Reese’s FastBreak

Personally, I don’t really like the looks of this bar on the wrapper. It seems rather as if there was a lot of nougat compared to the peanut butter inside, instead of being square. But reality is totally different: The almost pyramid-like bar has an about four mm high bottom layer of nougat, topped with a thumbnail thick stripe of peanut butter. There is a small layer of a darker nougat version, which almost looks like the milk chocolate color-wise.

The coating gets greasy as soon as the cold of the fridge wears off; even though it isn’t anywhere near hot today. But I like it melting inside my mouth, releasing a sweet but milky chocolate taste. The peanut butter is salty as always and provides a nice amount of peanuty-taste. As usual, it dominates the taste of the entire bar; and it is really delicioud! But other than the intensive peanut butter, the light nougat on the bottom does not have a strong own flavor, especially no nutty flavor. And also the darker version that is surrounding the peanut butter on the sides and the top is not really nutty, but rather milky. Still, that’s something I don’t really mind as the nutty taste coming from the peanut butter is strong enough.

Four different kinds of texture combined in one bar; simply amazing! What do we have? Smooth and easy melting milk chocolate as a coating. Then there is the soft peanut butter and too different types of nougat: The texture of the nougat is more solid than the peanut butter, really chewy; and the dark version makes the chewiest part of the bar. Really awesome, I love it!

My final note is simply: wow (and this is not what I usually say about chocolate bars!)! I’d recommend this bar to everyone who likes peanut butter as much as I do. I really enjoyed the bar and I think this is one of the better Reese’s products. I want one…now 😦

8.5 out of 10

Name: Fast Break
Branch: Hershey’s
Price: 1.05 Euro
Calories: 260kcal per bar
Fat: 12g per bar

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