Price: 0.85 Euro per 100g bar
Calories: 578kcal per 100g, 145kcal per four container

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Small Lindt dark chocolate bunny

I know, Easter was a while ago, but I just need to review that, especially after Lindt sent me some of their new products to review. I’ll probably do a Lindt week after the planned RitterSport week….We’ll see!
I got a huge chocolate package for Easter and I was really thrilled about what I got there. Amongst all the chocolate there was a tiny Lindt bunny, and it contained 60% cocoa. It comes in the usual shiny golden Lindt foil, and instead of the red collar, it has a brown one painted on the foil.

Lindt chocolate smells fabulously most of the time and so does this tiny little guy. Not as bitter as usual dark chocolate, I’d rather sort it to a mid-dark or dark milk chocolate. But the color reflects its high cocoa level. It is a hollow bunny, but the ears are almost filled completely with chocolate, probably because of the size (but the ground was too thin on the opposite).

The taste is like I expected it to be after smelling the bunny: The chocolate is (typical for Lindt’s dark versions) not as bitter as other 60% ones, though not really sweet as well. The bitterness develops after a short time while letting it melt inside your mouth and it leaves a slightly herb after-taste, which I find really pleasant. The chocolate isn’t too creamy, even though one would have expected it due to the not-so-dark flavor.

Well, it’s Lindt. You taste that the chocolate is high quality and tasty. Though, I prefer their bars and the bigger bunnies. It is definitely a must try for dark chocolate fans!

7 out of 10

Name: Lindt Bunny dark
Branch: Lindt & Sprüngli
Price: pack of 5 bunnies for 2.95 Euro
Calories:  51kcal per bunny, 510kcal per 100g

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Nestlé Drifter

I tried to avoid any kind of wafer bar today, as I had one yesterday and the day before yesterday (reviews are about to come later!) and I really am not too much of a wafer fan. Anyway, I thought Drifter would be similar to twix and I never expected it to be a wafer bar… I simply overlooked the words “crispy wafer” on the wrapper.

When opening the blue, simple designed wrapper you get to smell a really sweet sense of chocolate. I am used to this smell when having Hershey’s or Cadbury chocolate in front of me, but this sweetness by Nestlé is new to me. I know, Nestlé has some sweet bars, but they usually do not smell that sweet. Anyway, the aroma does not make the taste of the bar.

The two fingers are a little larger than a Twix. Breaking the bar into two pieces wasn’t too easy, the bar is very solid. Four wafers divided by chocolate cream make the inner filling. These are dipped in chewy caramel and covered with milk chocolate. You have to put a lot of effort in chewing these fingers. KitKat once had a similar texture, but that was before they added some more crunch into the bar. Compared to the wafers and the caramel layer, the chocolate coating is rather thin, but that is just alright.

I was surprised by the taste of this bar. As I already stated the texture is different from other wafer bars, not as crunchy, but really chewy. And so is the taste: The dominating flavors in the bar are definitely the caramel and the chocolate cream. Even though there are four layers of wafer, their taste only comes through after a bit of chewing, when the chocolate coating and the caramel have melted in your mouth. Overall, this is a really well-rounded bar.

The taste really lighted up my mood after finding out that it would be a wafer bar again today. And what I like even more is that the wrapper tells me that the chocolate is actually chocolate. Well done, Nestlé!

7 out of 10

Name: Drifter
Branch: Nestlé
Price: 0.99 Euro
Calories: 264kcal per package, 487kcal per 100g

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Spring Jelly

Even though I prefer the more solid jelly gums, I got some soft jellies for Easter and I decided to keep them. “Sugared jelly with vitamin C” says the wrapper and the ingredient list tells me that there aren’t any artificial colorings in these (which I would have expected from due to their color). Furthermore, agar-agar is used instead of gelatin, so they are suitable for vegetarians.

The flower shaped jellies come in four different colors: Yellow, green, orange and red. I like the pastel tone of the green one most and except for the red one, they are all really light. Their smell is VERY decent.

The yellow flower has a scent of lemon. The first impression is rather sweet because of the sugar coating, but after a while it has a sour lemon edge. It tastes fresh, and I believe there is a little orange aroma in there as well.

The orange one smells like orange lemonade, and so does it taste. It reminds me of Fanta, just a little sweeter.

The apple-flavored one, which really looks best, has the worst taste of them. It is too sweet and a missing sour edge makes it boring to eat.

On the outside the red ones do not smell at all, just a little sugary. On the inside…well, they smell like a mix of strawberries and currant, but I am not entirely sure. And so it is with the taste. They are good though, a naturally tasting mixture.

All in all, I like them, but there are lots of fruitier products on the market, with less sugar. I would not buy them for myself again, but that’s rather because I’d prefer harder jelly candy.

6 out of 10

Name: Spring Jelly
Branch: Netten (Aldi)
Price: 0.59 Euro
Calories: 324kcal per 100g

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