Meybona Cocco

Meybona is an organic chocolate branch which sells some unique chocolate bars. A whole-milk treat containing coconut flakes is one of them. The treat has a darker color than typical milk chocolate and despite from the top layer, white coconut flakes can be seen through the entire chocolate.

The scent is milky but the coconut aroma fights very well against the milky smell and tends to be more intensive most of the time. I fear a somewhat powerful coconut flavor that is too intensive and ruins the chocolate (I am still a little reserved when it comes to coconut, even though I got to like it!)

The flavor is really cool; and even though I am not much of a coconut fan, I do enjoy this chocolate treat! Basically, the treat is really milky, but not as sweet as usual milk chocolate. It is comparably rich of cocoa and therefore one of the better whole milk chocolate treats. Meybona is a really good branch; and organic as well, and you can really taste it is worth the money. The milk is dominant in there as well and this mixture of milk and cocoa go really well with the coconut flavor coming only from the flakes. They add an enjoyable amount of coconut, neither too much nor too less coconut. There is less coconut than in chocolate treats like e.g. Bounty, but more would be rather disturbing than a good addition.

This was my first Meybona chocolate bar and I will start to look for some more variations soon! I’d always recommend this treat, even if you’re not too much of a coconut freak. The plain chocolate is worth trying!

8 out of 10

Name: Cocco
BRanch: Meybona
Price: 1.99 Euro
Calories: ???
Fat: ???
Size: 100g


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